John Ward – Hackgate Day 506 : Noose Tightens On Camerlot As Sheridan Cops Nab Coulson – 30 May 2012

ImageAndy Coulson

The 44-year-old former Number Ten mediacomms boss reporting direct to Prime Minister David Cameron was detained in London this morning by officers from Strathclyde Police. He will shortly be arriving in Glasgow to undergo interrogation on suspicion of committing perjury during the infamous Tommy Sheridan trial. The case relates to allegedly false accusations made by Andy Coulson against the Scottish MP while he (Coulson) was editor of now defunct Murdoch newspaper The News of the World.

This is not exclusive news, but as ever The Slog’s interpretation adds value: just 24 hours before a Minister appointed by Cameron to handle the Newscorp bid for BSkyB faces his accusers in front of the Leveson enquiry, another paid Camerlot liar is up before the Beak….with the same media mogul Murdoch involved.

And things couldn’t be worse for David Cameron in this specific case: Coulson is known to be bitter about the way both Newscorp and Number Ten have hung him out to dry. Allegedly, he is depressed – and drinking heavily.

There are very few substances more likely to make a man sing than alcoholic drink.

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