Lee-Anne Peters – Transference Of Light Codes – Sound Frequencies! – 24 May 2012

Aligned with the Thursday tradition, I bring you this article in harmony with today’s internet radio show – Transference of Light Codes. Today we will be exploring these codes via the frequency of SOUND. If you would like to listen to the radio show LIVE or later in the archives – See HERE
When the Transference of Light Codes radio program wanted to be birthed last year I was told clearly from the Star Beings that work with me, that it is about sending and receiving information in the form of codes. These codes can take on many forms or frequencies – maybe as words, sound, colour or even indescribable energies. I was also asked to remind people to let go of all expectations and wipe the slate clean.
Our focus this time is around SOUND frequencies and how information, guidance, codes etc travel on the sound waves.
We have deep resonating SOUNDS that hold us in form, and we have lighter higher frequency SOUND that pulsates codes / information to us. It’s not even something that necessarily happens outside or ‘to’ us, but more like something we ARE! If we are always transferring (giving & receiving) information / energy / codes, then we really are a beacon of information.
Just because we can’t hear something doesn’t mean there is no sound there. As humans we can only hear a minute percentage of the sounds in existence. Maybe you have had random ‘buzzing’ in one of your ears for a few seconds – this usually happens when we are ‘downloading’ information.
What are the codes / information that is coming through? Well, it can literally be anything, however where many people get stuck is that they try and put a language onto it, and often there is no language that can. One of the best ways to decipher the incoming information is to feel it, do your best not over analyse and trust that it will reveal itself in the perfect moment.
Some information that is received might be regarding your life’s mission, codes aligning with the current time you are in in your life, requests or even valuable information for humanity.
We are not separate or alone and it’s through the interconnection between us all that we can recognise our individual and collective greatness! SOUND is one aspect of this interconnection.
How important is sound / music to you? Are you a musician who hears the sounds playing?

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