Fran Zepeda – Sananda – Your New-Found Freedom – 27 May 2012


Greetings, fellow travelers into the 5th Dimension and beyond! All is well. Your progress has been outstanding, and astounding to some, we know.

Behold the changes. Be with them, cherish them, allow yourselves to adjust to them, and revel in them! A new dawn is approaching and you have begun an unprecedented time, dear ones. 

Your loving Gaia thanks you for your assistance so far and she enfolds you in the Love you so freely are giving Her. Be prepared for even more changes as you settle into the present upliftment.

This is a time of many new concepts and meanings that are entering your consciousness now. Take some time to decipher and grasp the many changes to your understanding of the World as you once saw it and comprehended it. Expand your mind now to encompass fragile and subtle precepts that are now entering your consciousness with ever-increasing clarity and understanding.

You are remembering, you are assimilating, and you are forging new pathways to greater awareness, dear ones. Please take time to discern and assimilate and solidify these memories of your new existence.

Life for you is just getting interesting and so it requires your complete commitment and focus in these rapidly changing times. Please be sure to take care of your bodies in these critical times of transformation. Take the utmost care to hydrate and rest as much as possible. Try not to be distracted by the static of departing negative forces, the leaving of which you have been so successful at orchestrating.

Take some time now to reorganize your priorities. You have succeeded, yes, in clearing quite a lot of the negative forces on this planet. Now it is time to replenish, and to focus on your aspirations for the remainder of this year.

Think bigger, think broader, think more creatively in your intentions for a more peaceful and Love-filled planet. It is quite exciting to us in the Spiritual Realm to see how far you have come in breaking the barriers of limitation of your freedom. This brings new possibilities for a World that is filled with so much Light that it becomes impossible to harbor any negative thought-forms and limiting views of your true Essence and your true Reality, which is a complete and whole connection with each other and with All That Is.

You have indeed made a major step towards Oneness and Purity and Love-based action, dear ones. That major step assures you of victory now. Please keep steadfast and brave in this new path you have forged and do not waiver from your purpose and your Mission of Light.

We stand ready and remain at your side in complete support of your endeavors in lifting yourselves even higher with Gaia into the higher dimensions. Be assured you are succeeding with utmost Grace and perseverance as you ready yourselves to welcome the New Earth!

I AM Sananda, and I am forever at your service.

Thank you to Sananda.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda

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