Larry – Twelve Insight – The Twelve Insight Journal – 27 May 2012

Question from a reader: How can you learn to recognize that you are making the right decisions… When you ask for a sign, is that silly? I honestly don’t know what to do and how to remove all the other “stuff” to see the truth.

Well, first of all, most of your decisions are not irrevocable; that is, your decisions do not carry the kind of impact that you think they might. There must be a great deal of pre-intention, thought, and vibrational alignment in place before a decision you make will become sticky enough to take hold.

We want you to step outside of the idea that your own decisions are all that important, because it ties right into the idea that you — meaning the separate, ego-based you — are somehow responsible for running the show. When everything is aligned by Spirit, you won’t be able to make the wrong decision. When everything has been allowed to become vibrationally aligned with what you are wanting the right decision will be just another joyful step.

It’s a whole different way of looking at your world, this business of allowing Spirit to run the show, and to simply be the one who allows the show to take place. So while it is very tempting to try to peer into the depths of each and every situation and divine what is going on in the background there, when you are allowing the Loving Universe to work it for you, you don’t have to!

That’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to know. You don’t have to understand it all. You don’t really have to lift a finger in effort, for effort implies that you are trying to work the levers yourself again.

So how do you know the right decision?  It’s always the one that feels best regardless of how the circumstances appear.

One of our friends recently accepted a job that seemed to be perfect for him, and he worked there for three days having a wonderful time, and then they said they couldn’t keep him and let him go. He had asked for signs beforehand, all of which pointed him in that direction. But the Universe always puts you into places that bring you closer to your desired state of being, even if on the surface they don’t appear to. Since then, other employers who had not taken him seriously before, began to consider what they would do if he was hired away by someone else. And for three days he had a marvelous time – a sort of on-the-job vacation from his usual work.

Let the Universe work the show. Let the Universe work the magic. Your rational ego mind really wants to help by seeing into the black box and figure out why this?; should I do that?; this move?; or that one?  But it’s kind of like asking one of those little handheld calculators to fathom out the world-wide web: the perspective and the calculating power are too limited.

So indeed, ask for signs. But mostly trust. Trust that the Universe is indeed working it all so that you can relax into the feeling place of already having everything that you have asked for. That’s your job: find the feeling of what it would be like to have what you have asked, and then cultivate that feeling in whatever way you can. Use your imagination. It’s the feeling that counts because that is your vibrational indicator. That is the signal you are sending to the Universe and that is the signal LOA is responding to.

Orchestrating the whole party, including your day-to-day actions: that’s the job of the Universe, and it adores to do so for you. Be pleased to know that your steps are laid out for you and the right decisions are always right in front of you. It’s that easy.

Your rational mind won’t get it and may protest that you should do something — anything, but the best things are always found when you quit looking for them. That’s when allowing begins.

The Universe adores you and is blessing all the steps of your journey,
~Twelve.   link to original article

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