Lisa Gawlas – The Winds Of Change Are Blowing Into Your Heart-Land! – 30 May 2012

These days are really becoming unpredictable aren’t they?  It is like the winds of change blow from the East in the morning and before the day is done suddenly shift directions and blow back in your face as they blow from the West, only to head to the south and knock ya on your ass!!

There are so many people living this way right now, while others like me almost seem to be observing it thru the window of life.  Of course, my crazy winds blew the end of last year.  Now if feels like I am simply waiting for all else to settle down and take root.  Waiting for what?  I have no clue!

Even as I write this sharing I am repeatedly reminded of the lady I read for last week where her energy silo of harvest filled energy disembarked from the middle of the field (her life) and started zigzagging across her field and heading towards her future.  Her guidance was to simply follow the energy, even if it seems chaotic and most importantly, trust in its (seemingly erratic) flow.

If can offer one important message today… get out of what you think you want! Where you need to be for the greatest experience of your life may be incredibly different from where your head wants to take you.

I will give you important back up from a reading I did yesterday.

Let me start by saying my first reading of the day was nothing but a blur of energy.  I assumed it was going to be more of what the day before resulted in… but as I talked to my lovely lady I realized her energy silo was fully activated and oozing out into her life of creation.  She is becoming vividly aware of interconnections, most especially with one person.  Learning to discern what are her feelings and what she is picking up with this other person.  The more she trusts in what she receives, the more will be added to her abilities (enlarging her territory.)

My 2nd lady of the day simply mentioned one thing before I even tried to tap into the field… her daughter wants her to move to where she is (out of Georgia and into California.)  I was shocked at what I had seen.  For so many days now I could see not a thing beyond the upcoming Lunar Eclipse/Venus Transit.  The moment she started to tell me of her daughter’s desire for her, this massive sun (well, it reminded me of the sun) was beaming upwards from the ground itself… lighting up like something I had never seen before.  Right in the center of her sun beaming upwards from the ground was a new man, a new love relationship waiting for her arrival.

My lovely lady in Georgia is close to 80 years old!!  Don’t think for one single minute that anyone is too old to meet their divine counterpart!!  I was so ticked feeling the energy and potential of it all.

She was not jazzed about living with her daughter (I thought only kids felt that way about living with their parents lol.)  I could also feel how much her daughter needed her in her life as well as she too goes thru intense change.

As we were talking about her new life, her new love and all that sunshine beaming up thru the ground for her… I noticed the field itself was filled with all the critters that eat, all feasting during her reading.  Then I seen a desert quail wander onto the field and she was not acting as usual.  As I looked closer and her odd activity I realized she had 5 baby quail in tow.   She marched her babies right over to where their morning breakfast is and started to show them how to eat with all the other critters (squirrels, chipmunk, rabbits, and a wide variety of other birds all chowing down.)

My heart burst open for the lady in my reading.  When something new shows up on the actual field while I am reading, the message is always for the person in the reading.  But I am not opposed to borrowing some of her good news for all of us!!

Five babies…. that is the number of change.  Change ALL-WAYS precedes new life.  I was so excited seeing the babies on the field I forgot to look up quail as a totem.  For everyone in the midst of change, this message is for you!!


Quail teaches about mysticism and enlightens you about your soul name and purpose. He is about nourishment of the soul, family, teaches how to elude problems, spot danger, and safety issues. Are you spending enough time with family? There are safety in numbers, perhaps you need to socialize? Quail also aids in awareness of dangers and gives you the quickness and camouflage you need in time of crisis. Are you blending in? Should you at this time? Quail will show you much about movement and taking opportunities when they are right. Allow quail to teach you this fine art. It is time to be aware of what is going on around you.

There is no doubt this animal activity that is reflected in the field… where there is no fear, no dominance displayed, the feeling of enough for everyone and everyone eating together… Being together… that is Who we really are and how we will live on this planet of love.

We must be brave enough to move into the center of our own Sun… wherever that may be… however that may unfold for you/us.

Heaven is a heartbeat away!!

With so much love, honor Sunshine to All!!


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