John Kettler – ETs/EDs & Silver Legion Strike A Mighty Blow–Neutralize Multiple Threats & Seize A Reptoid Flagship! – 27 May 2012

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) & the Silver Legion, in a joint covert operation, on the night of May 19-20, just past the Kuiper Belt, 15 degrees above the ecliptic, in the direction of Alpha Centauri, successfully penetrated the defensive grid of a combined Draco strike force vessel, “channeled” avatar transmitter, and prison for an unknown number of souls (think Borg cube as to size and appearance), blowing up 100,000 elite Draco warriors of the negative ETs/EDs, while a 90 strong Reptoid Dreadnaught force was distracted by a cleverly planned attack demonstration. 70 Reptoid vessels were destroyed, 19 fled, and 1, the Reptoid flagship, was captured. In the confusion the assault generated, operatives were able to take down the defensive grid of the main target, beam in, kill critical personnel, plant bombs and exit. This is per Silver Legion’s ground contingent and sources within the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces. Forces involved were SpecOps (Special Operations) units from their respective groups. A powerful telescope located in the Northern Hemisphere could’ve seen the explosion.

ETs/EDs & Silver Legion Detail Reptoid Ship Design, Weaponry & Hygiene Problems

According to information received from Silver Legion and confirmed by participating ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces, the Reptoid Dreadnaughts are tear shaped with the fission powerplant at the point end of the tear shape and large missile  bulbs on either side of the round front end. These craft of the negative ETs/EDs typically carry 100 assault troops and have a crew of 35-50, the ships being highly automated. Weaponry consists of 300-500 interdimensional missiles designed to kill ships’ crews while leaving the ships themselves intact, as well as hull smashing energy cannon in fixed mounts. The Reptoid fire control system will support only 10 missiles in flight at once. Dreadnaught design is offensively oriented, with minimal attention to crew comforts.

Now as to hygiene, the Reptoid ships have such appalling hygiene that cleaning out a captured one is the first priority. They are apparently full of parasites so nasty they form part of the internal defenses of the Reptoid ships. They are inhaled mind parasites, bending the victim to Reptoid will. All Silver Legion and ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces are subject to mandatory decontamination following any and all operations within Reptoid living areas. Anyone exhibiting even slightly aberrant behavior following such contact is promptly knocked out and hauled off to the infirmary for thorough examination and prophylaxis, using special healers. This is to prevent Reptoid takeover of the bodies of those affected.

ETs/EDs & Silver Legion Reverse Engineer Dreadnaught & Radically Rework Ship’s Systems

After first starting to make the Reptoid ship habitable, work began on systematic replacement of the highly polluting fusion drive, which is still massively “hot.” radioactively speaking. Reptoids are much more radiation resistant than humans, so this wasn’t as big a deal to them, but the new powerplant uses crystal technology which the writer has heard of before but knows nothing of. The reworked vessel has required expanding living quarters, the Silver Legion not being as automated as the Reptoids,  augmenting life support and is being modified to carry a bunch of scout craft.  Plans are in hand for interdimensional operations, to potentially include operating in the Earth’s atmosphere.

ETs/EDs & Silver Legion Expect Marked Drop In Quantity & Volume Of False Channeled Info

While there have already been glitches detected in certain transmissions (one day interrupt for SaLuSa, for example, followed by no new information), the belief among the ETs/EDs and the Silver Legion is that many of the human channelers will continue to fake the information being conveyed or invite in other entities and pass them off as the original sources, which were themselves Machine Intelligences. link to original article ( Lucas: Remember! Discern All You See, Hear, Read. It Might Not Be Your Truth, A Distorted Truth, Our Half-Truth. )


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