John Smallman – Jesus – An Environment Filled With Blissful Encounters And Excitements Awaits Your Awakening – 27 May 2012

All is on schedule for your grand awakening, and ever larger numbers of you are beginning to get a sense of the great changes that will shortly be put into effect. The assistance that you are receiving from the spiritual realms continues to intensify to match your strengthening intent to awaken.  And to awaken has become totally inevitable, as has been divinely promised and guaranteed.

The energies that are presently flowing across the planet to help you on your journey are like the strong, steady winds that enable sailing-ships to cross the high seas, and they will continue to blow steadily until you reach your heavenly destination.  All has been prepared to ensure that the ship proceeds smoothly, swiftly, and directly to bring you Home.  And when you arrive at the harbor you will be greeted by a grand welcoming ceremony of waving flags, and there will be cheering crowds of those you have always known and loved.

To awaken is something you have longed to do, even though mostly you have been unable to identify that that is what it is you long for.  What occurred is that you have yearned for something in the physical world, and when you found it, received it, and enjoyed it, you discovered you were still unsatisfied and confused, because what you had desired satisfied you for only a moment.  It was of course but a substitute for what you really desired, which is to awaken, and there is no substitute for that.

You have continued to desire . . . and have searched for different things at different times to give true meaning to your lives, but lasting satisfaction has always escaped you, because within the illusion there is nothing that can truly satisfy a child of God.  You were created to inhabit and enjoy the divine and spiritual realms where your potential is limitless, whereas in the illusion you are severely limited, not only by the illusion itself but also by the form you have chosen as a vehicle to experience it in.

When you awaken, the limitations that your choice to inhabit bodies has imposed upon you will dissolve, and you will start once more to engage in further creatively developing your God-given potential for the joy and benefit of all of God’s divine progeny.  The possibilities on offer and that appear before you, and which you will feel encouraged to explore, will fill you with an intense sense of satisfaction unlike anything you have ever experienced within the illusion.  And you will know that these possibilities will continue to provide you with an unending kaleidoscope of enchanting opportunities.

Indeed, as you will see, opportunities for limitless enchantment are an essential part of God’s Reality, forever tempting you and encouraging your creative talents and capabilities.  They will lead you from ecstasy to ecstasy in an endless succession of cooperative endeavors with your loved ones, which will produce spectacles of enthralling beauty far beyond anything you have seen or imagined with your human eyes.

An environment filled with perfect and blissful encounters and excitements awaits your awakening with the freshness and brilliance of a beautiful spring day. Nothing that you could wish for will be missing — because God has foreseen your every desire and has provided for it abundantly.

Your loving brother, Jesus. link to original article

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