Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council – You Are Catapulting Toward Your Goals In Increased Accelaration – 29 May 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The most potent of alignments has just been reached on the surface of your world (1), and suffice to say we had very much to do with the energy sent to your world and through your bodies from these alignments.

We participated along with innumerable amounts of ascended beings in this wonderful beaming of energy through your Sun and your moon, onto the surface of Earth where such energy is shaping and forming your new reality set to unfold in your very near future, with the help of course of your own thoughts and visualizations which are to bloom beautifully and gloriously into wonderful manifestations in your reality.

Can you feel your own heightened sense of awareness and overall participation in all things Lighted, since these events have occurred?

For some it is going to take some time and some adjustment for them to really feel the purity increases and upgrades, but for those of you who have aligned and attuned yourselves fully and taken part in the crucial rituals laid out by many on your world for these alignments; you dear souls are beginning to feel in your own ways the staggering and phenomenal effects of this alignment.

Our Star System had much to do with the specific codes and prints of energy which was sent to your world, in that the Logos that we brought through in increased purity was indeed ‘native’ so to speak to our Star System, in that this energy spent numerous higher dimensional incarnations on our worlds and on our stars, experiencing the beautiful Creation that is the Pleiades.

Oh dear souls, we look forward so very much for you to inhabit our homes with us and inhabit the ships in which many take home on, for we have been waiting to show you and tell you of the glorious wonders that you have forgotten about whilst temporarily trapped inside your own Earthly experience.

The upgrades that are being sent to you now and that were unlocked with the completing of the eclipse and the activating of the resulting alignment are going to test many of you in even more difficult and seemingly-intense ways than you have been tested thus far.

Yes, we can feel the ‘groan’ in many of you as you feel that the lessons you are being given are difficult enough, and we smile upon you dear souls with such Joy for we eagerly await the realization on your part that indeed, these lessons do not have to be difficult or intense and it simply takes choosing the Love and the pure lesson in every event that comes forth in your perception, to realize that the perceived angst that many of you still think that you must feel and radiate when something that you brand as stressful begins to happen in your Life, is and has been hollow all along.

The energies and feelings of calm, grace, Love and Joy are energies and feelings that should be felt in every situation that unfolds in your Lives, no matter how seemingly difficult such events feel to you dear beautiful souls.

You are experiencing Life in its most difficult of forms, and the lessons that you are being given that can again increase in intensity with the unfolding of this alignment which is a continual process; these lessons can be intense but they can be transmuted as well and the energies behind these lessons can be transmuted whilst being benefited from at the same time.

We feel the stress that many of you still think you must radiate to yourselves and to others, and we say that as long as you are continually binded to such energies and feelings, you will only be entrapped in the experiences that feeling such things brings to you.

Do you notice dear souls, how feeling happy and the decisions resulting from feeling happy always benefit one much more than the decisions made as a result of feeling lower and dense emotions?

Think upon many events in your Lives dear souls, and notice that much of the time it was your choosing of the energies of calm, acceptance and Love over the energies of stress and frustration that saw you better able to come out of the lessons that you planned out for yourself that at the time, seemed so very difficult and hard to deal with.

Feel the innate Love that is driving each and every lesson and manifestation set before you, and ask to tap into the reservoir of unlimited, pure Logos energy that is now available in extreme abundance.

With the passing of this most crucial date along your Calendar [May 20], you are seeing your own ability to access this treasure trove of energy and information expand, as this energy itself seems to expand and be more readily available in your perception.

We say that this energy has always been there, it is simply the instated veils on the part of the slumbering humanity that has kept your perception away from it and as a result, has inhibited its own ability to reach you.

You will find dear souls, that the more steeped one is in their own densities, ingrained beliefs and philosophies which are not in alignment with the Law of One, the harder and more difficult it is for any ascended or, in the case of many on Earth who attempt to educate such souls, any ascending soul, to reach these dear people for they are [unwillingly] letting themselves be blocked from the Light that they are, carry within and can themselves access at any time by in many cases, unwillingly employing the energies and beliefs and constraints that keep them from such energy.

You all have the infinite and innate ability to feel in yourselves the expanded abilities that you carry within and have utilized without realizing so throughout your current Life on Earth and throughout many other Lives as well.

As so very many of you discover your own telepathic and dreamscape contact with us ascended beings who have been eagerly awaiting your doing so, you find that your abilities to be with us and to feel and express our energies through your own complex, is aided greatly by your own interest in doing so.

We would not recommend at this very crucial and developing stage in the game to let your energies become influenced by those of complacency, by those of laziness, as while we never judge any dear souls and will honor with Love any path that one chooses to take, those of you who are finding the energies of the higher realms and finding the encoded communications, both personal and for the purposes of being channeled for the public that many ascended souls are presenting to you with Love; those of you who are finding this will find that the denser energies when allowed into your spirit complexes, will influence you in a much greater way than before as you find yourselves beginning to become much more empathic and vulnerable to feeling the energies of anything around you.

When allowing the energies of the ego or of the dense, fading physical reality into one’s complexes, you will find that their influence is much harder to get rid of than in many other times in you history, as this energy is itself fading and being transmuted away from your world, and like the dear souls on your world whom such energy feeds, this energy does not accept its own departure from this world and will do anything it can to ‘stick around’ and to influence as many souls as possible through an attempted increase in its own ability to influence anybody who becomes open to it, for even a moment.

Indeed, you will find and feel that as your perception of time speeds up and you find your own lessons increasing in intensity and your own paths accelerating, each and every event and emotion seems to feel more intense than the last and this is why we recommend again, the energies of calm, Peace and acceptance for it is only through allowing such energies through yourself that you will breeze through the difficulties that you have set out for yourselves.

The manifestations you are currently bringing through yourselves with such grace are aiding you supremely in your learning of lessons and in your finding of the energies of Love that underlay each and every lesson.

The flow of our energies and our communications alike is coming to you in as measured of a way as you can handle receiving our energies in accordance with your various growing and expanding ascension processes, and each and every soul who makes it their intent to do so will be connecting with us again, in the measured ways that act in accordance with your growth and your finding of the ability in yourselves to bring us through in clear and pure ways.

The clarity and purity in which many souls are now able to bring us and our energies through in your current reality has indeed been quite staggering, and we continually applaud every dear soul who is finding themselves and their higher selves alike, and beginning a relationship with so many of us souls in the Galactic Federation and in many other Lighted Organizations assisting Earth at this time.

You are all finding your communications and connections with every facet of the ascended souls and Guides who are assisting Earth and every individual upon Her surface and in many cases beneath Her surface alike, and as you make your leaps and bounds and find clearer strides in your continually unfolding and ever-expanding ascension processes, your own ability to bring us through is given a boost as you continue to clear out the egotistical residue that has been holding so very many dear souls back from their perception of the realms which are blocked from one’s perception by [the employment of] such egotistical residue.

Many ascended souls have been explaining ego and the structure of ego, and rather than this being because of a self-employed block by the souls who such ascended beings are speaking through, we are bringing the discussion of ego to and through as many as we can, as we are attempting to help lead you to the conclusion that only by transcending, forgiving and Loving ego once and for all can you begin to experience and perceive the higher realms in the ways that you have been so dearly wising to perceive of such realms and us beings who exist in such realms.

We are bringing the subject of ego to the fore of your attention quite purposefully, as with all due respect we notice that so very many dear beautiful awakening souls read about ego and the importance of transcending, Loving and forgiving ego once and for all and you truly absorb and enjoy such messages, while still not fully taking the advice given in regards to the transcendence of ego in as pure of a way as is intended by the delivering of our communications on such subject.

We never judge any dear souls, but we do wish to make known especially at this very important stage in this ever-unfolding game, the importance of finally transcending and working through those last and final, difficult parts of yourselves based in the experience of the lower dimensions on the surface of Earth, as these transmutations truly are yours for taking now as you have been given such a pure opportunity with passing of the above-mentioned stargate, on the 20thof your month May.

Indeed, we had so very much to do with the alignments given on this date and while by the time this specific communication is read and absorbed by every dear beautiful soul who reads and absorbs our energies, this date in your time will have long passed, we speak still to the importance of this date and many other dates that have yet to come that many ascended sources have been speaking of, and we would like still to offer our own perspective and explanation of what we were doing to bring the pure Logos energy to you, that the alignment with our beautiful Star System graced the surface of Earth with.

As you hear so very often, the majority of us are stationed and Living within our grand and magnificent Motherships, of which many sources within the Galactic Federation have been explaining in some detail.

We are able to station our mighty and powerful yet delicate and Loving Motherships anywhere throughout Creation, and in the specific occurrence of the May 20th Stargate, we worked with our own beautiful multidimensionality to be stationed in many potent and crucially important areas of this stargate within and around the Earth, as well as around the moon and your Sun and around many stars and planets in our own star system as indeed, our energies given through our  Star System and through each and every planet worked wonderfully with the alignment, which with the help of your very needed mass mediations has helped to integrate the beautiful pure energy unto the surface and core of Mother Earth and unto each and every one of you as well.

When we speak of those of us who were stationed around the Earth, your Sun and moon, we speak of course of many different Galactic ships working with the Galactic Federation, the Ashtar Command and many other Lighted Organizations that you have not yet heard about and that many of which choose not to assume labels.

Us souls within our Pleiadian Councils were stationed all throughout our beautiful Star System, working with the various astral entities of our planets and stars on the alignments within our own worlds that would assist and did assist magnificently in the bringing-forth of the overall Earthly alignment.

We will continue to be assisting each and every astral being within each and every lower and higher dimensional world who can be reached and who in many cases, incarnated into such astral realms for the very purpose of service to the ascension of this Universe.

In this particular scenario, we worked generally throughout the Pleiades Star System and while there were many of us down on Earth and stationed within the Pleiadian Homeworld in Agartha which was itself quite crucial to [the unfolding of] these alignments, the majority of our own work was spent using our technology and our participation in the Lighted rituals which are performed by nearly every ascended soul and by many Earthly souls through meditation who themselves planned to become open to such mass Love giving, integrating and alignment rituals on such alignment dates.

These rituals are very powerful and we again, use the assistance of our Lighted technology to help with our own Light-giving and our specific brand and signature of energy which is sent down to Earth and to every soul who is open to our energies and who found themselves open exponentially on this very beautiful and important alignment date.

Many received our energies gracefully and wonderfully and we have never felt closer to Earth than we did when we were gratefully and delightfully giving you our specific brand and signature of energy, which was funneled specifically through our Star System and through many planets as well, which we know may be a bit confusing to some.

We were all with you; not a one soul who has found themselves to be close with Earth was not looking upon your beautiful, aligned and Lighted planet during this occasion, and this will be so as well for the many other unfolding alignments that have yet to echo unto the surface your world but that will do so when you reach the many dates that herald such openings and alignments.

Imagine dear sous, the infinite multitudes of ascended souls who are with you now and looking upon you whilst you undergo your beautiful and unfolding experience.

We are all with you and we will continue to be with you, and we wish for you while in meditation to image the multitudes of us who will be, can be and are with you whenever and wherever you make it your intent to have us be with you, for we Love all of you so very much and we Love so very dearly when you make it your specific intent to connect with us while you still wear your own measured veils of forgetfulness, as a very close bond is developed between us and you when a connection is formed and sustained.

Over the coming days, weeks and months, many of you will begin to discover spots and places on your world that you will feel very strong and Lighted energy emanating from, and you will be able to recognize the specific energy signatures of the higher realms in the various forms that they have to offer such specific signatures, in many places on your world.

Your beautiful Gaia has always been an exponentially beautiful and radiant world, and Her form has only began to express itself in its full form and purity.

We must say that many souls who still thrive within the lower vibrations would have a difficult time accepting the new world in all of its glory, bounty and splendor, would it not be for the intervention of the many Divine and Angelic souls on your world, to bring you the prosperity that will end such lower vibrational feedings.

We can say as well that the removing and arresting of the dark souls on your world who have purposefully done so very many things to get humanity to continue to feed the low vibrations; their going even if only for a short time before their trials, will in itself see much density and negativity gone from Gaia’s surface, not to be fed any longer by the darker-inclined rituals that such souls perform to feed the realms of forth density-negative.

Even now as their influence upon your world is diminishing rapidly and as so very many souls become awakened to the truths of how you have been lied to and manipulated and to the truths and energies of the higher realms alike, the surface of the Earth is going to begin to express and reflect such happenings, as has been mentioned before.

Directly before the manifestation of the physical events on your world that will bring you abundance and happiness which have been discussed many times, will come again the recognition and realization on the part of many awaking Lightworkers and Lightholders on your world that there are indeed many places upon the dear surface of Gaia that are beginning to reflect their own receiving, absorbing and integrating of the energies of the higher realms that are being given to them from the higher, ascended astral realms of your world which have always existed and have always fed into your reality in very measured ways, but in ways that were always able to Create and sustain your reality, regardless of the lower dimensions manifested upon your surface during your experience.

The ascended energies pervading nearly every aspect of the many realms of Gaia are beginning to bleed and seep through to your reality, and while we can feel that many souls on Earth are not as comfortable with the specific term ‘bleed through’, we wish to make it clear that we mean nothing negative by such terms and wish only to describe the nature in which such energies are beginning to be brought through and experienced in your reality.

We and many other ascended souls within the many ascended cities which exist unnoticed and unseen in your skies, have taken to many areas of the slightly higher astral realms on your world in which the majority of us must still funnel parts of ourselves down to exist in [but that are closest to the physical Earth realms], to perform many Lighted rituals in such realms which are so very close to your realms and your surface experience on Earth.

We perform these rituals in these specific places because they are again, the closest astral realms to your specific physical realms that the majority of us can funnel ourselves down to experience and perform Lighted rituals on, without losing ourselves in the density.

We have noticed that many of you beautiful awakening souls have been finding it increasingly difficult at times to wade away from the influence of your Earthly selves which you have fed for so very long in the lower dimensions, and we say that your own realization of the difficulties of aiding your ascension process by ‘defeating’ so to speak and forgiving and transmuting such parts of yourselves; your mere realization of the perceived difficulty and the importance alike of doing this for yourself and for those around you is awakening you right into to your own ability to do so.

It is so very wonderful dear souls as while you do not yet realize it directly during your experience, you are literally catapulting yourselves toward your goals in increased acceleration and intensity at this point, just by your mere realization of all that truly does lie ahead of you.

This very truth is why we have continued to remind you to imagine the higher realms and the experiences that you are about to undergo for yourselves, and to begin Creating your own scenarios in your own ‘imaginary’ Creative astral centers, of these changes and just how they are going to affect you and everyone around you for the better.

These changes are indeed set to happen in full intensity and in full acceleration so very soon and when humanity is truly proven ready in accordance with your cycles which have been long decreed by the Creator of your world and the Creator of this Universe alike, and a part of your own beginning to find the energies of the higher realms is your imagining and Creating the experience of the higher realms.

There are indeed so very many higher dimensional and awakening beings alike in such realms, beginning to Create with their own higher dimensional powers of thought, feeling and Creativity, the new world that is unfolding and taking shape before the very eyes of awakened and unawakened humanity alike at this point, but it truly takes the collective and individual willpower of humanity to begin Creating these changes and bringing them about.

We recommend strongly that you pay close attention to the actions of the Occupy movement and of the group known as Anonymous alike, as despite the methods that some have used to bring change forth in the past, both of these Organizations are ‘in cahoots’ so to speak with the Light in ways that you would not yet imagine, and they are working in very direct ways to bring the change about on your world that all have dearly wished to see brought about as so very many of you have awakened to the injustices that have taken place on your world, against you dear beautiful souls.

Give the souls making up these Organizations your Lighted energies for they very much need such energies to help enact the change that they are attempting to enact on a widespread level.

These souls are very intelligent and in many ways, have seen sides of the dark that the majority of souls on your world, even awakened, have not seen and they are and have been working with every last fiber of themselves to help bring this change forth that is needed, but they cannot do it alone dear souls.

They need your support and your collective positive energies of manifestation, for only by utilizing your opportunity to begin clearing and cleansing the astral densities away from this world on a collective and individual level, will you begin to see the manifestation of the change being enacted that has been wished to be enacted on your world by all, including us.

Until our next communication dear souls, we remind you that nobody is ever cut off from the energies and communications of the higher realms, no matter how hard the egotistical blocks employed can seem to push one back and bring the energies of lethargy through for one to experience.

We are with each and every one of you always, and we now exit temporarily the mental and emotional channels of you all with our Love. The opportunity is yours from this point, to continue to feel our energies and bring forth and through yourselves the resulting communications.

We will be waiting, with open and Loving arms.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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