Daily Archives: May 27, 2012

John Smallman – Saul – Ignorance Is The Greatest Source Of Fear On The Planet Earth – 27 May 2012

The divine plan for awakening is being achieved – right now – as you all continue to release unloving attitudes and behaviors.  Enough of you are doing this to swing humanity forwards into the new age because you are also getting enormous help from many other loving entities who have had their own struggles, understand what you are going through, and wish only to help you to reach your divine destination as they did.  And so you will, as many of us in the spiritual realms keep reminding you, because it is unavoidable and inevitable. Continue reading


John Smallman – Jesus – An Environment Filled With Blissful Encounters And Excitements Awaits Your Awakening – 27 May 2012

All is on schedule for your grand awakening, and ever larger numbers of you are beginning to get a sense of the great changes that will shortly be put into effect. The assistance that you are receiving from the spiritual realms continues to intensify to match your strengthening intent to awaken.  And to awaken has become totally inevitable, as has been divinely promised and guaranteed.

The energies that are presently flowing across the planet to help you on your journey are like the strong, steady winds that enable sailing-ships to cross the high seas, and they will continue to blow steadily until you reach your heavenly destination.  All has been prepared to ensure that the ship proceeds smoothly, swiftly, and directly to bring you Home.  And when you arrive at the harbor you will be greeted by a grand welcoming ceremony of waving flags, and there will be cheering crowds of those you have always known and loved. Continue reading