Steve Beckow – How Rumors Get Started – 28 May 2012

Boy, what an exercise in how rumors get started, how they spread, how gullible lightworkers can sometimes be, etc.

The rumor has been going around that John Kettler called SaLuSa a “machined intelligence.”  I tried to track it down and the furthest I got is this article on May 27. I’d rather not cite the blog so that they don’t feel themselves personally attacked.

John Kettler: Salusa is a “Machined Intelligence”

This is an interesting and entertaining article. Apparently the Silver Legion is back again and is taking out the Draco empire.  If you recall the Silver Legion was introduced to the public via Tolec and is working with the Andromeda Council.  Kettler makes a claim I haven’t heard before, which is that SaLuSa and entities that are releasing information to the public via channelers are “machined intelligences”.  Sounds like Artificial Intelligence.  This is highly entertaining as well as more information to confuse the human public.

More tracking down on John Kettler’s site leads to this mention on May 26, 2012.

ETs/EDs & Silver Legion Expect Marked Drop In Quantity & Volume Of False Channeled Info

While there have already been glitches detected in certain transmissions (one day interrupt for SaLuSa, for example, followed by no new information), the belief among the ETs/EDs and the Silver Legion is that many of the human channelers will continue to fake the information being conveyed or invite in other entities and pass them off as the original sources, which were themselves Machine Intelligences.  (John Kettler, May 26, 2012, at

I’m not sure how one gets from John Kettler’s remark to the allegation that SaLuSa is a machined intelligence, but it does show how rumors get started and then just grow and grow from there.

I can only ask us to use care in reporting statements and events. And for the rest of us not to respond like lemmings and blindly follow the latest rumor. It’s amazing how stubborn some rumors are once they get started and how they expand past their initial statement.

Some day I have to take a look, to satisfy myself, at what it is about us that has us fly off like the swarms of birds that veer precipitately left and right, or the swirls of fish that swim together in a baitball.  What is it that has us take leave of our common sense and simply follow the pack when a rumor appears? Hopefully the rising energies will take care of that tendency. But I do worry that, as we free ourselves from the dead hand of the cabal and their captured press, we’ll act like nations new to democracy and not know how to use our restored freedoms.

Hopefully I’m just being needlessly concerned.

(Lucas: I have heard it said on tolec and Tanaath interview I posted this day.) link to orginal article


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