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Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Sananda – 29 May 2012

Good day my dear ones. I am here today to share with you what is taking place in a level that is above the ones who seek to harm earth and all who live within and on the surface. I am going to be completely honest here and tell you about how there are ways for all of you to wend your journey through the myriad of confusion that is being lent to the societal activities.
It is a matter of taking a stand in your lives that comes from the inner guidance that is prevalent in your lives. When you feel strongly about something and know that if someone tries to dissuade you of it, you will remain in that knowing, then stand by it. If there is something that feels right to you and you follow through with it only to find that it does not work, it most likely is because something changed in the meantime and brought a whole different outcome from what it would have been. Continue reading

Linda Robinson – Message From Archangel Zadkiel June 2012 – The Balanced Light Of The Divine Masculine And The Divine Feminine – 29 May 2012

Greetings My Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel with a message from The Divine Light.
Beloveds, there are Light Codes for the Divine Feminine, just as there are for the Divine Masculine.  They are both aspects of the Divine Light.  When they are in balance and harmony, the Light flows freely and shines brightly with all of its colors in full magnificence and radiance.  All of the aspects of God-hood and Christed-Light are present and shining brightly.  This was the Divine Plan for balance and harmony to reign supreme. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Magical Places Of Summer – 29 May 2012

As summer unfolds before our eyes in all of its various hues of neon greens and pastel colors of flowers in bloom, we all get out in nature more and often find a spot that brings us peace and comfort. We get out and stretch our legs and breathe deeply the fresh air and sit quietly with our earth mother. Being in these power spots brings us back in touch with the things that matter in our lives, it balances our priorities and reminds us to be humble. We may find a path through flowering fields and old fences, perhaps a brook or pond and stands of tall elderly trees whose energy recharges ours and embraces our souls. These are magical places much like the ones we discovered in our youth and escaped to every chance we got. We built tree forts and created whole lives separate from the ones we lived at home. Close friends knew about them and were sworn to secrecy much like taking blood brother vows. Now as adults we view these magic places differently but feel the same energy from them. As a child they held wonder and power, as adults they replenish us and provide us with calm and peace within. Oh the magical places of summer. Continue reading

John Ward – Crash 2 : Why Has The Treasury Revoked Debt-Trading Sections Of A 1939 Act – Without Telling Parliament? – 29 May 2012

How a hidden order could be used to bankrupt the UK

Those of us who spend too much time watching government at its dirty work know the phrase ‘statutory instrument’, or SI, rather too well. Oddly enough, they are not tools for poking statues of eminent Conservatives. They are what has become more commonly known as legal instruments. New Labour of not entirely blessed memory passed 37,218 of them…usually as a means of getting something done about which they didn’t want a debate. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Final Boarding Call? – Ellie Miser – 29 May 2012

My favorite Pleiadian

Our favorite Pleiadian, Ellie Miser, thinks she and her son will be leaving soon. Ellie’s mission was to keep the Pleiadian fleet apprized of what it mean to be terrestrial humans.  That took her a lot to Larson’s Far Side, Maxine’s magical ruminations, the Darwin awards, and a lot of other treasuries of human commentary and foibles. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Ponzi Financing In Greece Continues; Greek Banks Receive €18bn Transfer – 29 May 2012

Greek banks have been shut off from regular ECB liquidity operations due to lack of sufficient collateral. Today the Banks have that collateral thanks to a disbursement of funds from the EFSF which in turn will be used as collateral for more loans from the ECB.

If this makes little sense to you it is because it should not make any sense to anyone. It is another act of desperation in a long line of desperate acts. Continue reading

Rick Winsor – On Memorial Day – A Memoriam – 29 May 2012

When I was young I was raised with the thoughts that Patriotism to America

was the Highest ethic one could hold and that sacrifice for your country was even Higher than the Beloved Words of Christ which constantly sang in my Heart. So strong was this call as a child that I did all the necessary things to get a nomination to West Point. The moment that was achieved the inner call of Christ roared about the lives of the innocent I would be called to kill. So started my dedicated path against War. Continue reading