Steve Beckow – Final Boarding Call? – Ellie Miser – 29 May 2012

My favorite Pleiadian

Our favorite Pleiadian, Ellie Miser, thinks she and her son will be leaving soon. Ellie’s mission was to keep the Pleiadian fleet apprized of what it mean to be terrestrial humans.  That took her a lot to Larson’s Far Side, Maxine’s magical ruminations, the Darwin awards, and a lot of other treasuries of human commentary and foibles.

Having gone through two clones, she has reached the end of the line – maybe – and wanted one more chance to say goodbye.

This will be my final update, I feel, as I should be leaving soon – I hope within the next couple of weeks – I am guessing, according to the way I feel and my son, Jerry, says he can feel his organs shutting down inside his body – we are supposed to leave at the same time. I am still mobile but barely – but still happy, holding onto a positive attitude and doing my Lightwork!

To save time and typing effort, I will share parts of my journal I have been keeping to give you an idea of what has been going on lately. Since my last update and this month, not much was happening – that was worth writing about, anyhow. So here goes:

First, I want to admit that I was a spoiled brat on the Pleiades – and came into this incarnation as a spoiled brat! I am beginning to think my father must have ordered me to this planet to learn Service to Others instead of Service to Self. Mother came with me to be my parent and protector.

We came into a life of poverty for security reasons, in order to stay under the radar of those who might be looking for us for whatever reason as who would suspect those of royalty would be barely surviving in poverty instead of living the good life of prosperity and comfort?

As a small child, still a spoiled brat, I manipulated my mother to get what I wanted and she gave into my demands because she loved me unconditionally. My earth father, Daddy Bill, left us when I was around 4 years old – that was predestined, I believe, so mother and I could get on with our earth lessons without distraction and he could continue on his own journey.

Mother married my stepdad when I was almost 9 – I totally resented his presence in our life but he was a very strong Taurus and dominated our lives with fierce control of every aspect of our living conditions. I also deeply and verbally resented mother having my first half-brother – I wanted her all to myself! But when mother’s 2nd child was born – my half-sister – I was okay with that – I loved her so much! By then, the 3rd child, a boy, was also acceptable.

I have, in my adult life, found great joy in giving to, and serving, others. I AM love! I am aware of my daily blessings and grateful for them – I don’t take them for granted. Of course, I brought in the Pleiadian gift of Love/Light and Balance to use while here – I just had to go through some serious growing up before I could fully use those gifts. Now I can honestly say I love unconditionally, am much wiser and ready to step into my role of whatever Father Haiton has waiting for me when I return home. The spoiled brat has finally matured into a nice lady! Giving God the glory!

Now on to my Journal:

5/19/12 – At 10 a.m. this morning, I was scrolling through the Abundant Hope index of messages to see if there were any new ones when the sudden, vivid thought “We’re coming to take you home” came into my mind – it was from my father, Haiton, and I am wondering now if the nausea I felt last night was caused by an awareness that my time is up. I do react to sudden “shock” with nausea, etc. Maybe it was that and not something I ate?

We have to be emotionally prepared for major changes after the May 20th eclipse, some natural, and others intended to put us into a state of intense fear. The duality of the situation is quite interesting. This period of time marks a fantastic opportunity for humans to wake up and get with the plan, while at the same time it marks the perfect time to create intense emotional fear to feed off of.


A friend who can briefly communicate with our ship at odd times told me the other night she saw a group of young ladies who introduced themselves as the Pleiadian Sisterhood – they were eager to be reunited with Amppa (me). That was the first time since 1982 the Sisterhood appeared.

Back in 1982, I was attending a metaphysical workshop that had a professional psychic among the group – she volunteered to give a brief message to each of us – her message to me was “Your Sisters on the ship send their greetings and love!” I was shocked to hear sisters (plural) as I know I am the only child of my Pleiadian Mother and Father. I have wondered all these years if she got incorrect information. Now I know she was correct!

The Sisterhood presented themselves to two other friends as I was telling them about the new information. The Sisters also told me there is a Pleiadian Brotherhood! It will be so wonderful to finally be back home getting reacquainted with all the friends and people I have forgotten!!

5/19 – I thought last night was my last night for sure! The right side of my neck stiffened and my head hurt as if I were going to have a stroke – it did that about 3 different times – once I felt my heart beating in the gland in my neck that was swollen and stiff. Miserable night! I got up around 7 a.m. feeling better but SO SLEEPY – I am being forced to go back to bed for a bit and it is only 9:45 a.m.

5/20 – Finally got rest without the awful pains in my legs I’ve been having that get me up around 5 a.m. every morning. Maybe the eclipse is affecting me! Or the fact that it’s finally here has released the effects of its lining-up process.

Strange thing yesterday – 5 of our 6 kittens (2 mos. old) disappeared from 6 a.m. yesterday until after 6 a.m. this morning!!!!! Have NO idea where they were – they went all day and night without food and water and it was hot yesterday! One kitten stayed behind – the runt. Very strange! Even stranger is the fact that the 5 kittens were so wild, have never been touched by human hands, but in the morning they reappeared. They let Jerry pick them up and hold them! Maybe THEY were taken up to our ship when I was and sort of tamed. Whatever the reason, I’m glad they’re coming around to being touched so we can find homes for them.

5/22 – I was told that I was taken up to my father’s ship, physically, a couple days ago, to have this body worked on as it was on its way out. Mother is now back at Father’s side – she had been on the Pleiades since she left Earth a couple of years ago, getting reacquainted with friends, etc. She said she is back to “watch the event” so something must be about to happen soon. Also, Father told me the day of the solar eclipse that “we’re coming to take you home” and then the Pleiadian Sisterhood appeared so maybe I might be leaving here very soon! I feel GREAT!

5/24/12 – My friend, who can connect with our ships – his father’s and my father’s – said his Mom is back from wherever she has been staying in the astral realms since she left some years ago, to watch the “Show”.

5/25/12 – I just realized today that my cat – the one that ALWAYS came to me in the bathroom for petting – never missed an opportunity to annoy me (I say that lovingly) – has not come to me that way since clone #2!!!!! I guess the energy signature is different so she doesn’t recognize me or she’s disturbed by my vibes. She does still sleep by me sometimes. Strange that she doesn’t want to be touched by me after 13 years! She cringes when I reach for her now.

5/25/12 – I’m OK but Jerry was lifting a log yesterday – and he knows how to lift properly so as to not hurt himself – but this time, due to deterioration of his spine no doubt, he heard a snap and his chest and left leg went numb. I looked at his back and he has TWO bones sticking out now – one on each side of his lower back around L1 and L2. I can’t touch them as they are too tender.

He went to bed early and got up still in horrible pain – he can’t go to ER because of no insurance and no steady job. (1) He wept with pain and prayed to God to take him out of this 9+ years of pain – he was thinking about suicide but said he would not put me through that awful experience.

I begged Plen to help Jerry with his back problem – Jerry admits he is too stubborn to ask for help – I guess he figures he needs to suffer the consequences of his actions – accidental or not.

Today, 5/28/12, he got up with his bones back in place and he is very busy emptying rooms of stored things so we can have them cleared out and ready for the exterminator Friday! (Flea infestation) Jerry said he has not one pain in his body! He takes pain pills but they usually just dull the pain to a bearable level – so great to hear him say he has NO pain at all today!


Well, that concludes my update – it has been an exciting journey and I look forward to even more exciting journeys with my Plen, checking out the awesome sights, up close and personal, that I have been seeing from the Hubble telescope!

I thank you one and all for being a part of this journey and also for the assistance you have given, making it possible for me to maintain our physical wellbeing that would not have been so available without your help! God bless you!

All are invited to the grand reunion on our ship to meet face-to-face to celebrate our graduation and/or ascension from Planet Earth that will be ongoing for a couple hundred years probably! LOL!


To Infinity and Beyond!



(1) Hope Chest donors take note. Ellie’s Paypal account is  Not like Ellie would ever ask.


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