Lee-Anne Peters – Waiting… Waiting… What Comes Next? – 27 May 2012

Many of us are feeling flat, lost, sad and uninterested in things. These feelings remind me of the transition between 2010 – 11 where the energy was held and it was like a great pause, where there was little motivation, little action and little progress – the energy is quite similar at the moment. We may have work to do or things to do however, in general we are feeling unenthusiastic about it!
These times of ‘pause’ happen – this isn’t the first time, and it certainly wont be the last time, so what can you do during this time?
* Your body may be calling for nourishment and nurturing. If you feel disconnected from your physical body or your physical world right now, you may like to set aside some focused time and ask your body what it needs to feel whole again.
* FLOW – I know I talk about this a lot however this is something that will potentially help you greatly. The more angry, rejecting, resisting etc you hold, the more conflict you will be at within yourself and towards others / scenarios. If you can let go of that aggression and control, and slip into the flow it will make this whole PAUSE period so much smoother for you.
* Gently does it – take your time, go gently, keep yourself warm, drink lots of fresh water and approach your moments gently right now. Your body will guide you with this, so please listen to it.

* Old stuff again? Oh yeah, you may also feel like you are turning back the clock and wala – same stuff that you thought you had already cleared and dealt with. Go gently and be REAL about these issues or blocks – then use the tools / resources you have and know to help heal yourself. Dust the ashes off and don’t allow stuff from the past, other people or situations get you down.

* Little bits at a time – if you have projects to finish, work to do, then do your best to go at your own pace and do little bits at a time. If you put the whole thing off you will likely end up feeling overwhelmed, so over-estimate how much time to allow, and then go at a nice slow and steady pace. This will help you feel like you are ‘doing’ something, even if you feel unmotivated.
* Be a support and allow yourself to be supported! It can be easy to go about our day craving support from others, however it can be more difficult to actually receive that support that we crave. When it doesn’t come it often leads to disappointment. The best person who can be a support to you – IS YOU! Be proud of what you have achieved and where you are in life.
* Communication differences – these may be loud right now, as many people seem to be on different ‘wave lengths’ even though we thought we knew these people so well. Do your best to avoid verbal or mental attack, but to either discuss your concerns with the person, use your journal to express your concerns or speak with a trusted friend about the issues.
This is a great time to catch up on some reading, to rest, to just patiently ride this wave! Yes, it can get a little frustrating to be like this when there is much to do, but the more you notice what there is to do that you don’t feel like doing, then you are missing point 2 about (FLOW).
It’s not even about impatience right now… it’s about TRUSTING the FLOW of DIVINE TIMING. The timing right now is paused, so be as welcoming of that as possible, and less resisting of that which is.



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