Steve Beckow – Hilarion – The Transition is a Great Awakening and a Prelude to Ascension – Part 6 – 24 May 2012

The ascended master Hilarion informed us on May 6 through Marlene Swetlishoff that “this is a very powerful time in the line up of planetary configurations and the energetic influence from the Spiritual realms.” (1)

“Many special dispensations of blessing and Love are being offered to Humanity, all that is required is being open to receive.

“Another passage of the Cosmic wheel has been made and we now embark on our new journey into unknown lands of new potential.

“As these time codes open up the portals, the influx of Cosmic Love and the waves of Light being sent to the Earth will activate the awakening of greater masses of Humanity.” (2)

Hilarion described these as “the times you have been waiting for, for it means that you are all getting closer to the remembrance of your reason for being here in this Cosmic moment of the cyclic movement from one age to another.” From this moment on, our path to Ascension will open up.

“From this point onward, life will take on an impetus of one revelation after another coming into the Light of each person’s consciousness. Many of you will have your ‘aha!’ moments as the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place and all the mysteries of your life become more clear.


“There is now an unstoppable awakening Light that is inundating this Planet and it is a peaceful, loving and powerful energy.” (3)

He reviewed the changes we can expect to see in ourselves.

“Be open to receiving more of all that is good in your daily existence. You have each been sorely tested and tried as you went through difficult initiations that have been preparing you to embody the greater Light that you truly are.

“The things of the Earth, although you will enjoy them, will no longer trap or distract you from your true purpose. You will have more time to explore the joys of embodiment in a form that is becoming multidimensional in its capacities.

“Being open to new experiences and moving beyond your previous boundaries will bring freedom to you on many levels of your Being.

“Rejoice in this lightness of your Being, for it means you are moving forward on your Spiritual journey and that you have released the majority of all that is not Love of the things that no longer serve you in this new place you find yourselves in.” (4)

He suggests that those who are reading about these changes from him are lightworkers qualified to serve the Divine Plan from a greater position than presently seems conceivable.

“Each person will blossom in a myriad of ways that create a new template that will be boundless in its possibilities. If you are reading this, then you are One who has qualified to serve the Divine Plan at a greater level.” (5)

On May 13, Hilarion returned to his theme and emphasized the need at this time to be and receive rather than do and achieve.

“The times that are upon you require that you allow yourselves to just BE instead of doing.

“It is a period of inner contemplation and adjusting. Many changes are occurring within yourselves and your physical bodies are continuing in their transformations.” (6)

He reminded us that the changes will not be instantaneous lest we burn out, but will instead be gradual.

“Many people are expecting an instantaneous change to take place and we say to you that the process of change takes place gradually so that there is no burnout occurring within your human operating system. Honor your body temple and do what is necessary as it is revealed to you. …

“There is gradual progress being made in the raising of the vibrational level of the Earth and all upon, within and above Her and those who have raised their energy levels are now able to download and hold more Light in their cells than ever before.”(7)

This downloading of light will cause further changes in our DNA.

“This activates further firing of the DNA strands and you might find your spines feeling tender and sore in the coming days. As you absorb and hold more Light, it radiates an even greater distance from your physical Being, more than you can conceive in your greatest imaginings. Rest when you can, as much as you can, for your bodies are almost in a constant state of flux.” (8)

He reminded us that we are increasingly becoming light of finer and finer vibrations and must take time to align ourselves and rest.

“Please realize that your bodies are streams of energy that flow through your central column and flow out through your feet and the top of your head in a continuous circle of Light around you and you who persevere in your daily disciplines and daily reminder of yourselves as the Light that you are, in actual fact become that Light in ever increasing magnitude.

“This is why more rest and down time is necessary so that all flows in harmony and clarity. Many new revelations will come to you as this happens and many things will begin to make more sense than they did before and deeper understandings of events that took place in your lives will begin to surface from within you.

“Take the time that is needed to align yourselves each day with your Higher Selves and Great I AM Presence, this helps these aspects come closer to you so that greater acceleration of remembrance begins to well up into your waking consciousness.” (9)

On May 20, he said that momentous events were taking place revealing to us that these were not ordinary times we were passing through.

“Many momentous events are taking place on a Cosmic level and those who follow their inner guidance know that these are not ordinary times that you are living in. …

“As these changes happen, feel Love, unconditional Love, for the Earth and all Her inhabitants and envision great Light streaming from within Her crystalline diamond core out into Her crystalline grids and out into the Cosmos.

“Keep your hearts ever attuned to the larger picture of the Divine Plan and remain calm and centered. As you stay centered you enable those around you to remain calm and peaceful and this is most helpful.” (10)

He reminded us that our heart chakras particularly were opening. Like Archangel Michael in a personal message to me, Hilarion reminds us of the significance of the heart chakra, which is a personal energetic portal to the cosmos and reveals our mission to us. He tells us that our work in this regard will benefit others.

“It is a time to allow the further opening of your heart chakras and to become consciously able to do this, for it is from this energetic portal within you that your personal Path is activated and becomes clear to you. …

“Let the inner Light that you truly are shine forth in these days of transition from one World to another as this is very helpful to those around you. They may not see it but they do sense it on a sublime level.

“As your Higher Self and Great I AM Presence anchors more deeply within you, it then enables those around you to do the same and this can be accomplished in a much easier and smoother transition for them.” (11)

Tomorrow we’ll look at other sources who also see this as a pivotal time in our development towards Ascension.


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