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Lisa Gawlas – Quetzalcoatl, The Venus Transit And The Crumbling!! – 25 May 2012

We are in some really interesting times.  On the surface, it may not look like a whole lot is happening, but underneath that surface, holy cow batman!!

I had such a wonderfully balanced schedule yesterday, 2 women – 2 men, that alone rarely happens!  I was excited to see how these new energies were affecting us together.  That pesky field tho… it shows only what it wants to show!  Everyone got the same imagery yesterday. Continue reading

The Control Does Not Stop,If You Do Not Stop! Remember Again And Get In Action! – 25 May 2012

Our so-called democratic countries, political parties and politicians,  still mislead the public in having more controlling measures taken. (exceptions are literally none as almost all of the above mentioned have been compromised by lobbyist groups or by campaign funding or by conflicts of interests in special interests groups, ‘secret ‘societies, fraternities, campaign groups, corporations, or they are part of or have personal, private or commercial ties with. I have not even mentioned the  fraud, deceit, conspiracy, racketeering, theft, etc. This is beginning to be exposed in mainstream news, but foremost is exposed in the alternative news sources on the internet.)  Continue reading

Retired Police Captain Current Occupy Protester Accused Of Impersonating A Police Officer! – 25 May 2012

Uploaded on 24 May 2012 by this is 23  May 2012  from Russia Today News  http://MOXNews.com Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 25 May 2012

There are many signs that the old systems are collapsing, and it is inevitable as they have proven to be unsuitable to overcome your problems. They will need a new way of conducting business, that can be aligned with a complete appraisal of your needs. Even so, they could be looked upon as interim measures as they will bridge the gap that exists between where you now, and where you need to be. The evolutionary period you are commencing will be something of a quick fire situation, as no sooner will you take a great leap forward, than you will be moving on again to a higher level. We have for example informed you that one day you will live in crystal cities, but they are somewhat in your future, as are a number of new technologies. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Opening Our Hearts : What This Year Is About… On All Levels – 25 May 2012

I’m so broken up hearing how it is for some people that I think I need to say more. In the last analysis, it isn’t about anyone sending money to the Lightworkers Fund/Hope Chest. But it is about people reaching out to others, whatever channel or form they use.

It’s important, I believe, that we reach out to people who are desperate these days not only for them, but also, as our sources say below, for us.  It opens our hearts and promotes the greater opening of the heart of the world through what Archangel Michael calls “collective compassion.”  (1)  In this year of ascension, opening the heart must be the most important thing we do – personally and collectively. Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Mytria/ Mytre – The Sacred Rock – 25 May 2012

I appeared to awake, only to see my physical form hunched against a huge rock, clutching a few possessions. As I looked at my physical self I could see how her inner conflict had robbed her of her beauty and made her body overly thin and pale. In fact, I could see how she was very sick and in great need of healing. However, it was not her body that was ill, it was her mind. I went over to her sleeping form and touched her head. Instantly, the look on her face relaxed and her breathing became long and rhythmic. Now, it was safe for me to leave her. Continue reading

Judge Dale (retired) – The Great American Adventure Secrets Of America (Part 1 – 5) – 25 May 2012

[political history, government and law]
By: Judge Dale, retired

PART 5                           See Recap of this Article:  Recap of Legal Fraud ( other parts in links below article) Continue reading