Lisa Gawlas -The Tears Of Our Mother – 29 May 2012

I woke up yesterday morning from a great nights sleep, well rested, energized and yet, I couldn’t even get a blog started no matter how long I stared at my computer screen.  It surely wasn’t for the lack of subject matter at all.  It felt more like there was this strange cloud around my head and it hovered.  It also seemed the longer I was awake, there sadder I became.  I gave up on writing a blog yesterday.

My first two reading’s were just bizarre-o as well.   They (the visuals) were identical to each other even tho my first reading was a lady in Australia and the other in England (I think it was England.)

The visuals and feelings that came thru yesterday will stay with me forever.  The field surely wasn’t “personal” yesterday, it was global.  Let me share with you what I had seen and felt, again both unfolded identically…

When I attempted to connect to the individual field of light, it was nothing but a blur of soft white energy.  Not a single readable detail was had.  I looked around the field to see if maybe my clients vibration was outside of the field itself and I got the surprise of my life, of all my years of reading.

The field itself was surrounded by this stream of cloud like energy, almost like a frame around the field.  The clouds were a soft but bright white energy and about 2 feet thick.  The closer I looked at this vivid formation I realized that in the entire right half of this framed cloud energy were women’s faces.  I could feel the feminine vibration so strongly and each face made up of clouds were crying gold tears.  Their tears streaming down to the ground.  I could feel a deep deep sadness in these tears, in the faces of the collective Divine Feminine… the mother energy, but also, a deep heartfelt desire too.

I already knew what day it was in the USA, Memorial day, a day to remember our war dead, our war wounded and to honor the men and women still out there killing and being killed for……???  Oh yeah, we dress it up and call it “freedom” or I don’t think we could live with our selves.

In these feminine faces, I could feel the love of the mother.  The blood of our children that seeps into the earth.  The tears fell like golden rain.

I was baffled, especially when my 2nd reading produced the same exact visual and feelings.  Not a single personal detail… that seemed to be purposely blurred out in each reading.

After my 2nd reading I took a bath.  I really felt like the universe interrupted our scheduled programming with a bigger message, but what was that message and more importantly…. why?

My meditation was a collage of memories, feelings as well as past and current understandings.  The theme tho… WAR.

I remembered the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq shortly after 9/11 happened.  So many bumper stickers, signs, yellow ribbons popped up everywhere saying I don’t support the war, I support our troops.  Exactly how does that work out?  Without any troops there wouldn’t be a war of any sort, so by supporting the troops you have to support the war.  But we love our river of DeNiel and justification.

Our children are shipped home in boxes… dead.  Many others, maimed and broken.  We declare them hero’s.  Why?   Really, at the end of the day, so we can sleep at night.  We need to make sense of the deepest pain in our lives.

My son tried to join the National Guard a year before 9/11 happened.  I told him I will shoot you in the foot if they try to take you.  He thought I was kidding… I was dead serious.  Thank god his history of chronic asthma made him  ineligible to join.  I never gave such thanks for an illness in all my life.

I was a troop, or maybe a sailor, actually I was a glorified grass cutter in Hawaii.  Most of us in the military were there because there was nowhere else to go in life.

The more I looked at the female faces in the clouds, the more I remembered the spiritual forum I grew up on.  People always talking of love… yet the moment we went to war so many of them took out their checkbooks and sent thousands of dollars to our dept of defense.  I was never more confused about an action as I was with these people I (once) held in high spiritual regard.

The moment we feel threatened we can so easily forget about love of each other and condone killing people who more than likely have children, parents, spouses who love them and are only toting a loaded gun because they are afraid too… and more than likely… poor.

As I watched the golden tears flow out of the cloudy eyes of the female… of the Divine Mother in all of us… I could feel the blood of war seep into the soil of earth.  The heartache and loss.

We, as a collective build monuments to our pain, have holidays to celebrate and remember our pain… our separation.

And yet… what of our joy?  How many flowery crosses are erected at the hospitals as we give birth to our children?

I watched closer this time, in my meditation, as those golden tears fell to earth.   There were two things I didn’t really get earlier… the first one was that the tears evaporated before they hit “the Field.”  Until that moment, I was confused by the tears colored gold.  Gold, in my readings, is the highest vibration of spirit there is… but also, thru the progression of this year’s readings, it is also the highest vibration of our magnetic field of life.

For as long as we build monuments to our sorrow, have BBQ’s and parades to remember our sorrow, we are creating, magnetically attracting,  more sorrow.

As I understood the reason for the golden tears (super magnetic attraction) the understanding of the field came flooding into me.  Not just yesterdays understanding, but what has been trying to come thru since our solar eclipse.

The pure white light of the Fields presence.  Every reading focused on now.  On this breadth of time before we hit the Venus Transit.  The energy silo’s and the love, power and mastery contained within that… within You.

“The Field,” the pure vibration of love in action… cannot and will not sustain anything less than pure love of All… in action, not just in understanding.

Take this next week and look deep into your Light Field, remove any monument you may have built to any aspect of pain and sorrow within.

Remove the deep inner justification we have with war, the troops, the shield we hide behind as we shout freedom (which is really delusion, I mean illusion)  in our justification.

This is probably the most somber post I have ever written and not an easy one at that.  But I also realize so fully that our mother desires to live fully and freely in the fields of Love.  Joyfully.  United in action, deed and heart.

We are at a massive choice point individually, which of course creates and feeds the collective.

If we don’t stop the repetition of war, of killing, maiming and mentally devastating our children, not matter what their age, the Heaven we so seek to create and move into will always be a golden teardrop away.  The new earth cannot sustain the old ways.

This has been a Divine Feminine Public Service Announcement! (smile, gotta lighten this up bit!)

To the Unified hearts, souls in Love… I salute you/us!!  You are my hero’s!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I would like to take this moment to honor Chris Hayes of MSNBC for daring to speak his truth on national TV.  Thank you for daring to be Real!  Here is what he said in relationship to fallen soldiers:

“I feel uncomfortable about the word hero because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war,” Hayes said.

He added that “there are individual circumstances in which there is genuine, tremendous heroism, you know, hail of gunfire, rescuing fellow soldiers,” but that “it seems to me that we marshal this word in a way that is problematic.”

Excerpt take from the NY Daily News. link to original article

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