Lisa Gawlas – Lightening,Fires Of Passion Leads To The Strawberry Moon! – 27 May 2012

Every day this field of life we live in changes, morphs, becomes something more and something less.  For someone who reads this field daily, it can be very frustrating.  Imagine going to work and every time you show up, the rules changed and the layout is no longer the same as it was the day before.  Grrrrr!

There were three consistent themes to yesterdays readings.  Every single person was tiny.  If I can give you a scale for my vision, the energy silo’s are about 15 feet tall, every single person who showed up near their silo… about 3 inches tall.

How many of us feel so small in relationship to who we really are?  Even the amazing energy and harvest we have available seems much more than we can process or use.

In order to fully utilize what is available to us, we need to enlarge the view we have of ourselves. I remember over the years when my own business started to slow down or change, I would repeat a request to spirit to “enlarge my territory.”  I think of that now because I know so many of us are feeling that desire within us.  But we can only have as much “territory” as we feel sized up to.

My first reading of the day, I believe gives us some insight on how to do just that… enlarge our sense of self to meet the expanded territory coming up.

Even before her phone started ringing I could see bright silver lightening bolts coming down from the sky and everyone landing directly within her “silo.”  As I payed closer attention to this beautiful and intense lightening, I realized it was all coming into the left side of her silo… creating the energy needed to be used in her physical life.

It took me a little while to find her in the field, I was not looking for someone tiny!  But there she was, in direct alignment with her left side, south field of her energy silo… a full 3 inches tall.  Do you know how hard it is to read for something 3 inches tall!! lol.  I decided to help her along with her sense of self.  I opened her feet chakras and directed earth energy up into her.  It looked like I was blowing up a wonderful balloon.  She became 4 feet tall and so much easier to read and connect to!!  Phew!!

Once she arrived at the 4 foot stage something really surprised me.  Her energy silo disembarked from the center of her field and moved outward to her west field and then to her near future area.  God forbid this movement was in a straight line… it pretty much wiggled away, like if you took a wet noodle and dropped it on the floor and it layed there all wiggily like… This was such a statement that our path forward is far from straight forward.  We MUST follow the energy of our “silo.” And then her silo seemed to stop as abruptly as it started.  For the life of me I could not get a feeling of timeline with where it stopped… not until my last reading of the day.  It stopped directly at the strawberry moon lunar eclipse of June 4th.

This is really important to know because of the way the field showed itself thru every single reading yesterday.

We could go to the edge of what I am going to call the pure white light field that seemed to just stop.  Now I already knew the energy of June changes drastically… but there was no longer that familiar blue and violet energy to have me recognize June.  Instead… I am not even sure I can put what I had seen into words, but here goes:

Every reading stopped at the same point with the same view of our near future energy.  It was almost like looking thru a wide portal of the night sky, only not as deep a black… and certainly not cloud like in texture.  It was more like a very thick film of energy that radiated… maybe pin-points of starlight.  I have never seen or felt anything like it before.

Our present and immediate future was pure radiant light.  But even getting a timeline, almost impossible.  My mind knew June was only 5 days away, yet when I told each client the energy stopped i  a week, it felt like a lie… so I stretched it out to about 2 weeks… that felt better energetically, but confused me… time wise!!

What I understood clearly with my first reading is that it is soooooo important for her to really feel and follow the energy of her silo.  It knew exactly where it was going, even if it seemed erratic (which from a human point of view, it was erratic!!)  Zig-zagging all over the place! My 2nd reading of the day..phew!  Her entire left field was on fire.  Flames just whipping up in the air that originated all the way down to the ground level.  She too was 3 inches tall, but something was different with her.  I could barely keep up with all the details flying into my view for her.

Once I acknowledged (understood) that the fire in her life was her earths kundalini fire set aflame, suddenly the ground in front of her energy silo (she was on the left side as opposed to the front, or right side) started to rumble as if the earth was quaking.  I had seen cracks and fissures opening up thru this shaking that I could feel inside of my own body.

The energy stopped at the same place on the field as the lady before her… but with this ladies life quaking a big opening took place that could resemble a hole in the earth and this blue and violet energy was billowing out like lava.

Once again, details were very elusive to say the least.  She had told me that she was preparing to move from Hawaii to California in June… the moment she said that I could see her own energy field expand as if she has had it held back for a long time.  There is no doubt that all of life’s energy is conspiring to get her to California and it is such a great, expanding thing for her, hence the kundalini fire from the start of the reading.

Last, but so far from least, a man that challenges my psychic vision ever single time I connect with him. He too was on the left side of his energy silo a whopping 3 inches tall but his field, the energy presenting itself…. so different.  At first it reminded me of glitter streaming down from the sky, but not so much sparkly glitter.  It was soft blues and pinks of energy that seemed to radiate the energy of light, giving it a sparkly look to it.  I noticed that these sparkles were all held together in what I can only discribe as an energy gel.  There was a cohesive something or another that housed these sparkles… these new humans (think baby colors.)

Of course, this is also the man who will one day (sooner than later) break ground on a community consisting of ascended humans.

Where the first two readings energies were directly at the silo energy vortex place (not really outside of it, just at the outer most edge of this vortex) his energy was coming down half way out in his entire life field… all on the south side (physical life side.)

Even tho these three readings were unique unto themselves, their moment in time… I cannot help but feel an unfolding story for all of us thru the details. It is up to us to fully charge our energy silo for use.  Finding and using the electricity of the hearts desire to produce the fiery flames of passion in our life, which creates a cohesiveness, a bonded energy field like nothing we have ever seen or experienced before.

It is not a matter of knowing where you are going, because in truth, none of us really do… but trusting we are going somewhere and energizing “that each and every day, with joy and excitement within your whole life!

I woke up late today and must get ready for my days readings.  I will let you with all that to ponder and use!!

Enlarge your sense of Self and the world enlarges around you!! I love y’all so much and am so grateful for all that you share with me and everyone else thru our beautiful and puzzling field of Life!!

Electrifying (((((HUGZ))))) to everyone!!

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