Visionkeeper – The Power Of Light – 30 May 2012

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The power of the light is what the Dragonfly and Damselfly represent in many different cultures, each one slightly different. They represent both water and air, water being emotions and air being mental. If they show up in our lives repeatedly it may mean we need to see new perspectives in our lives or we should check in with our emotions. Are we being too emotional or perhaps not emotional enough? Dragon and Damsel flies inhabit the earth by day, basking in the sun light going through their transformations in the light. We should therefore be mindful of change within our lives and not resist. They use the light as a tool of survival and so should we. We must look through the illusions for the truth shining bright as daylight if we are awake and aware, and use that to advance our mission. We can all be Dragon flies and Damsel flies working with the light.

Much like the Dragon and Damsel flies, we start our lives out as emotional beings in water and progress to mental beings in adulthood breathing air. They transform and use the light to grow and become who they are meant to be and so must we. If we work our way through the density of illusions we will eventually end up in the light, awake and aware and desiring transformation. Yesterday I spoke about poverty and the pitfalls it presents which reflect upon this situation as well. It is the lower-income families the dark ones have gone after by lessening their quality of education and keeping them separated from the truth. For many of these people, they are held hostage by the lies on television because they cannot afford the truth of the internet. This is why it is necessary for the awakened ones to offer up the truth to those unable to access it.

We need new perspectives in our lives and an ability to see through the illusions. Having just gone through Memorial Day here in the US, have you ever wondered or asked yourselves why we celebrate the death of our loved ones in war? We are always forced to remember the horrors of 9-11  and other tragedies as well, and we are told we are good citizens if we recall these dark and painful moments as a way of honoring them. The dark ones like keeping these painful memories alive to use to their psycho benefit. We can honor our fallen with far greater meaning if we awaken and fight to end this regime of war and hate, to work hard to outshine the darkness and eliminate the need for war and death altogether. We stand to gain much more from a celebration of light to change the world than a celebration of death.

So we would be wise to become Dragon flies and Damsel flies. We need to work with the light to transform ourselves and in doing so transform the world and bring about peace. These creatures are agile and quick in flight and adapt easily to any given situations. We too must be the same, quick and agile and able to go with the flow and adapt to whatever comes our way. If we stay awake and aware and are able to see the truth that lays buried within the illusion we will be able to shine our light brightly into all the dark and dusty corners where the evil dwells. Go forth and be the light!

Blessings to you all,

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