Steve Beckow – Bill Brockbrader Was A Navy Seal – 26 May 2012

One of the charges levelled against Bill Brockbrader is that he made up the story that he was a Navy SEAL. (1)

I’ve just had a personal reading with Archangel Michael, channeled by Linda Dillon, in which I asked him if Bill Brockbrader was a Navy SEAL. (2)

Archangel Michael replied:  “Yes. He was.”

I asked him if the national-security state had removed his records and he responded: “They have been altered, yes.” Here is that excerpt from the reading.

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Audio file 26 May 2012 Brockbrader

Of course there will be many who will say that I’m not speaking to Archangel Michael and that Linda Dillon is hoodwinking me. I don’t believe either contention. As far as I’m concerned, I am speaking to him, as many others have through this channel and through other channels and as I and Geoffrey West do regularly on An Hour with an Angel. But, as always, you must decide for yourself.

To be able to speak to an archangel is just one of the many seeming miracles that we’ll see during this time. Many would regard it as equally a miracle to be speaking to a higher-dimensional galactic being, but such communication is now routine.

One of the values of credible channeled messages is that they can tell us what we often cannot know by any other means. And here we have AAM telling us what is so about Bill Brockbrader.

I will be asking Archangel Michael about Bill Brockbrader’s case in greater detail on our May 28, 2012 Hour with an Angel. I don’t say that to boost listenership. Neither I, nor Graham Dewyea, nor Linda Dillon receive any benefit from the show. (3) None of us cares whether the listenership is up or down. We do it as voluntary service to the Divine Plan only and for however long it is regarded as a useful service.

Bill discussed his military career with Kerry Cassidy in January 2012. He outlines his tasks for the Navy SEALs in Iraq.

Bill Woods: Okay. Basically, my military career was such that I was in the United States Navy from June of 1991 until June of 2001. In that time I served in a Special Unit called SEAL Team 9.

We were trained primarily to use us as an asset to control and handle Tomahawk missiles, Cruise missiles that were used inside the Persian Gulf region in the Middle East throughout the timeframe of 1992 to 2000, to my knowledge.

And those missiles were used in a capacity similar to what people would understand how drones are used today both as intelligence-gathering, but obviously the end game with Tomahawk missiles was to blow something up at the end of the flight.

So that’s what we would do… over a secure link. We would get the equipment ready, wait for the Tomahawk missile to come inbound, sync up with the missile and then control it through its terminal phase of flight.

And then after detonation we would do bomb damage assessment and then get out of the area quiet as ghosts. Tomahawk Cruise missiles are usually sea-launched…  (4)

In relationship to his Navy SEAL affiliation, Bill has also been alleged to say that he works for a SEAL team that does not exist.  Bill addressed that matter in his interview with Kerry Cassidy:

Bill Woods:  Basically the designation that we had was SEAL Team 9. Now, if you do all of your research, you find out SEAL Team 9 ‘doesn’t exist.’ That’s okay. Until recently, SEAL Team 6 also had the same level of security and also ‘didn’t exist’ until shortly after we killed bin Laden and then a couple months after that, a helicopter was blown up, and then SEAL Team 6 really didn’t exist.  (5)

We encourage lightworkers to remember that discrediting a whistleblower is standard practice for the dark forces, just as ridiculing a witness to a UFO close encounter has been for many decades as well.

After 9/11, the national-security apparatus mushroomed. It’s an easy task for it to manipulate records, falsely charge whistleblowers, assassinate them, etc. And many instances of all of these can be cited. In my view, it’s up to us to give Bill the support he needs to do his job in the face of risk to his freedom and his life.


(1) See for instance “Don Shipley | ex Navy Seal about Bill Wood’s claim of being a Navy Seal,”  January 29, 2012

(2) Because I know I’d be up against the national-security apparatus in tendering this evidence, let me state some of the particulars of this recording. It was made on Skype, using Call Recorder. My wife D’Arcy and I were speaking to Linda Dillon, the channel, on May 26, 2012, at around 7:30 a.m. PDT.  The excerpts from the reading given here were made using Audactity and consist of AAM’s intro to the reading spliced together with his later answer to my question on Bill Brockbrader.

(3) Linda does receive the equivalent of four readings, for doing eight shows a month for Graham. This money is paid by an anonymous donor.

(4) “The ORIGINAL Interview by Kerry Cassidy + transcript,” Jan. 17, 2012, at

(5) Loc. cit.  Bill later added that he believed bin Laden was dead long before 2011. link to original article

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