Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – What If You Could Leave Your Burdens To God – 27 May 2012

God said:

What if you could leave matters to Me? What if you could let go of all that you hold onto so tightly? What if you could? What if you would?

What a weight would fall off your back. How relieved you would be. How light you would feel when you leave your burdens to Me. Leave them at My door, or leave them at My feet. To Me, they are as if nothing. To you they are everything. Burdens are weights you carry. Don’t carry them. You don’t have to carry them.

I do not mean you pretend them away. I mean that you take that knapsack of burdens off your back. Take that knapsack off. Carrying it around doesn’t solve anything. Taking your burdens off your back will undo them. At the very least, you will feel lighter.

What makes you carry them around with you as if for safe-keeping? What good does that do? It only makes you heavy on your feet. It keeps your head down, and your shoulders weighted. Dropping off your troubles will improve your posture. Improve it now.

The word undaunted is a good word. When you carry your burdens around with you, you are daunted. Take off your burdens, and you will be undaunted. Why not be undaunted? Trouble does not have to nip at your heels.

If you don’t know how to solve what weighs on you, why carry it around with you? Put your troubles down.

Sometimes troubles do disappear on their own. Sometimes troubles do not disappear until they are over. Meanwhile, what are you doing weighing yourself down with troubles that are on their way out or even on their way in? Are your troubles the background music you play?

It seems that you believe you must have troubles, that you believe troubles are a part of life, a part of you.

What if you come to think that troubles do not have to pursue you? Troubles do not have to be at your heels. Give yourself a rest from troubles. If troubles are going to find you, they will find you without your help. You can leave troubles to their own devices. You don’t have to help them out. You don’t have to carry them around.

Abandon the burden of troubles. Leave them at the wayside. If you have a difficulty, that is enough. Attend to it when it is there, not before, and not after. Even after a trouble has been resolved, have you not continued to carry it as if you were beholden to it? What do you think you owe the past, beloveds, that you continue to shoulder it?

Be done with the idea of trouble. If there were no word for it, would it exist? If there were no word for trouble, would trouble exist? I ask this question seriously.

What if troubles were looked at as only potholes in the road. No one is overjoyed at potholes, yet no one is vanquished by them either. Oh, well, they are just potholes in the road. Potholes are not your favorites. nor are they your enemies. They are just there. They aren’t such a big deal. You manage the road with or without potholes.

What if troubles were called bumps in the road? Here a bump, there a bump. You’ve made it through every bump so far. You can only make it through the bumps in the road. The bumps do not pursue you. They are there, and then they are done. You get past them every time. Bumps in the road are what you say they are, no more, no less. Bumps in the road are, well, just bumps in the road. link to original article


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