Montague Keen – 27 May 2012

As the light of truth becomes ever brighter it reveals all that was hidden. There is much excitement as all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Many have had a hand in this, as it had to come from several places in your world, each contributing to the whole. There is nothing that anyone can do to prevent the planet from releasing the shackles of control. It is hard for some to believe that they are existing on a prison planet, as they are totally oblivious to the bars that imprison them. The decline of liberty and free speech, the infliction of laws that bind you – civil, as well as religious – were all designed to limit your freedom and prevent you ever finding out who you are.

Now you are seeing archeologists as well as historians re-looking at what they had accepted as fact, and to their astonishment, finding that it is complete fiction . . . So-called “history” was written and accepted as fact. Now you are seeing it for what it is: total lies. So many good human beings were killed, fighting wars defending it; when the bottom line was always making money and increasing control. It was all a game to those who control your world. The removal of these parasites from your world is of paramount importance to us. For them to survive, they need your support, your suffering and your fear. In the past, you obeyed their commands and sacrificed yourselves willingly on the battlefields of life. All this will end. Those who enforced “The Law” are beginning to wake up and see the light.

Do not be taken in by the Satanic rituals openly performed by those who were conned into believing that it was an honourable act, in which they should be proud to have been involved. They are experts at whipping up excitement as well as fear. It is all done to take your minds off the real truth. You end up seeing things as they tell you they are, and not as they actually are.

It is time to take responsibility for your own lives. Do not follow the herd like sheep as you are used to doing. The pattern of life is rapidly changing. You need to recognise this fact and prepare to accept full responsibility for your own lives. Discard your chains; recognise once more that you are part of a great universe. Do not dwell on the differences that separate you. Look forward to the great adventure that awaits you as you explore the universe.

I have said many times, “Ireland is the KEY that will reveal everything”. If those in government in Ireland took this FACT on board, then they would not be selling out to the ‘banksters’. The Irish are a brave race. They have survived all the brutality that was inflicted on them and the holocaust that was designed and overseen by the Vatican to cut the population, etc. They have been brainwashed and abused for 2000 years but they have survived all that was done to them. Ireland will lead the world as it opens up to its once great past. It will reveal its secrets. Ireland’s connection with Egypt and its role in shaping your world must be recognised.

For the Cabal to succeed, Ireland had to be kept down. Religion and enforced poverty kept the people in fear. It was their most productive tool. It works every time. Mr E Kenny needs to be brave, once more; he knows in his heart what he must do.

My dear, we are ensuring that all the necessary EVIDENCE is revealed to prove conclusively what was done 2000 years ago that led to the take-over of your planet and the enslavement of the people. Now, do you see why you were led to believe that Ireland was of no consequence and should be ignored. So much effort was put into ensuring that you never looked seriously at Ireland. Sadly, even the Irish themselves had accepted these lies.

There will be attempts to kill many people so as to distract you from your path. The Cabal feel that they have nothing to lose and so they will try to take as many of you as possible with them. The Cabal cannot survive. They are having problems accepting this fact. They are parasites, existing only because you inadvertently support them.

It is time to say NO. Banks were designed to enslave you and they have been very effective in this. Now, the tables have turned and they need YOU to survive ! Their game is over – they had a good innings but now they must bow out. See them as part of the dark past, no longer necessary in the New Era that is developing slowly but surely. It is all coming together beautifully.

A lot of effort is being put into demanding Disclosure from governments. Understand that this would mean revealing their involvement with ETs, from whom they got their technology. The ‘Greys’ trained their assassins and support the Cabal and their programmes to invent a “human” who will serve them without question. Do not look to governments for this information. It will not come from them. They will never admit their guilt as they have too much to lose.

Your fellow beings will be at your side as you open up to full consciousness and the freedom to explore your universe. When the manipulation stops and all their devious methods of control cease, you will see with new eyes what a wonderful planet the Earth is.

We have much to do, my dear. I am always at your side, guiding you; surrounding you with my love. You do not walk this path alone.

I am your adoring husband, Monty. link to original article

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