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Lisa Gawlas – Lightening,Fires Of Passion Leads To The Strawberry Moon! – 27 May 2012

Every day this field of life we live in changes, morphs, becomes something more and something less.  For someone who reads this field daily, it can be very frustrating.  Imagine going to work and every time you show up, the rules changed and the layout is no longer the same as it was the day before.  Grrrrr!

There were three consistent themes to yesterdays readings.  Every single person was tiny.  If I can give you a scale for my vision, the energy silo’s are about 15 feet tall, every single person who showed up near their silo… about 3 inches tall. Continue reading


Larry – Twelve Insight – The Twelve Insight Journal – 27 May 2012

Question from a reader: How can you learn to recognize that you are making the right decisions… When you ask for a sign, is that silly? I honestly don’t know what to do and how to remove all the other “stuff” to see the truth. Continue reading

Movement “I DON’T PAY” Is Spreading Across Europe – 27 May 2012

Uploaded by  op 11 February 2012 Continue reading

Manchester Police Given Reality Smackdown By Love Police – 26 May 2012

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Zoltán Glück And Manissa McCleave Maharawal – Waging Non-Violence – How Students Are Painting Montreal Read – 27 May 2012

(Link to  explain what the Red Square means link to article)

On Wednesday night in Montreal, we shared a long dinner with student organizers, discussing everything from police tactics in Montreal and New York to the necessity of an anti-racist and anti-colonial framework for our movements. Our hosts noticed that, around the time that the nightly 8:30 p.m. march was supposed to begin, we were getting nervous about missing it. They laughed and said, “Don’t worry, it will go on until 2 a.m.” Or at least they normally do. Continue reading

Bank Of America Returns Foreclosed Home To Dirma Rodriguez And Disabled Daughter – 27 May 2012

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There’s finally some good news for Dirma Rodriguez and her three children.

The family was evicted from the Los Angeles home they’d lived in for over 25 years after they fell behind on a loan. Rodriguez’s daughter, Ingrid Ortiz, is a 27-year-old with cerebral palsy, and Rodriguez took out the loan to remodel the house so it would better accommodate her and her wheelchair. Continue reading

Pakalertpress – China To Increase Weather Manipulation Program – 27 May 2012

A leading Chinese meteorologist says the country will employ more rainmaking technology and make better use of it in the next five years.

Some 560,000 manipulations of the weather have been conducted since 2002 using aircraft, rockets and projectiles carrying dry ice or silver iodide particles to stimulate rainfall, resulting with release of 489.7 billion tons of rain and saved about $10.4 billion in economic losses the China Meteorological Administration reported. Continue reading

John Kettler – ETs/EDs & Silver Legion Strike A Mighty Blow–Neutralize Multiple Threats & Seize A Reptoid Flagship! – 27 May 2012

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) & the Silver Legion, in a joint covert operation, on the night of May 19-20, just past the Kuiper Belt, 15 degrees above the ecliptic, in the direction of Alpha Centauri, successfully penetrated the defensive grid of a combined Draco strike force vessel, “channeled” avatar transmitter, and prison for an unknown number of souls (think Borg cube as to size and appearance), blowing up 100,000 elite Draco warriors of the negative ETs/EDs, while a 90 strong Reptoid Dreadnaught force was distracted by a cleverly planned attack demonstration. 70 Reptoid vessels were destroyed, 19 fled, and 1, the Reptoid flagship, was captured. In the confusion the assault generated, operatives were able to take down the defensive grid of the main target, beam in, kill critical personnel, plant bombs and exit. This is per Silver Legion’s ground contingent and sources within the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces. Forces involved were SpecOps (Special Operations) units from their respective groups. A powerful telescope located in the Northern Hemisphere could’ve seen the explosion. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – What If You Could Leave Your Burdens To God – 27 May 2012

God said:

What if you could leave matters to Me? What if you could let go of all that you hold onto so tightly? What if you could? What if you would?

What a weight would fall off your back. How relieved you would be. How light you would feel when you leave your burdens to Me. Leave them at My door, or leave them at My feet. To Me, they are as if nothing. To you they are everything. Burdens are weights you carry. Don’t carry them. You don’t have to carry them. Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – Waiting… Waiting… What Comes Next? – 27 May 2012

Many of us are feeling flat, lost, sad and uninterested in things. These feelings remind me of the transition between 2010 – 11 where the energy was held and it was like a great pause, where there was little motivation, little action and little progress – the energy is quite similar at the moment. We may have work to do or things to do however, in general we are feeling unenthusiastic about it!
These times of ‘pause’ happen – this isn’t the first time, and it certainly wont be the last time, so what can you do during this time? Continue reading