Lisa Gawlas – Quetzalcoatl, The Venus Transit And The Crumbling!! – 25 May 2012

We are in some really interesting times.  On the surface, it may not look like a whole lot is happening, but underneath that surface, holy cow batman!!

I had such a wonderfully balanced schedule yesterday, 2 women – 2 men, that alone rarely happens!  I was excited to see how these new energies were affecting us together.  That pesky field tho… it shows only what it wants to show!  Everyone got the same imagery yesterday.

A verticle portal of intense white light appeared halfway below the Mesa Rock.  Not on it nor in it, but cozied up next to it, radiating outwards vertically.  I could see this light was spewing something outwards with it, which I eventually  understood as little pieces of rock itself.  But yet, I eventually realized it was not the Mesa Rock being spewed out of this intense light field, it remained a solid support system behind this portal of light.

With each connection, I did notice the light got brighter and bright as the day went on.  Some were more effected (personally) than others by this spewing rock debris… but other than that, I was really clueless to understand what was really being shared for us to see.  I got zero information.  Of course, my own brain was exhausted from my repetitive, in person visits from mother earth the night before.

After four really wonderful conversations and everyone being rescheduled, I needed a bath,  I was one gritty soul!  I surely cannot get in the bath simply to take a bath, that almost feels like sacrilege!!

The moment I closed my eyes I was shown my sunglasses breaking just before the eclipse.  Keep in mind, I never call my sunglasses sunglasses, they are my “shades.”  When I put them on my face, the right arm fell off.  The plastic that held them together around the screw just crumbled.  I bought a new pair, well… Walmart gave me a new pair.  I wore them once.  I went to put them on the other day, the flipping right arm of those new sunglasses did the same thing… the plastic just fell apart and there was no way of fixing them… dammit!!

I obviously was not looking for a bigger message in this annoyance in my life.  I just assumed they got to hot sitting in my car, even tho the first pair that broke I had for over a year.

Thru my meditation, I realized the shade flying off my window and onto my body was a huge exclamation point from the field… I really didn’t put any of this together until my meditation!

What do “shades” do?  They filter the light coming in.  Well, our filters are done! We must now really see what is actually happening in life… fully and clearly!!  The universe no longer supports filters.  Obviously! lol

As the repetitive image in the (attempted) readings was showing yesterday, the Light on earth is getting brighter and brighter and all the things that keep us from “seeing” what is really going on, crumbling.  Talk about transparency!!

I must state as well, even the shade on my window lost the nail from the right side.  The right is our emotional/spiritual side.  Spirit, life itself, no longer supports or holds together that which filters the truth, the Light of Life!!

There are parts of our lives that are crumbling, parts of our cities, states and countries, crumbling.  We try to live life as usual… and that is not going to be possible!  Well, not with postive results that is!

Ohhh my, it just hit me that 4 hours into May 20th Italy had a 6.0 earthquake that created some serious crumbling of their ancient structures.  Look at that clock… talk about time crumbling around us!!!

Once I got beyond the “holy shit” moment of all the shades that broke in my last week and a half… the next thing I was shown really, REALLY suprised me!!

The Venus Transit starting on June 5th.  Keep in mind, I don’t know astrology at all.  I am not even going to pretend I know the astrological meaning of this rare transit following a rare alignment of eclipse energy.  I just understand what is shown to me thru meditation… and even that is barely!!

As I had seen with the reading the day before, I could see the energy of various blues giving birth to the gateway in the sky happening with the start of the Venus Transit.  All of a sudden, I could see this formation come out of this gateway in the sky… it had four sides and was rather square at the top.  The top seemed to be the portal in which this energy flowed thru.  The four sides had what looked like steps that came down.  The steps that faced north and south had this liquid yellow energy radiating downwards.  I could see and feel the flow of this intense energy.  I the steps that faced east and west was violet in its downwards radiation.  All I kept thinking was, what the hell is that???

I “get” one of the colors… the liquid yellow is the soul energy of our Creator, of all of creation itself.   The violet… not so much.  But even as I write this I am reminded of the gateway man and his blue pac-man energy, so woman/the feminine must represent violet.  Especially as Creation itself is masculine, then that which supports creation (gives birth to) must be feminine.

This morning I completely recognize this structure coming out of the Venus Transit.  It is the “Feathered Serpent Pyramid” in Mexico.  The only thing I didn’t see was flow of the serpant as depicted in the picture below.  Maybe that was really depicted by the flow of the energy within the steps themselves?

I simply watched as this yellow and violet thingie came down closer and closer to the ground.  The closer it got to the ground, I could see the blue and violet clumps of energy that is everywhere I can see thru June and July.  Once this four sided stairway was, I guess, about a foot from the ground something really really strange happened.  It formed like, I don’t know.. a four sided claw and lifted the blue and violet energy to expose the ground beneath it.

When it lifted the energy from the ground, I was so surprised at what I had seen.  People!  These people reminded me of a mole or something, they were half in the ground, half trying to grab onto the blue and violet energy and once the claw or crane removed the energy from the ground itself, these people all fell into the ground, back down into whatever mole hole they were in and just disappeared from my view.

That ended my meditation and started me wondering what on earth does all that really mean.

Obviously everything in this days experience is interrelated, but what is the bigger message?

First I have got to look at the feathered serpent pyramid that was totally and completely in alignment with this profound eclipse of May 20th, 2012 as well as the deity known as  Quetzalcoatl.

I have found a website that gives us some really interesting information, everything in brakets [ ] is my take on their writing):

The god Quetzalcoatl, is the Feathered Serpent or Precious Twin. [Didn’t this eclipse happen in Gemini.. the twins?]

He is the god intelligence and self-reflection, a patron of priests.
Quetzalcoatl is a primordial god of creation, a giver of life. With his opposite Tezcatlipoca he created the world. Quetzalcoatl is also called White Tezcatlipoca, to contrast him to the black Tezcatlipoca.

As the Lord of the East he is associated with the morning star, his twin brother Xolotl was the evening star (Venus). As the morning star he was known by the name Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, “lord of the star of the dawn.”  An other representation of Quetzalcoatl is Ehecatl, the Wind God. His calendrical name is Ce Acatl (One Reed). [hello wind… you dirt lifter,  shade remover you lol.  I also have to pay attention to “One Reed” as well.  When I would explore the mountaintop in Vermont, there were these beautiful things growing out of the ground I had never seen before.  I found out they were called reeds – but there was no water on that mountaintop and reeds usually grow near water…hmmmm.  I was shocked to see this same exact plant growing here near the river.  Below is the picture of these reeds.  I don’t know how it relates yet, but I know it does!!]

After the last world, the Fourth Sun had been destroyed, Quetzalcoatl went to Mictlan, the land of the death, and created our current world, the Fifth Sun, by using his own blood to give new life to bones. Quetzalcoatl is also the giver of maize (corn) to mankind.

In the tonalpohualli, Quetzalcoatl rules over both the second day, Ehecatl (wind), and the second trecena, 1-Ocelotl(jaguar). He is Lord of the Day for days with number 9 (“chicunahui” in Nahuatl).

The Feathered (bird… freedom…heaven) Serpent (earth, ground, matter) I have a feeling is showing heaven and earth together as one with a pyramid built for this Holy time on earth starting with May 20th, 2012.  Obviously having something to do with Venus!!

All I know for today is the shades of life are being fully removed, what has not been seen will be seen fully in a wind tunnel of light!  The wind of Light will also remove all that can no longer hold itself together in this new energy of life as people are suddenly removed from our fields of life.

I also find it so interesting as well as very synchronicitic that I just received a weather advisory on my phone that we shall be in a huge windstorm tomorrow.  We were in one on the power node of the 23rd and will once again be in one on the 26th, the day of completion from the solar eclipse.

Ohhhh the things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmm!!

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  2. the reeds look like horsetail, which is considered one of the oldest tree-like plants on the planet. what a wild ride! thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Here’s some info from my Shamanic teachings class on Quetzalcoatl

    Keeper of the Middle World
    Day Bringer, Organizing our world for us. Bringing sychronicity allows us to come into Ayni with this world.

    Legend: He was the Creator God of the Hopi, a luminous being that walked throught the Americas bringing healing & wisdom.

    Maybe this will be helpful regarding your visions and meditiations.

    Appreciated your article. Thank you.