They Will Not Control Us! We Will be Victorious! – Removing The Shackles –

My Friends….. the time has come to take our power back!!!!  This is IT. THIS is the time. THIS is the NOW.

All over this glorious planet of ours people are standing up.  They are standing up for all sorts of reasons, but they are unified in one action: THEY STAND UP!
Make your stand how ever you want, but make your stand!  The media controllers are doing all they can to try to convince the world that those standing up are but a few dissonant rebellious youths who just want to make trouble and make a fuss.  BUT…. their control of their own media is very quickly slipping through their fingers.  The news is leaking out so fast now, that the tiny cracks that appeared in the dam last year are now threatening to become a high pressured deluge that will burst from the confines of iron control.
The media is being made a fool of, and they know it. (SEE PICTURE ABOVE)
A media outlet had the audacity this past weekend to say that this protest march was attended by “a few hundred” students:
… either they’ve lost the ability to count, or they’re desperately trying to cover up the reality of hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets, with pots & pans in a peaceful, yet not very quiet, protest in Montreal Canada.
If we make enough noise, they will not be able to ignore us.
As an interesting little side note, Wassailing is a tradition where people gather together to make lots of noise to scare away the evil spirits to help insure a good crop the following year.  The tradition of making loud noises to scare away “evil spirits” is seen through out many many ancient traditions all across the globe.
I’ll get back to this thought in a minute
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