John Ward – Euroblown Breaking… Greece Heading For Second Stalemate As Prisons Run Out Of Food – 30 May 2012

Obese man’s lift stuck

New opinion polls in this morning’s Greek press have New Democracy and Syriza still way ahead, and Pasok stuck at slightly above its vote last time.

The figures look like this:

5 ND 23,4%, SYRIZA 22,1%, PASOK 13,5%, INDGR 7,4%, ΚΚΕ 5,9%, DEMLEFT 5,1%, Neo Nazis 4,2%.

Still, Berlin-am-Brussels can take some cold comfort in that 54,2% of respondents say the country should ‘accept implementation of the bailout schedules’ as a precondition in order to stay in the eurozone. This does, however, give the lie to German tabloid hysterics insisting that the Greeks want it every which way.

But the obvious news in bold black type is that Athens will be without any clear sight of a ruling Coalition on June 18th. Although the way things are going, byt then the whole exercise might by academic anyway: I’m not usually a great supporter of non-political prisoners’ rights, but amidst the deepening Greek crisis, the State budget for many prisons has shrunk to a bare minimum. Hundreds of detainees are malnourished, the Greek newspaper Proto Thema reveals this morning.

At the prison in Corinth, food supplies have stopped completely, so their charges are about to starve say prison staff,…who themselves haven’t received any state funds for the last three months. The response of some Corinth citizens has been a food collection for the prison inmates to support the prisoners, since all protests to the Justice Ministry have proved fruitless.

So, apart from the health service collapsing, pharmacies having no medication, the University budgets having been robbed, the economy shrinking at a record rate and tax intake falling off a cliff, the Berlin-am-Brussels austerity strategy is going really well.

Well Gods, we’ve reached the mad stage. Could we have a little destroying now please? link to original article

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