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John Ward – Euroblown : Syriza Leaps Into Opinion Poll Lead As Greek President Has Talks With The Military – 30 May 2012

A new poll by VPRC tonight has Syriza as the biggest Greek Party with 30% of voting intentions, followed by New Democracy on 26.5%, while Pasok continues to languish at 12.5%. But there were disturbing reports of military discussions with the caretaker government.

Opinion polls in Greece are about as stable as flies in a hurricane, but there is now a real possibility that the Left in Greece could put together a majority Coalition. With the Democratic Left at 7.5%, and the Communist Party at 5.5%, those together with Syriza would add up to 43%. And Louka Katseli – a former PASOK minister who now leads the small leftist party Social Pact – today threw her weight behind Alexis Tsipras. Continue reading


Greg Giles – Message From The Ashtar Command – 30 May 2012

It is your task as Lightworkers in the field to do what you can to rise above the, at times, negative and even hostile atmospheres created throughout your online social networks. It is not your job to engage in debate and argument with individuals who do not yet understand and practice a more positive way to communicate. You have been trained and have shown that you can ignore the quips, insults and attempts to lure you into argument. You have demonstrated how well you can perform your duties as a bringer of higher ideals and adequately perform your duties even under the fire of seemingly opposing forces who do not, and at times cannot, see the larger picture and understand the importance of positive communication that brings about advancements to each person engaged in these discussions.  Continue reading

“Dear Woman” – The Feminine As Balance To The Masculine – 30 May 2012

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The Galactic Free Press – Introduction To The Ascended Master Teachings – 30 May 2012

Unknown Artist Light

Who are the Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters who guide and help with the expansion of Light on this planet are God-Free Beings, not bound by time and space. Having come into embodiment, as you and I through the portals of birth, They walked the earth fulfilling the inner calling of Their God Presence day by day, lifetime after lifetime. They mastered all the lesser things of this world, learning the lessons of Life, balancing karma, fulfilling Their earthly mission and manifesting and becoming God in action. At the completion of Their mission They achieved the ultimate Victory through the Ascension, the permanent integration with the Light of Their own true reality, Their Mighty I AM Presence. They continue to stand ready to assist the mankind of earth to accomplishing this same Goal and will continue to extend the Fires of Their Hearts till all are received into the Great Brotherhood of Light. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Spexit Before Grexit? Six Reasons Spain Will Leave The Euro First – 30 May 2012

Interest rates on the 10-Year Spanish bond touched 6.7% today after the ECB shot down prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s Ponzi plan to recapitalize banks.

The Spanish banking condition is in such precarious shape that Matthew Lynn of Strategy Economics proposed ‘Spexit’ Will Come Before a ‘Grexit’. Continue reading

John Ward – Hackgate Day 506 : Noose Tightens On Camerlot As Sheridan Cops Nab Coulson – 30 May 2012

ImageAndy Coulson

The 44-year-old former Number Ten mediacomms boss reporting direct to Prime Minister David Cameron was detained in London this morning by officers from Strathclyde Police. He will shortly be arriving in Glasgow to undergo interrogation on suspicion of committing perjury during the infamous Tommy Sheridan trial. The case relates to allegedly false accusations made by Andy Coulson against the Scottish MP while he (Coulson) was editor of now defunct Murdoch newspaper The News of the World. Continue reading

Sacred Geometry Basics Explained In Two Videos! – 30 May 2012

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Visionkeeper – The Power Of Light – 30 May 2012

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The power of the light is what the Dragonfly and Damselfly represent in many different cultures, each one slightly different. They represent both water and air, water being emotions and air being mental. If they show up in our lives repeatedly it may mean we need to see new perspectives in our lives or we should check in with our emotions. Are we being too emotional or perhaps not emotional enough? Dragon and Damsel flies inhabit the earth by day, basking in the sun light going through their transformations in the light. We should therefore be mindful of change within our lives and not resist. They use the light as a tool of survival and so should we. We must look through the illusions for the truth shining bright as daylight if we are awake and aware, and use that to advance our mission. We can all be Dragon flies and Damsel flies working with the light. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Winds Of Change Are Blowing Into Your Heart-Land! – 30 May 2012

These days are really becoming unpredictable aren’t they?  It is like the winds of change blow from the East in the morning and before the day is done suddenly shift directions and blow back in your face as they blow from the West, only to head to the south and knock ya on your ass!!

There are so many people living this way right now, while others like me almost seem to be observing it thru the window of life.  Of course, my crazy winds blew the end of last year.  Now if feels like I am simply waiting for all else to settle down and take root.  Waiting for what?  I have no clue! Continue reading

Bilderberg Meeting, Headlines From Alex Jones : Infowars And Others – 30 May 2012

Confirmed: Westfield Marriott Kicks Out ALL Guests 2 Days Ahead of Bilderberg Infowars | Previous reservations no longer honored as Bilderberg hotel vacated in alarm over mounting protests.

Alex Jones Banned From Bilderberg Hotel, Calls For Press Mob Paul Joseph Watson | Media not welcome at site of power brokers’ confab.

Live Video and News from Bilderberg 2012 Infowars.com | Check this page for the latest news and information on Bilderberg 2012. Continue reading