Steve Beckow / Graham Dewyea – Dr. Bob Siblerud Reviews Our History With Galactics – Transcript Interview – 26 May 2012

Graham Dewyea interviewed Dr. Bob Siblerud a while back on Our Galactic Family. Here’s that interview, thanks to Ellen.

What strikes me about it is that it covers all aspects that I can think of of our knowledge of galactics – the Agarthans, Annunaki, little Greys, Arcturians, Sirians, Lyrans, Starseeds, abductions, technology, on and on. Bob seems to have poked his head into every corner of what has been happening between us and space visitors currently and historically. Quite a read.

Here’s a bio of Bob:

“Dr. Bob Siblerud has devoted decades to researching and discovering best information available on what he considers to be man’s most important topics covered in several books he has authored on spirituality, health, ancient knowledge and various paranormal matters. At the top of this list of most critical subjects is the involvement of extraterrestrial races on this planet. Serious investigation and analysis of this matter indicates powerful changes involving extraterrestrial races are about to take place on this planet in the very near future. As most of the large world governments are beginning to openly acknowledge the public presence of UFOs and the masses of the mainstream are being exposed to the reality of the UFO phenomena those that have had experiences or knowledge of these matters now want, if not need, to know more.”

There were some sound problems so Ellen mentions that she was unable to bring certain passages through. Thanks to Ellen for persevering with a challenging audiotape.

Our Galactic Family, May 14, 2012, Dr. Bob Siblerud

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to Our Galactic Family. I’m Graham Dewyea.

My guest today is Dr. Bob Siblerud. Dr. Siblerud has devoted decades to researching and discovering the best information available on what he considers to be man’s most important topics covered in several books he has authored on spirituality, health, ancient knowledge and various paranormal matters.

At the top of this list, the most critical subject is the involvement of extraterrestrial races on this planet. Serious investigation and analysis of this matter indicates powerful changes involving extraterrestrial races are about to take place on this planet in the very near future.

His most recent book, Our Galactic Visitors: The Extraterrestrial Influence, is considered to be one of the world’s best sources for comprehending the overall phenomena including answers to most basic questions and the relationship from a spiritual understanding. In his book, he covers the primary ET civilizations that have influenced the evolution of humanity and joins us today to share a bit of what he’s learned.

Welcome to the show.

Dr. Bob Siblerub: Thank you very much.

GD: You’ve done quite a bit of research in this area.

BS: Well, my passion has been trying to apply science to the paranormal, anything that’s outside the traditional box. And so, I guess my life has been pretty well dedicated to it. And there is good science to back all this up. So, that’s been my passion.

GD: Well, how did you get started with the research and interest in the extraterrestrial area?

BS: Well, I guess it goes back to the late 1980s. And one of my best friends was Dr. Maury Albertson. And Maury was a retired professor at Colorado State University at Fort Collins. And he was director of research there, an engineering professor, and he’s also considered really the co-founder of the Peace Corps — and had designed the Peace Corps, and essentially Kennedy adopted it. And so, anyway, Maury really gives credibility to this whole phenomenon. And Maury passed away about two years ago — I guess it was 2009, so it was about three years ago.

And, anyway, we were of like mind, and wanted to apply science to this whole area. And so we started a local society in Fort Collins, called Spree [?], and we’d have speakers come in… And then, we also got a good friend at the University of Wyoming at Laramie, which is about 70 miles away from Fort Collins, and Dr. Leo Sprinkle for a number of years had conducted the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference up there. And essentially, his conference dealt with the abductees.

A lot of these abductees were having some psychological problems in how to deal with being abducted. And Leo had [found?], indeed, why not put a conference [?] up there, and list this as kind of a support group up there?

So, anyway, I guess it must have been ’87 or so, Maury and I had gone up to Leo’s conference, and — we had been there before — but Leo would take two hours, usually it was on the second day, turn all the microphones off, and then people got up there and talked about their experience about being abducted. And Leo was a very positive person that — you know, he didn’t bring the fear factor in — and he found that a lot of these people that were abducted usually had a very significant spiritual awakening after their abduction.

And, so, anyway, people would get up and talk about their anecdotes about being abducted and what happened to them, and no one would judge them, and then they’d tell their story somebody else would get up.

Well, at this conference Maury and I thought, why don’t we start a larger group? And this became the International Association for New Science, where we would try to encompass all these paranormal events, and put on an annual conference, and just look at it scientifically.

And, so, I guess in the late 1980s we had our first conferences at the Colorado State University. And we’d have a couple, or probably eight or nine keynote speakers, then we would have what we called concurrent sessions, so anybody out in the field there that wanted to present a paper could come and present papers. And then we’d publish our proceedings.

So, anyway, we called it the International Forum on New Science, what it eventually became, and we ran those conferences until the early part of the 2000s.

Then, Maury came up with the idea, why don’t we put on a specialty conference about UFOs and extraterrestrials? And so, that’s — we decided to put a big conference on in Denver. And so, we asked all the movers and shakers in the UFO world if they’d like to come and present a paper. But we decided, why don’t we do this: let’s take these researchers, before the conference we’ll have a retreat up in the Rocky Mountains, and — ironically, it was at a Catholic retreat center where we had the retreat — and so we brought all these UFO researchers up there. And for two days we discussed research projects, discussed how we were going to try to get the word out, bring it credibility.

And in the meantime we had invited Dr. Brian O’Leary to be one of the co-founders of the International Association for New Science. And Brian was a former Apollo astronaut and a physics professor at both Cornell and Princeton. And so, Brian was involved in this. And so, then we came back down to Denver and put on the conference on UFOs and extraterrestrials.

So, it was a wonderful conference. And of course we were very naïve in those days, and of course we had the government people there, and, because Brian was a former Apollo astronaut, he was given some threats by we assume to be the government not to talk about anything like this.

And, very interestingly, after the last day of the conference Brian almost died of a heart attack, and we thought he may have gotten the CIA handshake. But anyway, he survived and became a great spokesperson.

So anyway, I was always more interested in who drives the UFOs rather than the UFOs themselves. Geez, there’s got to be an intelligence out here that drives these and they must be influencing us somehow! And so this has been kind of my love, within the UFO field, is to find out who the civilizations are that are behind the UFO activity.

So, I guess — this was in the late nineties, I started writing books about this whole new science, we called it the new science area. And so, my book Our Galactic Visitors is volume five of the Sacred Science Chronicles. And so, what I tried to do there — I’m not a hands-on researcher in this area; I thank goodness there are so many other people that have done the research. And I’m kind of a synthesizer, I’ll go out and try to bring in their research. And so in this book I have brought together as many researchers as I could and used their material to write the book. So, I’m a secondary researcher I called myself for this. So…

GD: I see. You’ve also written a book on Atlantis and Lemuria, is that right?

BS: Right. So that was my first book, was In the Beginning, and it was about the ancient civilizations and how they tied into this whole thing. So, again, it all kind of ties together.

GD: Now, one thing I’m really interested in learning more about from your perspective and your experience with the conferences, you mentioned that a fair amount, if not the majority, of people reported having a spiritual awakening after their abduction experience. If you were to capture that and distill it into what that looks like, what the theme of that experience was like, what would you say?

BS: Well, I would have to rely on Dr. Sprinkle’s findings at the University of Wyoming. But it seemed like people had no purpose in life before the abduction, and after abduction, I guess maybe they had lost fear, they had more of an inquiring mind about what the spiritual truths were. And so, anyway, most of ‘em found peace with their abduction, and so I guess it kind of set them on a spiritual journey.

And Leo is a hypnotherapist, and he would hypnotize these subjects and kind of go through what they went through on board the craft. And so, most of these people, then, could relive it through hypnosis, and again, many of them had a soul agreement, you know, before they came in, that they agreed that they would go through the abduction process. And essentially it’s to help the Zetas or the Grays, to help them, to supply DNA, sperm or eggs, to help their civilization, which is a dying race, and to help them along by supplying these samples. So essentially, that was part of their mission in life, was to be helpful through this means.

GD: And it’s perhaps the — well, not perhaps — but it’s the lack of, perhaps, going through that hypnotic exercise, where a lot of people [that] have gone through the abduction process have reported fear because they don’t have, perhaps, a fuller perspective, a fuller recall as to what really happened, and certainly are not familiar with that soul contract.

BS: Exactly. And this is where Leo, again, being a psychologist at the University of Wyoming, you know, he gave them assurances it was okay, and again, I’m sure a lot had to do with Leo’s counseling that made them not so fearful. But yes, there’s a lot of people out there that are just frightened with this whole experience, until they know exactly what happened. So, this is the important role that Dr. Sprinkle has played with researching this and reaffirming to these people that it’s okay.

GD: Now, you mentioned in your book, and have since discussed, how there are big changes happening here on Earth with our extraterrestrial star families. What do you point to to back that up? What do you refer to to indicate that, indeed, things are happening and building?

BS: Well, you know — and maybe this is poor science — but you have to rely sometimes on the messages people get from the extraterrestrials. But when you understand exactly the science behind how they can, you know, communicate with their mind, and then you start comparing to all these writers and researchers into extraterrestrials, the message is pretty well consistent. And their thoughts are, and it’s pretty well consistent through most of these civilizations that are communicating with people, that we’re coming up to a very critical point, the 2012 window, and that we have an opportunity to evolve from the third to the fifth dimension.

I know you’ve talked to Dr. Lie, and the Arcturians have played a really important role in this. And they said that, you know, we’ve got this window that will probably last until, well, 2030, according to Norma Milanovic, who is a professor at the University of New Mexico that communicated with the Arcturians and wrote We the Arcturians. But the Arcturians had told her that we’ve got this window, and if we miss this window, that we’re going to have to wait for another 26,000 years before we can make this jump in consciousness and evolvement into the fourth and fifth dimension.

So, Sheldan Nidle, who is in communication with the Sirians, again is also getting the same messages that, you know, we’ve got this opportunity. And, of course, the Sirians have been telling Sheldan for years that, you know, “We’re going to show ourselves, and we’re going to raise consciousness and have a mass landing.” And it hasn’t happened. So, when it happens, I guess people will become believers.

But the message has been that the consciousness is raising and that hopefully we’ll get the mass number of people, I should say the number where it takes to make that quantum leap to the fourth and fifth dimension.

GD: You mentioned messages from our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters. And I assume you’re referring to messages via hypnosis, direct telepathy, channeling, right?

BS: Right, yes. And, so there are ways that they are communicating with us. And again, if you do any studies in the area of extraterrestrials, they communicate with their minds. And so…

GD: And maybe you could speak, too, from a research perspective, from a science perspective. And I really appreciate, in one other interview I caught with you you referred to yourself as a liaison between new thought and science. And certainly when we think of channeling it’s hard for people to get their head around this whole notion of channeling. But maybe you can share from your perspective how you view channeling from a scientific perspective, if you can.

BS: I’d be glad to. That — my most recent book, We Are One: The Science of Oneness, was kind of inspired by Norma Milanovic’s book We, the Arcturians. And they said once we understand the principle of oneness we’re going to get up into the, you know, higher dimensions. And I was always kind of a skeptic about, you know, we are one, blah blah blah blah. And I thought, well, this would be a good area to research.

But essentially what I found out from researching the book is, you know, everything is an illusion, everything comes from our mind. And so every thought is energy, and it goes out into this universal mind. And so … that we have all these thoughts out there in what we call the universal mind, quantum field, whatever you want, but this is all energy out there.

And the extraterrestrials have learned, you know, how to tap into this. And so any thought that you think, any deed you do is recorded into this universal mind. And so essentially people on this planet have the ability to tap into this universal mind, and they’re able to, you know … one of the methods that they can connect to channeling, prophecy or whatever you want.

So, but essentially, that’s kind of how I view it, is that every thought, every action is recorded into this quantum field, the universal mind.

GD: Well, thanks for speaking to that. And I think you were about to say more about this important period in our Earth’s history and in humanity’s history. And you were talking about raising from a third to a fifth dimensional state. I didn’t mean to break your train of though there. Where were you going with that?

BS: Well, I just was saying that as we evolve, and most of these extraterrestrial races, a lot of them, I know the Arcturians were third dimensional beings, they’ve evolved to the fourth, you know, to the fifth dimension. There are some extraterrestrials that still are third dimension but they’re acting in the fourth and fifth dimensions, like the Sirians.

And so, and I read someplace I really liked that, you know, once we learn the principles of love and forgiveness, we’ll get into the fourth dimension. And once we’re into the fifth dimension, whatever we manifest in our mind will happen. So, again, you’ve got to come from love in order to participate in the fifth dimension. And this is where it’s so important that the level of consciousness is raised so that when we get to the fifth dimension, you know, we’re nothing but love rather than separation.

GD: How do you think we’re doing, in terms of raising that consciousness?

BS: It’s amazing! I got on the path in the seventies. And Ken Carey had written a book [Steve: Starseed Transmissions]— I can’t remember the name of the book, he talked about three waves of consciousness, you know. And I think the first wave was that people were kind of finding this out by themselves, you know, that [?] and started sharing these things.

And the next wave came when we started putting on conferences and things like this to make it acceptable. Like I say, our mission was to try to apply science to this to make it safe for people to look at this — the paranormal, the spiritual world, etc.

And I think this last wave, the third wave, is now you can turn on television and these cable television stations have got, you know, all kinds of programs that are very factual — the History Channel with Ancient Aliens, etc. And so it’s raised to that level of consciousness now where people can just turn on their televisions. And, well, it took a number of pioneers in the early days to get it to this level. So, I think Ken Carey was probably right when he said there were going to be three levels of consciousness to … and [ ? ] when we get enough people believing in this we’ll get up to the fourth and fifth dimension.

GD: Do you think we’re close?

BS: You know, I think some people are. And we’ve got a small window right now, so I — some of the ET civilizations are saying 8 percent of the population. I don’t think we’re nearly there yet, so…. I guess I’m cautiously hopeful, and whether, you know, a small percentage will then make the jump, I don’t know. But I think this is kind of considered the Christian rapture, where, bang, we — it’s the same thing as the Christian rapture where they look at it in different terms, but it’s kind of the same principle.

GD: Yeah. And we often hear this in terms of — it’s often referred to as Ascension or the unfoldment or the Shift, the evolution…

BS: Right.

GD: … It’s exciting times. Now, what’s really neat about your research and your work is that you have researched a number, quite a wide variety and quite a number of different extraterrestrial races. And I wish we had more than an hour to get into them. But if you were to synthesize your work, and it’s not doing it justice, but what would you say that you’ve learned about our star brothers and sisters, our star family, after learning about these different races? What is it that you think is important for us to know?

BS: Well, I think the ones that are mainly interacting with us, you know, we share the same DNA. And the information that Lyssa Royal got, Anna Hayes got — both of them came up with the same thing, that essentially we were seeded by the star system Lyra, and where, again, they came from the higher dimension [routed? rather than?] themselves in the third dimension, and again into the human form. And then went to Vega, and again polarity started developing; again, the Sirians, again, evolved. And the Sirians — and actually the Grays were very human-like too. But they were in the planet system Apex, and then they really got themselves into trouble when they started genetically engineering themselves. So they are sharing kind of the same DNA.

Then we’ve got the Pleiadians who seem to be more positive orientated. We’ve got the Orions that are part of our DNA makeup as far as, you know, the Reptilians, as well. And but the Arcturians are part of our galactic family and that they have been through our experience, and they are the ones that are really helping us on the spiritual level, to get us up there.

So, essentially, we are a galactic family. And that we do share the same DNA, and a lot of them, millions of years ago, had inhabited this planet — Arcturians for one. And, but so most of them are here to help us, but again, as you know, there are a couple of negative ET races that are trying to hinder our progress.

GD: And they’re being more and more overcome or neutralized as the light quotient increases and builds. That’s what I’m learning. Is that what you’ve researched and found as well?

BS: We’re getting help from the positive extraterrestrials. And yes, I agree with you that…but like if you read anything with David Icke and the Reptilians, that you I’m sure know quite a bit about, but, you know, they were responsible essentially for 9/11, but they’ve got the ability to influence the DNA of certain people. And so this is how they influence us.

And you read on the internet all the time about how the cabal is kind of falling apart, and they aren’t going to be much of an influence anymore, but still, that element is out there. And that, you know, they still are, as I understand it, being influenced by the negative extraterrestrials. Some know — most of them probably don’t know how they’re being influenced.

GD: Um-hmm. And I look forward to that being less and less as we go on this year.

BS: Correct. Um-hmm. Yeah.

GD: Going back to the conferences that you witnessed and experienced some time ago, and of course anything you feel like you’d like to share since then, and of course not speaking to any specific names, but are there any contacts that people have had that really stick out for you? Are there any stories that you like to share?

BS: Well, you know, I guess Steven Greer is probably the most well known researcher in this area of extraterrestrials. You know, Steve is the emergency room physician that was behind the Disclosure Project. And…

GD: Um-hmm, he’s done a tremendous amount of work.

BS: He really has. And — very articulate. And we used to have him up at the UFO conferences in Laramie, called the Maguire Ranch, it had a lot of UFO activity. So after the conference, night time, we’d kind of caravan out there and then go look for UFOs. And when Steve was there, again, we’d get into a meditation, and he would be able to bring them in and we could — you know, they wouldn’t land, of course, but again something definitely was happening in the sky after our meditation.

And Steve had admitted that, you know, he had been taken on board a craft, and I’m not sure which civilization it was, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say, but as far as the specifics, I can’t really tell you what happened on the craft with Steve, but it sure had changed his life anyway. And, like I say, he’s definitely probably the greatest spokesman to give credibility to the extraterrestrial connection.

GD: Oh, sure.

BS: And then, Sheldan Nidle also, with the Sirians, I mean, he’s been on board craft, was taken aboard the craft and has a connection for many years now with the Sirians. Some of the anecdotes that I hear, you know, that they — some of these extraterrestrial civilizations can put a gadget on your head and they can communicate with you in so many different languages. You know. And another one, there’s a Dutch person that boarded a craft, and the [Alcans?] which are Reptilian Sirian, again, was — put something on his head and he was able — they were able to download all kinds of knowledge into him. Everything they said, he was able to remember.

So, anyway, they have these gadgets…. When you study about the civilizations, some of these advanced civilizations can just download knowledge into these youngsters, so they have all this knowledge. They don’t have to go through the process we’re going through for learning. All of a sudden they’re just downloaded [in reincarnation? in their incarnation?]. So…

GD: Yeah, what a different way to learn, huh?

BS: Oh, yes, yes.

GD: So, when you were meditating with Steven and the group out in Laramie, what did you experience? I mean, I assume the whole purpose of meditation was to increase your vibrational state, get you into a place of love, and then clearly put out your intentions to make contact. What did you see?

BS: Well, you know, I — how do I want to say it? — you know, I don’t have this great spiritual happenings like so many people do, but, anyway, Steven, you know, just talked about us visualizing the extraterrestrials coming in, you know, and it was going to be safe for them to arrive. And so it was kind of more of a visualization.

GD: Did you see any appear in the skies? Any ships?

BS: Oh, yes. Yes, we did. Yeah. Um-hmm.

GD: And what did that look like?

BS: Boy, it’s been a number of years, but essentially they were lights that would manifest. Some would come up over the mountain and then sink back below the mountain. Some — I think we saw one that was kind of on the horizon, this was kind of a mountainous … with plains on it. And it appeared below the mountain level. And so, they were just lights. And didn’t see any windows in the craft, et cetera, but it was mainly lights [we had seen?]. [Usually it was?] — well, it was in the evening when we did this.

GD: One of the things you speak to, or have spoken to, is how governments are starting to position themselves more and more to acknowledge the presence of our extraterrestrial connection, that they’ve been with us right along. Do you have any information around what — without getting into any predictions — what may be happening around our government’s participation with Disclosure?

BS: Well, I still think the, for lack of a better term, the dark force, you know, that controls the secret government, does not want this information out. I think there are kind of moles within the government that want this information out. So I think this has been going on for many, many years. I think that, like [Hannah?], the Defense Minister, had… Steven Halperin? I can’t remember his name, but anyway, he was Secretary of Defense for Canada, and he came out and acknowledged that extraterrestrials exist, and he’s been to some UFO conferences.

I think England is trying to get the information out. Some European countries are … Brazil and some of the countries in Central and South America are as well. So I’m not sure exactly where the status is of Disclosure by these countries, but I think they’d just as soon get the information out, but the US Government does not want it out.

GD: You were talking about Paul Hellyer? Former Canadian — Defense Minister of Canada?

BS: Yeah, yeah.

GD: Yeah. He’s certainly done a lot of work, and continues to, to this day, to advance awareness around this.

BS: Right. Yes.

GD: Now, what particular areas come up for you as you think about your book Our Galactic Visitors that are particularly interesting to you and may have surprised you in your research?

BS: Well, I think — again, my subtitle is The Extraterrestrial Influence. And it seems like almost at every level, when you look at it, that, you know, we’ve been influenced by them. And as I mentioned, we share the same DNA. And again, with the Anunnaki, Zacharia Sitchin’s research, you know, it’s all written in cuneiform tablets that were written in Sumer and ancient Mesopotamia. But essentially, again, talks about how they were — had genetically engineered a worker, because their planet, Nibiru, was in a 3600 year orbit around our planet. But essentially they needed gold, and they came here, the Anunnaki did, in the Mesopotamia area. And so essentially they genetically engineered a human between the Anunnaki father and a Homo erectus mother, and that’s how the human was engineered.

And so, essentially, that was 450,000 years ago or so. Or I should say that was when they first came here, and it was 144,000 after that when they created the human. But essentially they were responsible for many of our plants and animals here. Some sources say that all of our plants and animals were seeded from extraterrestrials, which was really kind of surprising to me. And as far as science is concerned, probably most of our progression in science has come from the extraterrestrials. And that, you know, in the war they were very active, involved with the Nazis, and then even the US. There’s the Montauk Project that — where the extraterrestrials were involved with, as well as the Philadelphia Experiment.

And …

GD: Can you speak to what that was?

BS: Well, the Montauk Project was — according to sources, they were involved with sending people to the future. And they were working with the Sirians. And so people would time travel and come back and report. And some — we had one of the speakers at our conference, Preston Nichols, talk about this. You know, he’d — they’d even pick up drunken derelicts, you know, so they wouldn’t be reported missing, and send them into the future, and if they didn’t come back, so be it. And, so this was at Montauk at the end of Long Island.

The Philadelphia Experiment was during World War Two, where they were trying to camouflage ships and make them disappear so enemies couldn’t see them. And so, the extraterrestrials would give us — the Sirians were involved with this, and again, they did get a ship going to Philadelphia, and they had a mishap when they came from invisible to visible. Many of the — a number of the sailors were stuck in the bulkhead. And Al Bielek, who just passed away recently, was part of that experiment, and he spoke at a number of our conferences.

Then there’s Colonel Corso, who was in Army Intelligence. And he wrote a book, The Day after Roswell. And Corso had talked about when he was at the Pentagon his commander, General Trudeau, wanted to get this information out that was recovered after Roswell.

And Trudeau was afraid of the secret government getting hold of this and not letting it out, so he decided to let it out to industries very slowly. And Corso was talking about we got fiber optics, we got Kevlar, we got lasers, and all this high tech technology came out as a result of the reverse engineering from the crash at Roswell.

GD: Roswell, right, right.

BS: Yeah, so we had all this technology that came there to help us evolve. And…

GD: The internet?

BS: The internet is probably an offspring of that too, for sure. So…

GD: Now, what were the extraterrestrials doing with the Nazis and the US Government during the war?

BS: I think probably the missile system was one of them, as I understand it, that they were… And then they got kind of disillusioned with the Nazis, and thought, geesh, you know, the Jewish race were more advanced than the Nazis were. So I think they changed their allegiance then during the middle of the war when they found out what the Nazis were doing.

GD: But the Sirians weren’t helping with weaponry, were they? I mean, they weren’t helping to engage in war tactics?

BS: In missile delivery, I would guess, some of it came from. And Werner von Braun had said that, you know, a lot of the missile technology has come from the extraterrestrials. And, you know, he was a German scientist out of the Nazi era. And so he …

GD: But were they actively present and involved in assisting with the war effort, or was the technology something that humans had discovered, uncovered, well in advance of the war?

BS: I’m not sure of the exact mechanics, but I know that they were influenced by the extraterrestrials during…

GD: Sure. Okay.

BS: … during that time. And so the exact specifics, I don’t know.

GD: Any other areas of note where we’ve been significantly influenced?

BS: In religion. That, you know, that some researchers have talked about being custodian religions, which means that the extraterrestrials have influenced our religions so they can have more control of us.

GD: So, like the Reptilians, for example, to facilitate and oppress, control society…

BS: Right, yeah. And…

GD: …using religion as a vehicle for that.

BS: Right. And a good example by some authors is about the Mormon religion, where the angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith. And it was the same apparition almost, you know, three times in a row, and it sounded like a hologram. And essentially that they say that the Mormon religion now has the greatest DNA file on record. And so the extraterrestrials know what the DNA is now, for people that they need to control. So that is a custodial religion.

And, you know, that the angel Gabriel was probably a hologram from an extraterrestrial, too, both in the Christian and the Islam religion. And so a lot of the stories in Hindu religion, you know, they talk bout the flying machines, et cetera, and the Hindus, you know, they were extraterrestrials. Greek mythology is probably — all the Greek gods were extraterrestrials.

GD: Um-hmm. Right. Right.

BS: And, so, so anyway, they…

GD: You mentioned the Anunnaki, when they first came to Earth and they created humans. Was it at that point that they altered the DNA strand and brain capacity so that they could have a race that they could control, that would be subservient? Or did that happen later?

BS: Well, it happened — well, they were — they worked the mines in Africa for gold, according to Sitchin, for 144,000 years. And that’s when they genetically engineered man. But they wanted to make it so that they could control them, you know, when they engineered them. And so there may have been some tweaks afterwards, but essentially, you know, as man evolved, they… they kind of rebelled in a way.

So, but, I had taken a trip with Zacharia Sitchin back in the nineties. We had gone to Egypt and had crossed the Sinai. And, for example, Sodom and Gomorrha were destroyed by nuclear weapons. And we had a Ph.D. geologist on our trip with us. And, anyway, they had a spaceport on the Sinai desert there, and that was exploded by, according to the cuneiform writings of Sumer, that was detonated and destroyed.

Anyway, we came across a hematite outcropping that the geologist thought could have been the after-effects of this explosion years and years — centuries ago. So anyway, that’s anecdotal. But a lot of researchers think that there had been nuclear weapons in, well, in the Indus valley of India. You know, they can find radiation of these two ancient cities there that were seeded by the Anunnaki, but, and had — were destroyed. And again they find high radiation levels there.

So there had been prior nuclear wars before current history. And right now one of the things that the positive extraterrestrials are doing, are going to make sure that we don’t get into a nuclear holocaust.

GD: Um-hmm, right.

BS: And both India and Pakistan, you know, they’ve got missiles, and again, the extraterrestrials are constantly interfering with them. And they acknowledge it publicly, that, you know, we can’t do anything with them if we wanted to, because the extraterrestrials aren’t going to let this happen.

GD: Yeah, right.

BS: Then I had — I was in the Air Force up in North Dakota in the sixties. And I’ve got a friend that was a second in command at Minot, and I spoke to him a couple of months ago. And he had talked about, at SAC, that they were — the hierarchy was told there at Minot, North Dakota, the missile sites there, that there will be some interaction with UFOs. So the government was telling the hierarchy of the missile commanders about the UFO activity there. So I guess, I feel that they aren’t going to let a nuclear holocaust happen.

GD: Let’s talk some more about ancient civilizations in your research. And again, you’ve written a whole book on Atlantis and Lemuria, and we could spend a week on this topic alone. I’d be really interested in hearing some of the pearls of, you know, what you uncovered in your research and how it’s related to what’s happening now. And obviously it’s an important part of our history.

BS: Well, I’ve got a chapter in my book called “Inner Earth.” And this is very fascinating. A lot of stuff is coming across the internet about Agartha, you know, about the civilization within the Earth. And essentially the survivors of Atlantis — again, who escaped their holocaust — had gone within Earth. And there’s a very advanced civilization that are living inside the Earth.

And, anyway, they’ve got flying saucers, they’ve got big ports so they can actually land motherships in there, but they’re a very, very evolved society. And there’s a whole network of tunnels within the Earth. And on the west coast there, at Mount Shasta, people have heard about, you know, people encountering individuals on the trail that, say, hey, we live inside the Earth. And this civilization there is called Telos. And they’re remnants of the Lemurian civilization.

Then there’s a great library located under the Aegean Sea which had a direct connection to Alexandria. So they’ve got all the records of all the civilizations, of our civilizations, you know, stored safely in this great library under the Aegean Sea.

So, anyway, I guess the remnants of Lemuria and Atlantis are still with us, and again, they are working with our space brothers, the positive ones, and again, hoping that we’ll evolve into the fourth and the fifth dimension. So that’s very encouraging.

GD: I wonder what it’s like for them as a higher dimensional civilization within the Earth, the Agarthans, to come up to Earth from inner Earth and experience this 3D realm? I hear that it’s really difficult to lower one’s vibration. That’s why oftentimes it’s hard for our star brothers and sisters, the angelic realm, to meet us, to appear physically. It’s just very difficult.

So, I wonder what that’s like. So, someone’s hiking along Mount Shasta, a being comes out, “I’m from inner Earth.” I wonder what that exchange is like. Do you have any perspective or information on that?

BS: Well, they have — you know, I think the Tibetans, I mean, they know about, as they call it, Shamballa, which is the city within the Earth, you know, and they’ve got connections with them. And I, you know, I’ve seen two sources. One I’ve seen that said they are third dimensional beings that are in there, and then I’ve seen one source that said they are at a higher vibration, like you. So I’m not quite sure if — what dimension. Maybe they’re three and a half dimensions or so. But most of them won’t come — won’t even take a chance coming up, you know, because, one, they are afraid of the negative extraterrestrials, and two, of the pollution that we have here.

GD: Yeah.

BS: And so they know what we’re doing to our planet. Then I had read someplace where there are a number of people years ago, that used to go into these tunnels, you know, but now they won’t let anybody in there now anymore. And I don’t know if it’s due to the high technology that we have, that they’re afraid that we’ll contaminate them. But this is in the Mount Shasta area that they won’t do this.

So, anyway, yeah. But I agree with you that they just don’t want to risk coming up here to the surface. But once we get into our higher consciousness, then they will interact with us, as I understand it.

GD: They have their own craft?

BS: Yes, yeah. And a lot of the UFOs, according to the research I’ve seen, that, you know, are probably Inner Earth craft. And, and so, but their openings are, you know, in the pole — the Inner Earth from the poles. And Admiral Byrd’s the one that flew into it, it was in 1947, and met with them, and he was told, warned us about our nuclear weapons. And he, of course, was sworn to secrecy after he reported back to the government, but he left a letter detailing this after his death. So, you know, he wouldn’t be prosecuted.

There have been Norwegians that have gone sailing and then got into the Inner Earth and then come out even on the South Pole. But they interacted with these large beings. And, so, yeah, that’s a hard concept to conceive, but, you know, when you hear enough stories, you think, well, maybe there is some truth to this, especially when Admiral Byrd verifies it.

GD: Yeah. That was a fascinating testimony of his experience. You mentioned that they’re larger? The Agarthans are much larger than us physically?

BS: Well, the civilization that the people that have encountered them going to the North Pole is that the are — I think they’re about 12 feet, they’re giants down there, 12 feet high. Yeah. Very…

GD: So Admiral Byrd spoke to that as well, in his testimony? I guess I’ve forgotten that. [?] [?] 12 feet?

BS: I want to say he probably did, but I can’t be a hundred percent sure. But I think he and his radioman had encountered these large people down there, yeah.

GD: In your research, do you have a sense, when you think about our galactic civilizations and races, what percentage of them are — look like humans, and what percentage are non-human?

BS: Well, I guess how you describe humans, with two arms, two legs, et cetera, that — and I think our galactic family like, you know, the Sirians, Pleiadians, probably Reptilians, the Grays, are kind of — we share the same DNA or are kind of humanoid. The [Atheans?], you know, the praying mantis are from another dimension, but work with the positive Grays. I don’t know if you’d call them humans or not, but they’ve got two arms, two legs, and so I’m not quite sure where you would draw the line as far as humans.

GD: Yeah, yeah.

BS: But I think from our gene pool that the ones that have been very involved with us have got humanoid characteristics.

GD: What else do you think is important to share during these significant times?

BS: We put on a major conference in 2009. We started the Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations, and…

GD: Right.

BS: … we — again, Maury was still alive at that time, and Maury agreed to be our president, so all of a sudden we had credibility. And we started this, I think it was 2008. And so we had a major conference in Denver in September 2009, and Morey passed away in 2011. Or 2000 — January of 2009, excuse me. And so our — our plan was to have an annual conference, and nothing but extraterrestrials.

And so we had three college professors speaking at our conference. We — it was a really good conference. And, you know, we didn’t — we funded ourselves, and you know, we made some money on it, but we had all kinds of volunteers. And this is the nice thing about — in northern Colorado we have a good volunteer pool. But we lost a couple of our key people. And so, anyway, we couldn’t keep the Institute going, and the conferences going. So maybe if any of your listeners would want to become a director of an Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations, we’d love to have you. Maybe you would like to [ ? ] with your Galactic Family, and [ ? ] annual conference, and have, you know, bring this out to the public.

And one of our key people was — had gone on David — Jeff [Beckman?] had gone on Dave Letterman, and he actually ran for mayor, trying to establish a [consul?] that would interact with the extraterrestrials, and, and so Jeff was very active in our conference as well.

So, we just want to make it safe for people. That, hey, the extraterrestrials are here to help us, most of them are, and don’t fear them. And somehow … let’s just make it safe so that people that know nothing about this, that, hey, this is for real.

GD: How many years have you been studying them now?

BS: I don’t know how — what year I wrote the book. That was probably — what year it came out. But anyway, as far as, you know, I was going up to the Leo Sprinkle’s conferences were in the 1980s, so I’ve been familiar with it for many years.

GD: Have you had any direct contact, conscious contact with extraterrestrials?

BS: You know, I have not. And so I’m one of these people that… maybe I’m too left brained, than, right brained to make this happen, but as far as I know, I have not.

GD: What keeps you a believer?

BS: Well, I guess, it’s a knowing, you know. And, you know, like, you know, this is for real. And you look at all the evidence, and it does confirm, you know, your knowing. And to convince a traditional collegiate professor this is for real, you know, you don’t have enough science there probably to convince him. But it’s kind of a knowing, and you know you’re on a spiritual mission here on this planet, and again, this is my mission, I guess, is to raise consciousness about this. So it’s probably more of a spiritual and knowing thing that keeps me going.

GD: Have you experienced, over time as you’ve been doing the conferences and then more with your direct research and work, that people are much more open than they used to be about their contacts and experiences and you’re seeing more of this in casual conversation more than you used to?

BS: I mean, I’ve… when I go traveling or so, you know, I kind of mention something to somebody, and it’s, “You know, I’ve been watching Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, and I really believe in that!” So, I think that’s — most of the people that television is reaching, that, yeah, they are now aware that something is going on. And so, so that is encouraging.

GD: How do you feel about 2012 and what’s happening? Are you feeling optimistic that…? I mean, you’ve spoken to different levels of consciousness, and while we still have a ways to go, are you seeing some good things happening this year?

BS: Yeah, I view this as very positive. So I’m not in a fear mode at all. So I think, especially if we have a chance to go to the fourth or fifth dimension in the coming year, so I view it very positively.

GD: Do you have a sense where you’re from?

BS: Well, it’s really interesting that I had a reading done, oh, many years ago, and I was told I had an Arcturian connection, and it resonated with me. And then, when I read Norma’s book, you know, We, the Arcturians, I, geez, you know, this fits right in. And, so, so probably, of all the civilizations, I probably feel more connected to the Arcturians. And I like their Oneness philosophy, and… So, I can’t prove it, but, anyway, I do have a soft spot for the Arcturians.

GD: I guess you and I both are Arcturians. [laugh]

BS: Oh, my goodness. [laugh] Yeah, and [Franklin Carter?] who helped out at a lot of these conferences, and, you know, actually ran the UFO conference for many years too, has an Arcturian connection.. So, but yeah, so it’s — and — Sue Lies’ information resonates too, so… yeah.

GD: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

BS: Well, I just want to congratulate you on your Galactic Family! I like your name. And like I say, if you want to be the Director of the Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations, we’d love to have you! [laughs]

GD: Well, terrific. And if anyone else wanted to connect with you and collaborate with you, how would they reach you?

BS: Well, I could give a phone number or email address.

GD: What’s your email address?

BS: It’s R S I B L E R U D at

GD: All right, terrific. I want to thank you very much for all the work that you’ve done, and your perspective, especially from a research-based scientific perspective. I think it’s very helpful. Clearly you’ve just done so much work in this area.

So you’ve been listening to Dr. Bob Siblerud today. And, thank you very much for coming on the show.

BS: You’re welcome, and it was a pleasure, Graham.

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