Irish Vote On ESM 31 May 2012 – Yes Side On Track For Double-Digit Referendum Win ( And My Comment On It) – 28 May 2012

(Lucas:  “I do not know what to think about this message: The Irish of all would be voting yes to this monster of a treaty called ESM.  I  lost faith in the Irish if they vote yes on the referendum as they just believe then all the talk of the pro-ESM campaigners funded by the oh so trusted EU.  So they would vote for ignorance in saying yes. As the Dutch also voted for ignorance in saying yes to ratify the treaty.  People still are asleep. Still they remain inside the matrix doing the things the dark ones want them to do. We give them the power by voting for the ESM. The ESM  is not a treaty for just installing a permanent help fund. It is an institution that is set up that has more powers via fiscal and monetary policy making way then anything else. If  someone does not walk in line they will use their dictatorial powers given by the treaty without any accountability whatsoever and immunity for those working or in power of that institute. Their fiscal demands can be enforced by them via courts and via law enforcement.
Do vote yes if you go for ignorance and did not read the whole treaty and believed it was just a rescue fund. And vote NO if you are a sane Irish voter that says enough is enough to the EU and its consortium of banker terrorists. “)

Yes side on track for double-digit referendum win/ By Paul O’Brien, Political Editor / Monday, May 28, 2012 / Irish  Examiner:

Government nerves about the fiscal treaty have been eased by a series of weekend polls which show the yes side still on track to win Thursday’s referendum.

Three separate polls indicate the yes side has a double-digit lead with just three days of campaigning left before voters go to the polls.

While there are also significant numbers of people undecided, it would take a dramatic swing in the final days of the campaign for the treaty to be defeated.

A Behaviour & Attitudes poll for The Sunday Times found 45% of respondents saying they would vote yes, 30% no, and 25% undecided or not voting.

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8 responses to “Irish Vote On ESM 31 May 2012 – Yes Side On Track For Double-Digit Referendum Win ( And My Comment On It) – 28 May 2012

  1. Doesn’t matter, whatever they vote Yes or No. At the end there is always an Universal law of balance. Everything is getting into balance sooner or later. Every individual has to learn via his ego. But universal nature will enforce balance. No matter whether it is in our relation to this planet, the financial system or unbalanced power. Just be prepared and expect the unexpected.

    • All is still in a process. But the evil has to go before the shift to positive sight can be made. And the balance restored. Thinking all will balance out by itself is believing in the paradigm that all will be done for you, the subserviant thinking, others know better and will do the right thing. Wrong! You have to make the change all yourselves. If more people go make the change in a certain way the shift will take place. So do not think passiv is the way to our salvation. But you have to work on your ascension as well on this worlds structure and system that is wrong. Your change energitic and you changing this world makes a difference, Wim. So the motto is ACT yourself. Go work on your ascension within and go change the world active yourself in the way that suits you the best.

      • I fully agree. Just keep in mind, also the cabal has the right to experience and learn. Force doesn’t work. So focus on helping people who are ready to spiritually awake and become a mayority which creates balance.

      • And it’s not ‘the evil has to go before…’. The evil will leave as part of the balancing process. So keep on doing the right thing. Thx for the work you’re doing.
        Bless you.

  2. Hi I live in Ireland and have spoken to countless people from many walks of society, from the unemployed to the doctors and business people and have rarely found anyone who says that they will be voting YES and they all remark that they hardly know anyone themselves who are going to vote YES. And they seem very confused how the media is saying that a YES majority is on the cards and that all the polls say the same. A Ron Paul vote rigging looks likelier by the day with the Media convincing everyone that YES side won.

    • That is what I mentioned in the payed for campaign by the EU.
      A manipulation of the news is likely. Rigging the vote and outcome, we have to see. But keep your eyes open and report with cameras etc.

  3. Im Irish, I will do my part and vote No, The media here are all over the yes campaign, All the big parties are for the yes vote too. People here just want to get things back on track, The government tell us that if we vote no we may not get any more bail outs, People are afraid of this and will vote yes out of fear. I can only see a yes vote being passed, I hope im wrong

    • Yes John. Would you be better of with a yes vote and then getting a austerity package so big you will be falling deeper in poverty and slavery of the financial system as ever before and a dictatorship of the corporate fiscal rule by the ESM. It does not make sence. There has to come a new system that is build on no more debt-slavery. But a system backed with real value and clarity that will be fair to all and is about abundance for all. Peace and prosperity is real if we want it to be so. Say No and begin thinking how to change your country into a free land. Free of the corporate ruled Ireland (including your Irish Republic) and back to Ireland build on real freedom, peace and equality