Lilou Mace – The Juicy Living Tour – Hidden Knowledge & Coming Into Consciousness – Marcel Messing – 31 May 2012

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Marcel Messing (The Hague, 1945) studied anthropology, philosophy and comparative religion, was ao staff lecturer and dean at the Higher Professional, scientific employee of the Philosophica Bibliotheca Hermetica in Amsterdam and advisor to the IKON television Via Mystica . He is a regular guest on radio and employee of the journals InSight and Prana .

As a speaker at home and abroad, Marcel Messing is known for his synthesis of Eastern and Western wisdom. Here he connects the deeper insights of esotericism in science, religion, art and poetry.

From 1991 to 2001 he lived in the French Pyrenees (Ariège), where he researched the history of the Cathars, guided tours and floor gave week.

After a few years thoroughly engrossed in the hidden forces behind the world stage, he began to see that the (spiritual) evolution of man is seriously threatened. As a result, he wrote the 2006 book Are We Awake? About the hidden forces behind the world stage. The next DVD ‘We Are Awake “has been translated into eight languages.

In 2009 he received the “Frontier Award, which he sees as recognition for the work of the group WijWordenWakker, including those at the base has been of

As chairman of Foundation Lindenhof, Marcel Messing has been for 20 years involved in development projects, especially for children (food, clothing, education and school construction). Started in India and continued in Poland, Nepal and Africa (Kenya and Uganda).
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