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UFO Over Blue Springs Missouri USA, Multi Coloured Objects – 26 May 2012

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Visionkeeper – Stepping Stones – 26 May 2012

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I think a great many people see life through the eyes of a victim, they view life as if  ‘it’ determines what they will do and be and not the other way around. They are at the mercy of their circumstances, they play no part in how their lives turn out. What a sad way to live ones life. This of course is not the reality of our existence. We all determine what it is we want our lives to be like. If our lives are a continual nightmare it is we who are bringing this scenario to ourselves. We always have the choice of changing our lives at any given moment. In my opinion it is best to live life as if it is a group of stepping stones, what you do today is laying down your stepping stone for tomorrow. If you never change your stepping stone, you will be laying down a repeat of the day you had before. If it was a wonderful day and life was glorious then keep doing what you are doing, if life is grim and full of continual disappointments, then begin today to lay down a new stone and change the direction your life is going in. Continue reading

Ann Albers – Message From Ann And The Angels – 26 May 2012

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Take a breath dear ones for everything is in right order. There is a grand dance being orchestrated in the universe by nothing less than the loving Divine Presence that animates all of creation. If you can imagine, the universe is like a giant body, with every element, every being, every little piece of creation designed to act and respond in cooperation with one another. The energy and love that flows between you and all creation is like a giant nervous system. If you cut your finger, the entire body responds immediately and begins immediately to heal the cut. In a healthy body, as cancer cells do not find a hospitable environment in which to grow. Continue reading

Lilou Mace – The Juicy Living Tour – With Peter Vereecke – New World Order – 26 May 2012

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Former mayor in Belgium, Peter Vereecke awakened 10 years ago to a new reality and have ever since actively participated in letting people know what he has found out regarding NWO, Vaccins, Chemtrails, Food and more.

For more videos and to support the tour visithttp://www.JuicyLivingTour.com

Thanks to André for pointing out this video I forgot the post.

Max Igan – The Language Matrix – (Complete 4 Parts) – 26 May 2012

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Suzanne Lie – Mytria/Mytre : Mytria Continues – The Cave – 26 May 2012


I am embarrassed to say that I vividly remembered the feeling of the merging with the male etheric form to the tiniest detail, but I could not remember my personal message from The Arcturian. Was I that desperate for love that I would disrespect the message that was given me directly from an Arcturian? Fortunately, I did not ponder that question when I first awoke. I was too weak. My etheric form had stayed out of my body for too long, and my body was going into shock. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – “ECB Will Be Insolvent And Costs May Exceed 1 Trillion Euros” Says IIF Director; If The ECB Prints, Would Germany Exit The Euro? – 26 May 2012

According to IIF director Charles Dallara in a Bloomberg interview, “ECB will be insolvent if Greece were to exit the euro. Europe would have to first and foremost recapitalize its central bank.”

Excuse me for asking but how would they attempt to do that? Print Euros?

Please consider Dallara Says Greek Euro Exit May Exceed 1 Trillion Euros

The cost of Greece exiting the euro would be unmanageable and probably exceed the 1 trillion euros ($1.25 trillion) previously estimated by the Institute of International Finance, the group’s managing director said. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – God Is Speaking To You – 26 May 2012

God said:

The thing with Heavenletters is that there are millions of them. They are endless. At any moment everyone in the world could pick up one for themselves. No matter the language, Heavenletters (by whatever name they are called) are lined up waiting to be heard.

We can put it another way. I am vibrating at every moment, and the hum of My vibration is accessible to you. Of course, it is. Why would that be surprising? I want you to hear Me. That you come to know that We are One in your experience is My deep longing. It has ever been so. Continue reading

Ascending Starseed – Has The FBI Launched A War Of Entrapment Against The Occupy Movement? – 26 May 2012

Note: When you read the story below and analyze it from a broader perspective the ruling elite is fighting back in a way that’s becoming virtually impossible to win from a third dimensional perspective because they have us locked in virtually unable to move.  It’s time to fight from Light perspective, which I’ve written more about in here the editorial about this very important story. Continue reading

Bill Wood & Eva Moore – Information About Bill – 26 May 2012

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