The Control Does Not Stop,If You Do Not Stop! Remember Again And Get In Action! – 25 May 2012

Our so-called democratic countries, political parties and politicians,  still mislead the public in having more controlling measures taken. (exceptions are literally none as almost all of the above mentioned have been compromised by lobbyist groups or by campaign funding or by conflicts of interests in special interests groups, ‘secret ‘societies, fraternities, campaign groups, corporations, or they are part of or have personal, private or commercial ties with. I have not even mentioned the  fraud, deceit, conspiracy, racketeering, theft, etc. This is beginning to be exposed in mainstream news, but foremost is exposed in the alternative news sources on the internet.) 

An example today popping up in the news in my home country is the Dutch – VVD – right-wing Liberal Party which is proposing trace chips on license plates to track vehicles by installed scanners. The measure is proposed to terminate  the (supposedly) growing stolen license plates use  by  criminals  in our country (PROBLEM1) . It seems that there is a great financial interest from producers of scanning equipment involved as the scanners costs about 2000 euros per scanner and would be needed to be bought, produced and installed by government agencies and petrol stations and others (THE BIG LIE1 – commercial profit). Also all car and truck users in this country would have need for new plates that cost up to 8 euros per plate (THE BIG LIE2 – license fee revenues).  The continues failure  of letting us pay a usage fee for our roads per km travelled and controlled via scanners scanning  license plates is with this also becoming a new possibility (THE BIG LIE3 –  taxation and control). An other argument they use for the trace chips is that they can reduce that way the petrol theft at petrol stations via the scanners installed (PROBLEM2). The petrol theft and stolen license plates  are just a very small percentage of the crimes. Even if that would be a growing number it should not be used as an argument to use this control measure as it ignores your right of privacy and the rule of being innocent till proven guilty and in general your universal unalienable right to be a free person.  We do not know what happens with all the combined scanners and tracing of car data.  But you can guess. You can just be traced everywhere like your cellphone, GPS system, credit and bankcard, ID card, passport, social security card, healthcare card and a lot more and now a car chipped license plate.  I forgot to tell you chemical chipping is also now used in hospitals, just look it up. So not all is electronics.  Do you get it.

This whole story is a classic  example of not only election rhetoric in our countries upcoming election on 12 september 2012 and probably lobbyist interest, new taxation goals, crime (better said “people”) control, but also the problem –  reaction – solution theory from David Icke.

A supposed “growing” group of petrol thief’s (still a small percentage of people) and  a supposed “growing” group of false or stolen license plates used for crimes should be the black sheep that can be used in imposing a “small” problem with an “extreme” solution”, if this really gets in discussion or in the parlement, there will be great unrest and fear created in the media and in the discussion about it. The people will react and come up with their own solutions that will be also serving the goal of the dark ones:  the people get controlled anyway but by a solution they themselves handed over to the dark ones.

This always  works in issues like this or in cases of reducing costs for companies and governments. Just plan a new heavy taxation or reorganization for a created “black sheep group or a “costs problem or deficit problem”  and wait for the reaction and the solution to be brought  about by people, employees, unions, etc. The end result is always in favour of those who created the problem. I you have read between the lines, you see they even given you the clues to what they wanted in creating the issue or problem. Just see it.

So do you see the pattern evolving over and over. The trick still works as people will not see that they must remove the source of the power control hungry ones,  money-grubbers. Ignore all those created fear problems that are brought to you and which serve the purpose of you coming up with solutions the dark ones secretly all along wanted for their needs of ultimate control over you all. Stop handing out solutions for created problems and see what’s behind this.  Your remedies are exposing the truth behind the created problems.  Question all those so-called fear based black sheep or straw man or fake problems. Seek the real intent behind it. There lies the source and real solution.

You need to see you give your rights away every time. Wake up!!

And get in action!  Remove the source of the evil.

Love and Light,



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