Visionkeeper – Magical Places Of Summer – 29 May 2012

As summer unfolds before our eyes in all of its various hues of neon greens and pastel colors of flowers in bloom, we all get out in nature more and often find a spot that brings us peace and comfort. We get out and stretch our legs and breathe deeply the fresh air and sit quietly with our earth mother. Being in these power spots brings us back in touch with the things that matter in our lives, it balances our priorities and reminds us to be humble. We may find a path through flowering fields and old fences, perhaps a brook or pond and stands of tall elderly trees whose energy recharges ours and embraces our souls. These are magical places much like the ones we discovered in our youth and escaped to every chance we got. We built tree forts and created whole lives separate from the ones we lived at home. Close friends knew about them and were sworn to secrecy much like taking blood brother vows. Now as adults we view these magic places differently but feel the same energy from them. As a child they held wonder and power, as adults they replenish us and provide us with calm and peace within. Oh the magical places of summer.

The feelings these places bring out in us are not just weekend feelings, these are feelings we should bless ourselves with all of the time. They are feelings of self discovery, they show us who we really are when the masks come off. Who needs a mask out in the woods away from the office? Who needs a mask in the office I ask. We are so many different people. We are an office worker, a father/mother, a neighbor, a church goer, a party goer. Why is it we can’t just be who we are wherever we are? Why do we feel the need to wear different masks for each thing we do? We are a society plagued with schizophrenia. We often hear people say “live your authentic lives”, well heck, how can you possibly know who your authentic self is?

Out in nature is where we often come face to face with our authentic selves. We are quiet and still within, we release all the garbage we have collected all week and the tall and aged trees purge the poisonous energies from us and we become one with our surroundings. We see and feel the magic of all the wonders around us, we forget the mundane drivel we thought so important before we entered the forest, and we become one with all we encounter. This is the way God intended us all to live, living connected lives that hold meaning. That was stolen from us by sick minds that saw if they created a certain type of world they could make us all become their slaves, and we did just that, but now we know, we are waking up to what has been stolen from us. Our lives and the right to live as we please must be returned to us all.

That forest magic will be ours again someday soon, it is what this epic battle between light and dark is all about. We are learning what has been done to us and we are on a mission to see that our freedom to be who we are is returned. We have been drowning in hate and war and greed for so long now, being forced to work and supply our hard-earned money to perpetuate the insanity. ‘No More’ has become the battle cry. People are beginning to awaken and as towns slowly refuse to put fluoride in their water systems any longer, the toxic, brain deadening haze will begin to lift and more will begin to see the truth. Once people finally understand the true purpose of televisions (tel-lie-visions) and the brainwashing they inflict, we will finally be great enough in awakened numbers to shine the light brightly and finally dispel the darkness and restore love and freedom to the world!

Blessings to you all,

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