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John Ward – Crash 2 : Why Has The Treasury Revoked Debt-Trading Sections Of A 1939 Act – Without Telling Parliament? – 29 May 2012

How a hidden order could be used to bankrupt the UK

Those of us who spend too much time watching government at its dirty work know the phrase ‘statutory instrument’, or SI, rather too well. Oddly enough, they are not tools for poking statues of eminent Conservatives. They are what has become more commonly known as legal instruments. New Labour of not entirely blessed memory passed 37,218 of them…usually as a means of getting something done about which they didn’t want a debate. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Final Boarding Call? – Ellie Miser – 29 May 2012

My favorite Pleiadian

Our favorite Pleiadian, Ellie Miser, thinks she and her son will be leaving soon. Ellie’s mission was to keep the Pleiadian fleet apprized of what it mean to be terrestrial humans.  That took her a lot to Larson’s Far Side, Maxine’s magical ruminations, the Darwin awards, and a lot of other treasuries of human commentary and foibles. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Ponzi Financing In Greece Continues; Greek Banks Receive €18bn Transfer – 29 May 2012

Greek banks have been shut off from regular ECB liquidity operations due to lack of sufficient collateral. Today the Banks have that collateral thanks to a disbursement of funds from the EFSF which in turn will be used as collateral for more loans from the ECB.

If this makes little sense to you it is because it should not make any sense to anyone. It is another act of desperation in a long line of desperate acts. Continue reading

Rick Winsor – On Memorial Day – A Memoriam – 29 May 2012

When I was young I was raised with the thoughts that Patriotism to America

was the Highest ethic one could hold and that sacrifice for your country was even Higher than the Beloved Words of Christ which constantly sang in my Heart. So strong was this call as a child that I did all the necessary things to get a nomination to West Point. The moment that was achieved the inner call of Christ roared about the lives of the innocent I would be called to kill. So started my dedicated path against War. Continue reading

Jose Luis De Jesus – Vatican’s Worst Enemy Can’t And Won’t Be Stopped: He’s Exposing The Corrupt Catholic Church Worldwide – 29 May 2012

Uploaded on 28 May 2012 by Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Mytre/Mytria – Unity – Mytre Continues Story – 29 May 2012

We slept together in the small alcove with her worn bedding. However, she had put something underneath it, and it was incredible warm and soft. She slept as sounding and sweetly as a baby. I, of course, slept very little at all. First, my mind would not stop. Everything that I had ever believed in, all the structure, lessons, discipline and obedience that I had grown up with had been revealed as the old paradigm for my past life. Continue reading

Northwatuppa – The Venus Transit Of The Sun – For Everyone – 29 May 2012

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This is a quick, no frills, special edition video about the Venus transit of the Sun. Just me saying some stuff. It is an important event and its meaning is a bit obscure, really. So somebody ought to take a crack at it.

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – When Your Heart Leaps – 29 May 2012

God said:

Come over here. Come near where you can hear Me, feel Me, know Me, and know Me to be your Self, for you were made in My image. How can you know the meaning of this until you know Me? Certainly you are not that disconcerted image who runs around unsure of himself. The ordinariness that you have known your physical self to be certainly is not My image. My image is far greater than that, and so are you far greater than the body that sits and ponders or runs away from pondering. Continue reading

Ronna Herman – Message From Archangel Michael For June – 29 May 2012

Beloved masters, every sentient Soul must follow his/her own particular destiny, a specially designed path that leads to illumination and reintegration with his/her Divine Self.  The lessons you are learning and perfecting will be your contribution to the whole.  Within these seemingly painful experiences are the jewels of wisdom you will need to fulfill your particular segment of the grand design.  So do not judge yourself or your progress by that of other people.  Do not gaze on others in awe or with envy at the talents and gifts they have mastered and manifested, for within you are treasures just as great awaiting discovery. Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – Goodbye Wheel Of Karma – 29 May 2012

It wasn’t too long ago (years wise) that we (as individuals) were kind of ‘trapped’ on the wheel of karma. This wheel of karma would have things occur in patterns – we would find ourselves in similar situations, with similar people and going through those same things again and again. Wondering if there was any relief at all – our request for this was recently granted.

As little as 15years ago we have had MORE opportunities than ever (and it becomes easier every day) to free ourselves from karmic ties / chains. This is a huge relief for many of us, especially if we are ‘in the know’ because it means for the first time in a VERY long time we can productively heal ourselves, let stuff go that has been holding us back for eons, and finally enter into the Spiral of Grace! Continue reading