Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Wedded Bliss – 24 May 2012

One is Whole Within.  A separate unit of one is united in One Whole.  You are this separate, complete Being, united with All Life.  It is your story that seems unique, and it is; yet it is the story of Life that All share.  Your fractal significance is that your perspective adds a new angle to the story.  Expansion occurs automatically, it is the blessing of time.  Time begets change and space beckons form.  You are this engine of Life.  You are the perspective of change, new form.  You are the separate unit of one united with and changing The Whole. 

Wedded Bliss is your completeness accepted, it is your Wholeness within that allows your creation response to be born of Wholeness rather than fear.  Fear itself is not bad.  It is a separate unit of Life as is All, a creative force; yet it causes effect, adjustment, perspective shift – essentially work.  There is no judgment on the work of creation, yet as a human you have choice.  The choice of ease or the choice of work.  The difference is merely a perspective shift.  Ease is the natural Flow of Life assisting you with the momentum of creation.  Work is the natural Flow of Life resisted until the Flow becomes stronger than the resistance, as it always will (the blessing of time).  It applies to all aspects of your life, whether subtle in thought or feeling; or dense in form or action.  Resistance itself?  Merely a perspective shift.  Relax into Life, for it is fail-safed for your expansion.  Your choice, your perspective, determines your experience.  Within your internal Wedded Bliss, your relationship with Life becomes an easy Flow.
Wedded Bliss is the Self as One.  The two become One – Self and another, Self and God, Self and Creation, Self and Life.  The dichotomy becomes the Whole Truth.  Nothing is outside of you, yet everything is.  Nothing is separate from you, yet everything is.  Nothing is resistable, yet everything is.  Nothing is choice, yet everything is.  Open to the natural Flow of Life and you find union, love and miracle as common.  Resist the natural Flow of Life and you find what you expect.  Seek the natural Flow of Life and you find the welcoming of Life.  It requires your perspective shift to become visible (look at it!).
As we sit to Blast Wedded Bliss, we are shifting the perspective of separation into the perspective of connection.  We are observing Life outside of Self as Life inside of Self awaiting union within.  We are uniting with all that would separate (fear) as a force of change that naturally Flows toward resolution.  We are seeking the choice to become Whole within such that creation responds with a reflection of Love in form – the Whole Truth!  Blast on!

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