Cliff Baard /Gillian Grannum – Evolution – 28 May 2012

We approach zero point of the omega. This precession of the equinoxes is the length of time required for our solar system to make one complete revolution around the Pleiades, our greater parent sun, which calculates to a period of + – 25,900 years.

Earth began to fall tens of millions of years ago. What is in progress is Earth’s restoration to one of twelve that are among the highest in All That Is!

The black hole anchoring our galaxy was observed in March 1994 to emit a frequency that manifested a new colour – aquamarine – which is now visible in our rainbow. This heralded the appearance of 12th density.

Many more dimensions, many more densities

Some speak of dimension. Remember dimension is location. Density is frequency. So it is more accurate to speak of frequency than dimension.

Mass consciousness has a very strong impact on the changes happening on Earth yet many do not understand what ascension truly means. Ascension really means biological ascension. It means the human species having the ability to carry within its form more of the energy of its Source. That is what biological ascension truly means!

It means anchoring the 3rd helix of DNA -10 aspects to do with cosmic awareness and consciousness. The 2 strands currently activated are a subset of the original 12 that functioned at the beginning of this long cycle.

An intervention takes place at this time which is designed to right a terrible wrong from the past and assist with the ascension process. This intervention will not be so much a correction as a reversal back to what we originally were and is linked to us moving from 3rd density to 5th and upwards.

We are being prepared to hold a greater quantity of soul – the soul aspect in full Self awareness. Love is required to contain and manifest a whole soul!

Planet Earth is going though great changes within and without. We are currently moving through 4th density. Fourth density is a time consciousness overlap. Many forces beyond the physical world are assisting and preparing us for a future that is bright indeed. Our universe is moving  into a higher frequency.

Our Solar Logos (a Christed being) is in direct contact with Creator Source and is intimately involved with the earth experience and the individual experience of souls. Opposed to humanity’s evolutionary spiral is a 3D world government that doesn’t want us to wake up as they would lose control. The moment we wake up to who we truly are their attempts to control no longer affect us. They are out of business!

Third density as we have come to know it implodes on its self. That is sometimes referred to as the end of times but it is not the end of times. It is simply the end of 3rd density experience. Humanity is moving into incandescent light but this will not be observed on earth for some time yet.

Humankind must become increasingly spiritual in order for life on Earth to progress – to become plasmic then ultimately inhabit a form we are not yet aware of. In the form of awakened man the Mind of Light will reprogram itself instantly.

The Process

Our universe is now experiencing death throes that consist of part-particle / part-wave.  High frequency energies elevate our nuclear structure into a new holistic wave continuum based upon a new galactic Light force. Axial lines are part of the fifth-dimensional circulatory system.  These combine colour and sound to draw from the Overself body the basic energy needed to renew functions within the human evolutionary body.

Just as the cell can split the entire spinal column network can be split by axiatonal lines into any number of parallel body networks because the spinal column couples all the seven major fields of the body (the chakras) in relation to the primitive brain stem and the cerebral cortex.

For this species-wide transformation to occur it is necessary to infiltrate mass consciousness with the following:

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Comfort to all those going through the ascension, and any beings that are suffering.
  • Happiness

The mind of Man is in the process of evolving beyond this spatial dimension – literally out of this three dimensional light codification into a higher sanctification of Light – through a process of personal transfiguration. Those embodying Creator Source will rise above 3D entrapment and shine with the brightness of the firmament. This is the Glory, the Love, the message for the people of God.

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