Steve Beckow – Opening Our Hearts : What This Year Is About… On All Levels – 25 May 2012

I’m so broken up hearing how it is for some people that I think I need to say more. In the last analysis, it isn’t about anyone sending money to the Lightworkers Fund/Hope Chest. But it is about people reaching out to others, whatever channel or form they use.

It’s important, I believe, that we reach out to people who are desperate these days not only for them, but also, as our sources say below, for us.  It opens our hearts and promotes the greater opening of the heart of the world through what Archangel Michael calls “collective compassion.”  (1)  In this year of ascension, opening the heart must be the most important thing we do – personally and collectively.

Wouldn’t I have wished that the Bridge Fund was up and running by now. Many good people are working on it and all are doing so without remuneration and having given up the time that could have gone to earning for themselves in other positions.

These same people will be sending out the monies received by the Lightworkers Fund/Hope Chest.  And they don’t ask for publicity or even for our thanks.

Our sources, as you can see below, have encouraged us to reach out in any way we can and I certainly support that. So let’s listen to them for a moment and hear what their advice to us is as we all try to last through the final crumbling of the dark economic structure prior to the rapid rise of the new one of light.

“Within the earthly planes, your wealth must appear to come to you through the earthly planes, and even as this occurs, you see how it came to you, as the source of your wealth. It is the illusion. It is God working in wondrous ways to create abundance in your life, God working through you, the incarnation of God, bringing to fruition and manifestation, your heart’s desires.

“Bless the flow of your abundance, bless your abundance and share it with others who are striving to create heaven on earth. Your blessings create a great and divine vibration of the highest endeavor; of love, of joy, of gratitude, and you naturally assist the flow of the circle of life, sending out love, abundance, joy, gratitude, all the highest emotions. They return to you in a grand flow magnified by the expansiveness of the All That Is.”  (Archangel Michael through Michelle Coutant, May 2011, at

“During the transitional period until all peoples of Earth are prospering, the spirit of sharing and taking charge of adverse circumstances with a positive outlook is growing exponentially as more and more people are acting upon their inspirations to form neighborhood and community assistance projects, cooperative farming, volunteer help, and exchange of goods and services. This spreading spirit comes from the soul, evidence that the light is magnifying not only negative characteristics and behavior, but equally magnifying individuals’ goodness, generosity, ingenuity, cooperative spirit and strong will to surmount temporary hardships.

“The ‘grassroots’ movement that is spreading will merge with new policies and programs devised at the top, unifying the objectives and goals of the populace and the leadership.” (Matthew’s Message, March 10, 2009.)

“Remember that the universal law of attraction, “like attracts like,” always is in effect—sharing what you have with those who have less will bring back to you what you need. The energy of giving from the heart not only adds to your light, thereby radiating out to all lives you touch, this starts a cycle of upliftment. Just as your heart feels lighter when you help others, they in turn feel grateful and hopeful, and the energy in gratitude and hope gives them more light to send out to all lives they touch, and so on and so on. (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 24, 2008.)

“Some of you have taken on karma that will necessitate that you experience need, and you carry this burden so that others can respond. There is so much need on Earth at this time, and you will not have to look far to give to others in service to them. Working together and giving of yourself has been sadly neglected, and need has been promoted by the dark who have set different classes apart. Material success has been hoisted upon you as your goal, and those who fall by the wayside ignored. The unfairness and injustices of society has created a wide gulf between people. That must now be addressed, and the Oneness of All recognized and accepted.” (Saint Germain, Sept. 26, 2008, at

“Before you ascend, you are to experience such co-operation and love between you that has not been possible previously. Fear and suspicion of each other’s actions will no longer occur, as all will be seen to work openly and with your approval.” (Diane from Sirius, Aug. 6, 2008.)

“Contrary to what may seem sensible, holding fast to all your money, this is a time to share as generously as you can with those in greater need than you. When this is done not as an obligation with a sense of sacrifice, but lovingly from your heart, you set in motion energy that brings abundance in return. It may not be ‘in kind,’ but the universal law of attraction that always is operating will bring blessings into your life that you will recognize as such.

“We realize that many of you have no dollars to spare, so please know that sharing your time through some kind of volunteer service has the same effect when done with a loving heart. Trading, or bartering, foodstuffs, talents and skills, equipment and tools—whatever one has that someone else needs and vice versa—can serve you well until the new system of economy and commerce is firmly established, and even then it can be a most satisfying exchange of goods and services.” (Matthew’s Message, May 21, 2008.)


(1)   “What is Collective Compassion?” at link to original article

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