Sheppard Ambellas – IntelHub – Comedy Central Subliminal Messages And Mind Control On The Populace – 26 May 2012

Unfortunately the illuminati have been practicing mind control techniques on the populace dating back hundreds of years.

However, in modern times the mind control techniques have become extremely advanced and are used mythically on the general public. Mind control and symbolism are used extensively throughout Hollywood and the music industry itself. People such as the likes of Freeman have gone into great detail on this issue.

Many artists in the industry reference the “Rain Man”, and that they themselves have sold their souls to the devil. Chart topper Rihanna even uses Rain Man subliminal images in her videos.

In fact, Kanye West himself admits that he sold his soul to the devil.

But what is even more astonishing is the fact that subliminal messages are being used on the populace.

Yes, that’s right even on Comedy Central in plain sight.

Here is a transcript of just one Comedy Central subliminal message;

According to the internet, the first recorded
use of MIND control was in 1950 during the
Korean War. Since then some people blame
organized religion for BRAINWASHING the
Vulnerable. Others claim governments are
responsible, using SUBLIMINAL language
to influence your subconscious brain. Well
we say cobblers. Ultimately if you want to
go down the pub, buy a new hat or eat a lovely
Chicken, this is all down to you. You are in
CONTROL and no-one else is. You are a free-
thinking individual. Or is that just what they want
You to think? After all just because you’re
PARANOID. Doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

Notice how keywords within the text are in bold.

Take note of the content. Are you kidding me, WOW! Why would an outfit like Comedy Central be running subliminal messages over the air?

If this doesn’t disturb you than nothing will.

You don’t believe me?

Here’s a clip;

A quick search for Comedy Central Subliminal will yield many different results.

McDonald’s and other large corporations have even incorporated subliminal images into commercials.

We also can see a form of predictive programing in these MTV commercials; link to original article



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