Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters : Ego Is Energy That Can Be Transmuted – 24 May 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You are all beautifully carrying forth the Light that you have held within yourselves for every bit of your Earthly experience, and this Light has gone unnoticed by so many of you throughout most of your Lives and it is now in this final incarnation you have all taken on the surface of Gaia before the beautiful harvest of souls on Her surface who are ready for ascension, that this Light held within is becoming known by many of you and is showing itself to you in less veiled ways than in the past.

The raising of the collective and individual Light quotient of humanity is one that is very specific and delicate, and one that requires much planning by you dear souls on Earth who are undergoing this experience.

It is true that on some other worlds who are experiencing lower dimensions, the access to one’s spirit Guide is more readily available than has been so on your world for the majority of your Lives in this current cycle of the lower dimensions, and this is because the ability to awaken and open one’s chakras is itself more available and easier to attain as while these worlds are themselves lower dimensional, the learning of lessons and the growing and experiencing Lives upon their surfaces are much easier processes still than those of what you are used to routinely going through on Earth.

Have you not been told so very much dear souls that these lessons you are undergoing are Masterful?

This is a subject and truth that will continue to be brought up as it is expressed that only by passing the most Masterful of lessons that you have set out for yourselves upon this last incarnation on the lower dimensional surface of this world, will you be able to discover and feel for yourselves the timelines in which all of these beautiful and marvelous changes are to burst forth into your perception and your reality so very beautifully.

Indeed, the general collective of humanity is currently on the timeline of your world leading to ascension, and all other timelines are quickly merging into the one set timeline for Earthly ascension. Even still, there have been a select few alternate ‘fates’ so to speak and timelines mapped out for the souls who will not resonate with the most pure increases and upgrades of the energies being sent to and through you.

Such souls who do not yet wish to experience the ascension of Earth and the uplifting energies bringing you such ascension, have chosen to alternate away from the converging and ultimate timeline(s) given and planned out for the surface of your world and all on the surface who are ready to experience the ascension of Earth and who do not instead choose to divulge into the so-called ‘alternate fate’.

This ‘alternate fate’ that we speak of is nothing more than choosing to discarnate from Earth before the most potent changes begin as indeed so very many potent energy increases and upgrades have already been and will continue to be gracing the surface of your world at this time.

Some are simply not yet ready to feel in themselves the energetic and celestial upgrades that are to expand your awareness and assist you in reaching the states of consciousness that you have Created the matrix and grid for you to experience your lower realities on Earth and so very many other lower dimensional planets from, and these souls will instead choose to enter the incarnation cycle of a different third or fourth dimensional world. Which world and experience one enters upon discarnating from the surface of Earth will be unique to that soul and left entirely up to them and their higher self.

Many souls continually depart the surface of your world every moment for differing reasons and many of these reasons do indeed have to do with the restructuring of their own cells which is taking place, which they are not quite ready for or ready to be used to.

Many souls on Earth have kept parts of themselves, of their egos and of their higher selves alike, hidden away from their perceptions, just beyond the horizon so to speak, and there will be and have been many who are not yet ready to be exposed to such parts of themselves quite yet.

You have begun to hear of the various ego personalities and perceived multiple selves that you have possessed whilst on Earth throughout each and every Life that you have been experiencing consciousness on this world during, and while you underwent these experiences you indeed accumulated so very many aspects of your ego self whom was built up in every Life and shifted around, transmuted and turned into an entirely different ego-self in another.

The common theme throughout every Life that you have taken is that your higher self has been with you; you are this higher self whom is with you in each and every Life that you have experienced on Earth and on any other planet.

As you are awakening now at the end of this last Earthly cycle, this higher self whom has been with you throughout every experience is coming through and to you and making it’s presence known to you in profound ways, as you begin to meld with this soul and become this soul that you are and have always been, through transmuting those hollow and false parts of yourselves based on Earth, based in the lower dimensions, who are still only concerned with Earthly things that will hold you back from your perception of the higher realms and serve only to keep you binded to the Earth experience which is now fading in increased acceleration at this time.

Your entire experience whilst on Earth has been one of balancing your two ‘identities’ so to speak. We use this phrase for lack of a clearer way to explain what we mean, but we can say that throughout your experiences you have been sharing your temple so to speak, with your ego selves.

Your egos have Lived in your bodies and made up the majority of your lower dimensional personalities whilst you underwent this experience but again, the true and pure you who is your higher self and whose spirit and body structure lays the foundation for the bringing forth and crafting of the ego self whom you inhabit your body temple with throughout your experience; your higher self has been with you throughout your experiences as well and is now beginning to come through as you again, transmute those parts of yourself whom have always taken their templates from your higher self.

Ask your higher self and your various, innumerable Guides to be with you whenever you feel a fading aspect of your ego coming through, as we will be with you every time and we can feel that so many of you are now beginning to know, understand and recognize when you are bringing ego through even in the most subtle of ways, as ego will truly ‘work its magic’ so to speak to come through your temples in any ways possible, to get you to attach to its influence and let it experience sweet, Earthly Life through your temples for that much longer.

We say that while the Earth experience is indeed enjoyable and everyone deserves to experience it, those parts of your ego have been brought through and maintained throughout so many Lives in the lower realms and this is why it is now becoming increasingly important to notice and understand when these parts of yourselves are coming through one last time, so that they can be transmuted and transformed back into the original structures of your higher self or rather, back to an aspect of your higher self just as you are.

Each and every aspect of your ego is energy that can be changed, transformed and transmuted.

It only takes recognizing those parts of your ego, thanking them for all that they have given you during your experience, having Created an alter-personality for yourselves to experience the lower vibrations a bit more comfortably in.

It is important to expose to those parts of your ego which are themselves consciousness, that you appreciate their energy and that you would like them to come join you on the ‘other side’ so to speak, on the side of your continually developing Light so that they can aide you in bringing forth your higher self in as energetic of a way as [your higher self has] attempted to get you to feel them and bring them through you.

It is literally a transmutation, from ego to higher dimensional, and it is truly that simple.

Of course, more must be made than a simple proclamation dear souls and you must feel in yourselves the willingness to do this, to bring this change forth in yourself and to feel parts of yourself that at your surface you may feel ashamed of, that you feel should not be Loved or should not even exist in your continually expanding and developing perspective of what Life and the experience of Oneness is supposed to be.

Each and every facet of your ego seeks some type of Earthly pleasure, stimulation or validation in some way, because ego feeds off of anything based in the Earth matrix as while ego is indeed a facet of your higher self, its very existence and the specific imprint of its existence was designed entirely to function and run on everything based in the lower dimensions of Earth, until its time came and the time came in the temple it was inhabiting to be transmuted and ascended back to the pure, higher dimensional Logos energy that each and every dear soul throughout Creation truly is.

Ego seeks only the surroundings and habits that it has thrived in, which is why the various different aspects of your ego coming up for review now will be and are trying to get you to return to your ancient, Earthly ways of doing and being.

Again, dear souls, transmutation is the best and after a certain point, the only option for dealing with ego so to speak, and a key and crucial aspect of transmutation is recognizing ego and forgiving it. We can feel already that many of you are beginning go to transmute ego in the most wonderful and glorious of ways, and it is encouraged that you continue on in these endeavors and  continue on in any endeavor that makes you happy.

Can you not feel dear souls, how happiness is the underlying foundation and emotion for anything based in anything good?

Happiness is by its very essence the seeming opposing side of anything based in an unhappy, lower experience, and yet we still see and feel that many of you will choose unhappiness and unhappy experiences in favor of the manifestation the same lower vibrational experience or in favor of pleasing another.

Dear souls, the most important thing at this time, especially with the critical junctures you have been and will continue to reach in this moth of May and in the crucial moths ahead, is to allow yourselves to sit, to relax and to integrate, for only by keeping your channels and your emotions clear and balanced will you be able to find the energies being given to your bodies and to your world in the increased purity that such energies are being brought forth.

Our communications and specific energy prints are attached to these energies, and each and every ascended soul who is assisting with the ascension of the surface of Earth has been and will continue to be speaking to humanity, through channels or through the interested contact of an individual Earth soul who may not choose to go public with the information and energies that they are being given each and every time they wish to attune to our energies.

Each and every soul in the higher realms has a specific energy signature; a specific individual recognition of who we are in relation to what you may term ‘the big picture’, and all of us are able to feel the individuality and the uniqueness without feeling the perceived separation that has been instated with the Earth experience.

This is because we know with our perception, that eventually we will all be One in the pure realms of Creation with our beautiful Mother/Father Creator, and when this experience and expansion is brought forth for us we know that indeed, we will have no identity, no perceived individuality or ‘uniqueness’, and we will simply exist as the One true soul that we all are.

At the same, time, it is a wonderful experience to know that with our current perception we are still able to enjoy the experience of individuality and uniqueness, and dear souls we do not want anybody to feel that upon ascending into states of consciousness past that of even what we experience, you will somehow lose yourself and any shred of individuality that you came to such realms with for dear souls, this is simply not so.

Our scribe has been speaking on the subject of the continual fading and disappearance of ones’ ego self and the importance of enacting the changes and disciplines in ones’ own Life to bring such changes forth, and it is indeed so that very many familiar parts of yourselves are beginning to be transmuted as you realize that even some of these parts, of which you have been experiencing the most during your lower dimensional experience and some of that which has given you aide and comfort throughout such an experience, is still in itself based in the lower dimensions in unique ways.

You are realizing just which aspects of your Lives are based in ego and which aspects are based in the earthly experience at this point in your beautiful unfolding evolution, and we will assist you in finding which aspects of yourself are incompatible with the energies of the higher realms.

Imagine dear souls, feeling a Uniting and a Oneness with each and every ascended soul around you who is speaking to you through channels and who is personally guiding so very many of you at this time, but at the same time retaining your own bit of individuality. It is such wonderful experience dear souls, and it is an experience that we look forward dearly to sharing with you in the abundance that such experiences will soon be given.

You have begun to hear of the physical nature of which we are helping in bringing about some of the change on your world, and to proclaim that we are speaking to many Lighted organizations on Earth at this time through experienced mediums would be quite an understatement, as with recent technology that has been utilized by the side of the Light and attempted unsuccessfully to be reinvented and claimed by the ever-fading and crumbling dark side on your world, we have been able to reach the most prominent of our Lighted Organizations and families in much, much more direct ways than by simply coming through the instrument of an Earthly soul.

This action has needed to be taken, because our very energies coming to Earth in such a pure manner and indeed, this new technological manner which is bringing us to your world in much more pure ways than our coming to you through scribes has been, has been aiding and assisting in the bringing through of the increasingly pure energies being sent to you, by the expanding of the Earth chakras which bring such energies through Gaia in each and every thread of reality upon Her beautiful and marvelous structure.

Our very presence is acting in accordance with the Light Grid of dear Gaia, which is reaching ever-higher dimensional proportions and which is itself aiding in bringing through energies that are so pure and that have yet to be fully experienced and brought through to the surface of your world and your current reality and timelines, as such energies have not yet ‘reached’ your specific reality.

We are working as well on some of the more physical aspects of the changes to be brought forth and as always, our doing this has acted in accordance with the actions we have laid before our Earth Allies to bring forth in the very near future.

We recommend strongly that you pay attention to each and every bit of legal action against every soul whose signature you can recognize, for [clarification and validation of] the beginnings of the changes that have truly only began to spring forth into your reality.

On numerous alternate Earthly timelines, the energies underlying these changes have now come through marvelously and your world and reality is just beginning to experience the bleeding-through of the physical events that are to manifest on your world in relation to the pending mass arrests and the beginning of the revelations of all that has happened on your world for so very long, that you have been blissfully unaware of.

Every bit of legal action that you hear is taken through your news, even that which may seem insignificant, is in fact quite significant in view of the coming changes.

By this legal action we speak of, we do not just mean lawsuits such as what you have heard about from terrestrial sources; these are obviously included in this [overall scenario] but we mean as well the seemingly insignificant news of an influential person getting arrested or probed for information, as such reports and happenings are only beginning to pick up even with how many arrests have already been made and how many resignations alike have been brought forth.

As always dear souls, we encourage looking within more than looking without for the confirmations and the feeling of the energies that are bringing your wonderful ascension to you.

We are with you at all times, simply waiting to be called upon for whatever specific actions you wish us to help you with during your expanding experience, and we wish you to know that the close bonds we share with humanity will be felt in such purity that your hearts will expand exponentially upon your perceiving of us in our true, undistorted and pure forms.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

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