Lucas – Beyond Doubt – 24 May 2012

The feelings and words expressed in articles, blogs and even channelings are often that of doubt. Doubt of the things coming thru. We say : They promised, they said, they are not doing what they said they would, etc.  Some are doubting themselves being sane in believing or going with:  channelings, ET’s, angels, masters of light, talk about ascension or even their own gut feeling. 

Where does this insecurity come from?  Doubt is just an expression of fear in the belief you have or the knowledge you have due to  information or events that made you think. You fear you might be wrong. Being right or wrong is merely an expression of duality in this 3D world. It is not real as it is part of our veil we have to shed to get into 5D where all is One and in Unity in unconditional love expressed and created.

If we learn to listen to our heart, the new  brain centre, we will find the truths and the security you seek in the answers it will give you. The answers and the solutions searched are found in ourselves. All your heart knows  is love and not fear and the expression of fear called: doubt.

So beyond doubt my heart says listen to your heart and what it has to say to you in your endeavours to ascend . See the new world of peace and abundance manifesting from love energy. There is no need for doubting or fearing that things will not go as promised, or will not be. This is negative energy  that will manifest the fear and not the solution you really want to have. In our limited 3D consciousness all is still expressed in time or linear time. See that time is also just construct that does not exist.

Think from the heart in love and manifest love. Visualize the feeling from the heart  of abundance, peace, freedom and equality and you will help manifest it. Synchronicity will bring all these manifestation energies into the right place and time together. This manifestation of our hearts desire of love and unity for all mankind without duality will express itself and form when the energies needed to form it into this higher level consciousness are completed.

We are in the process of completion.  For a lot who are still doubting and fear this process is taking long and it seems to be delayed or  they even think it is just a lie this will be so. As these thoughts are your manifestation you bring into creation. You can make a difference letting go of fear and doubt. You can make a difference in listening to your heart. You can make a difference to act and make the change. You can do so in unity and oneness with all those who you will find also are following what their hearts tell them to be not of love and therefore  must change. Know your own truth with your heart and find out that this truth is that of the many. Unconditional Love.

The choice to ascend is yours. The Earth’s ready to ascend soon. You can become without a doubt the one you was looking for. You will become without fear a member of our new intergalactic universal community the earth is part of. You will go beyond the 3D illusion threshold.  You can be part of the energy of creation and abundance of unconditional love.  So skip the doubt and know with your heart. It will be and will manifest. Period. No more sentences with or expressions of the words  and, or, maybe, but, etc.  Just know it is.

Love and light,


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