Visionkeeper – Stepping Stones – 26 May 2012

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I think a great many people see life through the eyes of a victim, they view life as if  ‘it’ determines what they will do and be and not the other way around. They are at the mercy of their circumstances, they play no part in how their lives turn out. What a sad way to live ones life. This of course is not the reality of our existence. We all determine what it is we want our lives to be like. If our lives are a continual nightmare it is we who are bringing this scenario to ourselves. We always have the choice of changing our lives at any given moment. In my opinion it is best to live life as if it is a group of stepping stones, what you do today is laying down your stepping stone for tomorrow. If you never change your stepping stone, you will be laying down a repeat of the day you had before. If it was a wonderful day and life was glorious then keep doing what you are doing, if life is grim and full of continual disappointments, then begin today to lay down a new stone and change the direction your life is going in.

I am not quite sure how society turned into such a big bunch of victims. I guess it was all part of the brainwashing we have undergone for so long now. A constant chipping away at our self worth, a continual message that we are not good enough and need help to make it through life, a never-ending broadcast that life will always be against us, therefore we need insurance on our lives, our homes, our cars, our minds. The message we always were given is that we have no control over life and all we can do is prepare for the worst. Yes bad things do happen but more times than not it is because we are not paying attention, we are not doing our part at prevention, we are tossing caution to the wind. Seems like a pretty reckless way to live ones life.

Awareness is still at the top of my list for things we should be proficient at. We need it for this ascension journey, and we need it everyday to stay informed and on top of our life situations, we need it most definitely to know who we are! If we don’t know who we are, how in the world will know how we want our lives to be? If we are aware that life isn’t quite what we want it to be, we can change it and make it better, switch out our stepping stone for a more positive one. If we are aware of what is being done to us by an out of control Government, we can take steps to rein them in, vote them out and change how our country is being run.

If we wish to be in charge of our lives, we must participate it in life everyday with awareness. It is beyond time we all woke up and realized we have been in a deep coma, totally unaware of life as we floated through it in a haze. We have been denied enough of our lives, time to reclaim it and relish our moments here on earth. Time is fleeting and while the density of the 3rd dimension is difficult in so many ways and life has been held hostage by the dark ones, we still have time to take it back and feel the joys of being human. The world is such a beautiful place, there are so many incredible aspects to be appreciated, let us not waste time any longer. Create positive and loving stepping stones today so your tomorrows can be the same. Love yourself, love your life, love the world.

Blessings to you all,

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