Lisa Gawlas – The Time Is Now! In “NOW” Your Silo Of Harvest Is Ready And Available!! – 26 May 2012

We have talked for so long about this “new” energy that we shall be living in.  I suppose for most of us (myself especially) I expected results of this “new” like what has been experienced over the last year in readings.  For me, readings are the best gauge of how the energy is changing because I can feel it and it affects the readings… my ability to read efficiently, tremendously.

This past year there had been sooooo many shifts in the energy, but it was never completely different.  Just as if there was more and it was more condensed.  Yesterday however, so completely different than ever before.  Everything vibrates quite differently in this new energy.

When talking about how energy feels, I find that the most difficult thing to put into words.  But I can use a metaphor I suppose.  Let’s just say that for as long as I have been reading publicly, the energy was always fluid, like water maybe.  As we started to shift higher, the water seemed to get thicker after particular power points over the last year.   Yesterdays time in the field…drastically different.  Maybe like the water has turned to a gaseous substance with droplets of water mixed in.  The vibrations of feelings were hard to discern.  It was as if they were coming in, in such a different frequency that I am literally learning to read all over again.

The one thing I am super grateful for: the visuals… clearer and Lighter than they ever have been before as well.

There was a consistency to the readings yesterday, one that I feel is so important to talk about and give you an exercise for.

The first two of the three readings I had scheduled showed up the same way to start.  A large white thready vortex spinning in the middle of the field.  The entire spectrum of the field, the area that houses those who actually work within themselves within this “new” energy I call the 6th dimension and higher, was aglow within this new light energy as well.

My first lady showed up next to this vortex in the center of the field (her life.)  As I looked closer into the vortex I could see all these “things” inside of it, rotating with the spin of the vortex.  It felt like looking at a christmas tree whose ornaments were all hung inside the branches of the tree.  I could not make out one single ornament.  (they were hers and hers alone to understand) I started to understand this was where her harvest was contained.

Everything from her West field was completely harvested and is completely available to her, to all of us that have made our way to this vibrational field.  I have a feeling this vortex is more like a silo of moving energy!  It stores all the things you will ever need as you move forward and further forward.

I had to ask the field, how does she access these things in her vortex, instantly I had seen her placing her hand and arm into the energy silo and pulled out something or another.  The field had instructed her to first feel what is in her hand and then place it in her heart.  The heart knows exactly what it is and how to use it (whatever “it” is.)

She was then to pay attention to sudden desires, inspirations, insights, etc.  This is how the new energy will be released from your silo.  You must be an active participant in use, but please know, it is not a complicated process to use any of it.  Intention, trust and action.  Period!

This lady had asked me an interesting question that many so often do.  She has been reading a lot of sharings lately where the person writing is talking about the need to “heal.”  The field came alive with a firmness in its energy voice and this is the reply:

We are now living on a world where all the timelines converge.  There are some just awakening to the energy of 2011, they indeed still have healing to go thru.  Some back in the timeline of 1977, where it is a very dense and heavier energy and indeed they have their own needs of getting forward to this timeline we simply call “the field.”  Anyone showing up in the center of the field has done adequate healing work and the only focus should be integrating and using this new energy.  You cannot be in “the field” with prominent issues still in your light body.

Do not think for a single moment you are going to stop being human.  Yes, you are going to have personal opinions move thru you (AKA judgement), and times when things just piss you off.  This does not mean you took a giant leap backwards at all… it means your human.  Feel it, acknowledge it and release it, instantly.

Everyone also has the opportunity of quantum leaping, that is to free themselves of the past and move directly into the current timeline of “the field.”      The energy fully supports that now.  Even this is not complicated… get out of pain and reside in joy.  Everything is always your choice.  2000 steps to get to Here, or just Be Here!

Loving Compassion is the only energy that lives Here.  Be That!

Or not.

I do want to make a point of saying if you are not Here, living and thriving in the Field, you have yet to experience your full harvest because you are on a timeline that is still housing the denser energies.

We also want to be perfectly clear as well, the harvest has little to do with money, that is, bankable money.  Your needs will be perfectly met according to the lessons and understandings you need as you move forward.  Perfectly!

Aligning all of yourSelf with who you Are instead of what you have… that is a master in the Field of life!

The 2nd reading of the day was similar yet different.  I would bet there are a good many people who can relate to this way of living for now.  I could clearly see her white vortex/energy silo in the center of her field (life) but the craziest thing was around it.  She was on a merry-go-round, set up on a horse that moved up and down, which I eventually understood as higher consciousness (up) and then lower consciousness (down).  There were shadows cast inward, across her merry-go-round.  I eventually understood this was elements of her Life (both inner and outer) that she did not see, did not fully illuminate to see the wonder of what is already there.

So what she was really doing was moving in a circular motion on the outer edges of her FULL life and now she must reach across the shadows to access the vortex.  Again, lets take the word “work” out of this new energy we are in.  By reaching within that vortex and pulling out parts of her harvested energy, that will automatically Light up the shadows currently cast within her lifes field.  Shadows are not bad things… simply things within us, within our life, we have not fully seen yet, and if we don’t see it, we aren’t using that aspect for our greater good.

My first lady of the day asked me a question that should have been so easy to answer and yet, became such a challenge to detail!  The moment she said “my job” I instantly seen her job being completely sucked out of her life from the fields of her past.  Like there was a super vacuum cleaner behind her and it just sucked it away!  She has been at this job for 22 years.

She had asked about what was going to happen with her job as her company is restructuring itself.  Not one little iota of details were offered up thru June or most of July that I could look at and say “this will happen or that will happen.”  Instead I could only see her feet and toes standing at the very end of July, she in a whole new life, a whole new energy field and a whole new “work” environment.

When I went back to scope out June and July to see details, all I could see is big fluffy balls of coagulated energy of blue and violet.  After tremendous frustration on my end, the field finally stated that there are way too many factors still being played out… choices people are making or not making, back up plans to back up plans working themselves out.  The how really doesn’t matter, the end result, however, is assured.

We humans love the how… I know this human (me) really really loves to know… HOW!!

My last lady of the day leaves me in a puzzle!!  Even today!!

She showed up in a cut-out near the top of the Mesa Cliff.  I suppose like a cave that only fit her inside of it.  Her image was only about 3 inches big and what I notice today that I didn’t really notice yesterday was her dress.  She had a summer dress on that had blurry pastel images of flowers.  Maybe that is why I didn’t notice it to read it yesterday because it was… blurry in my field of vision.

I do feel I get it more now than before!

I looked down onto the field to see what that looked like for her.  I was expecting to see this vortex silo thing like in the first two readings.  Not even!  Instead, she had a really large spinning plate that seemed to be balanced on a very short straw!  The flat spinning energy took of the center of her field, was radiant white… but man oh man I still don’t get the whole flat plate understanding at all.  There was nothing I could see on the plate either.  It was thready like the first two vortexes…

When I gave up trying to understand what this meant to her suddenly a bear showed up right next to her spinning plate in a stance I have seen several husbands in now… arms crossed across his chest as he looked at the spinning plate.

The one thing I did understand about this image was… imagine the field shows up like a clock.  Due west is the 12 o’clock position.  This bear was at the 2 o’clock position and my lady was at the 10 o’clock position.  Ohhhhhhhh…. I get this now!  Geez.

The vortex itself needs us to be in center alignment with all elements of our lives.  That is, not one foot in the past and one in the future… purely present is what gives true and free access to our silo.

Her bear was in her near future looking at her spinning plate, she was in hibernation in a cave reflecting her past.  Her job right now, to bring everything together in the present moment.  It is her blessing she is a meditator.

There was nothing I could do to move her around in any of this imagery.  Her team kept telling her she has inner work to do to bring everything into the fullness of the present moment.

Having one foot in the past and one foot in the present, flattens out your silo!!

I will close there for today.  Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of present time and unlimited space!!

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