Jimmy – Free Will – Explanation By The Higher Self – 24 May 2012

I asked my entire self, the all that is, for a discourse on free will and the concept of getting what we want. I’m fascinated by the concept of free will, because I have seen evidence in my life that indicates free will is an illusion from a 3d perspective. I have been wondering all day how to reconcile the fact that I do not appear to have conscious control over my life yet I feel that on a higher level I have total control. Here’s my entire self’s attempt at an explanation:

When discussing the concept of free will, it is important to remember that a 3d being has a limited perspective. 3D humans cannot see the full picture and, therefore, don’t have the ability to understand what they truly want. From a higher perspective, human beings are given an opportunity to get what they want every minute of every day, despite the fact that they don’t often know it. The greatest desire of a human being is love, which can only be accomplished through a release of fear. There are varying degrees of fear, and varying degrees of love. A desire that is primarly fear based is likely to manifest its opposite, whereas a desire that is primarily love based is more likely to manifest into reality.

Imagine, for instance, a woman who thinks she wants money, but on a higher level she wants freedom from the fear of poverty. She desires money because she is afraid of being poor. Her higher self will give her what she really wants, not what she thinks she wants. This may manifest in her life as poverty, which appears to her to be the opposite of what she wants. Only by facing her fear, experiencing poverty, loving herself and her life in the face of poverty, and trusting completely her higher self will she be freed forever from the fear. If she was given money, the fear would still be there. Once she overcomes the fear, she is free to enjoy money without fear of losing it. She has mastered that particular area of her life, and is more likely to attract the money with her pure desire (desire free from fear).

Consider a man who thinks he wants a woman to share his life with, but on a higher level wants more than anything to love himself. Again, his higher self will give him what he really wants, not what he thinks he wants. This may manifest in a life of solitude, which appears to him to be the opposite of what he wants. Only by learning to love himself without the validation of a woman will he be free from the fear of solitude and the need for external validation. These are difficult lessons to learn, but are often required before mastery is attained. The irony of it is that once this man learns to love himself and his life of solitude, he becomes free to attract a woman into his life if he chooses. The key is that his desire must be free from fear. Once the fear is gone, he no longer has a lesson to learn. His desire is pure and he is in alignment with his higher self.

Think of a child who wants to eat chocolate all day. The child’s parents know this would be problematic in the long term, but the child who sees from a limited perspective cannot understand why the parents say “no.” The child really just wants to feel good and knows that the taste of chocolate is pleasureable. The parents know the child won’t feel good after eating too much chocolate and will develop health problems if this continues long term. The parents give the child what he really wants (to feel as good as possible), but the child can’t understand until he gets older and wiser.

So it is with 3D humans. They don’t know what they really want. However, they all have the opportunity to ascend in consciousness, at which time they learn that they always get what they want, albeit from a higher perspective. Once a 3D human full accepts this fact, he is no longer a 3D human. He has begun to merge with his higher self. The release from fear and journey toward love has begun in full force. There will be lessons and tests along the way, as the ascending human learns to trust his higher self completely. This involves deeper and deeper levels of surrender to the higher self. It requires a complete release of the need to feel in control or know the future. It involves total immersion in, acceptance of, and love for the now moment without regret for the past or worry about the future.

The lessons and tests will end as soon as the ascending human fully merges with his or her higher self. The higher self has no fear and is the embodiment of love. Therefore, no more lessons are necessary, and the ascended human is free to consciously create his future. It is possible for a human to master certain areas of his life while still undergoing lessons and tests in other areas, but the goal is complete release of fear through total trust in the higher self. Few human beings have been able to accomplish this goal, but the numbers are increasing. Many humans are currently undergoing final lessons and final tests, the successful completion of which will initiate a new era freedom for those individuals.

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4 responses to “Jimmy – Free Will – Explanation By The Higher Self – 24 May 2012

  1. Wow, this really hit me hard. It was exactly what I needed to hear. It’s funny how you can hear something over and over and just assume you know, but then BAM you hear it again and it just slaps the sense into you.

  2. tyler marshall

    The poverty and money issue really struck a chord with me, I feel like im always working and getting no where and all I want is to be free from it all

    • I know what you mean from own experience dear Tyler. But still I keep my mind free and try to get the message accros about what is happening in between keeping a float.

  3. The example given with the woman and money is exactly what I have experenced personally. Fascinating how things work, isn’t it?