Lee-Anne Peters – What Do I Need To Eat When I Am Devoted To Spirit? – 25 May 2012

Many people radically change their diets and exercise regime because they think that be being ‘spiritual’ you must only eat a certain type of food or do a certain kind of exercise. What about the myth about gaining weight when you welcome in more light? Let’s look deeper at this stuff and really BLAST AWAY all beliefs in this area.
My main recommendation here is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!
Your body is such a finely tuned instrument and it will know what you need and when you need it. You will have cravings for certain foods – trust these. You will have desires or see signs about exercise – trust these. Your body will let you know immediately if it is out of balance, not liking a certain food or exercise – so trust it!

My biggest food issue is the chemicals. I really feel that these are weakening the general individual’s immune system, DNA and whole system. Often the chemicals go back to the farm – to fatten up livestock, to spray potatoes with round up before harvesting, putting apples in gas chambers for longer life etc. These things happen every day and with almost all food we eat – yes, even so called fresh! Then things are made from these ‘fresh’ foods.
To keep your body, mind, emotions and spirit as healthy as possible, please avoid chemicals and look for natural or home-grown alternatives. You can taste the difference – again, trust your body!
Sometimes as we lighten our energy vibration we eat less ‘heavy’ foods – like meats, and more lighter foods – like freshly grown, chemical free vegetables and fruits, also nuts & sprouts.
In my experience, as my energy vibration raises due to letting go and self healing, I find my body needs less food and can live more on LOVE, sunlight and conscious breathing. My meals are smaller and I ONLY eat when I feel hungry – I never eat according to set times!
My body knows best and I trust my Temple completely! When I first reconnected with my Twin Flame I needed no sleep and no food for ten weeks! I was living on LOVE and was thriving!
In regards to exercise, I feel that keeping our body active, moving it and using it as much as possible is beneficial. Stretching and moving my body as I breathe consciously every morning is something I LOVE to do.
In this case, there are no rules – so be cautious of creating any based on your belief system. Let the rules go, and TRUST your body. Your body knows, your body is your best ally during these current times on Earth. And don’t forget the most important part – TAKE ACTION!

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