Lisa Gawlas – Take A Quantum Leap Into Your New Passion! – 31 May 2012

Our growth patterns are so convoluted that it is really easy to miss the depth of our own personal growth.  Especially as one vibrant skill set seems to have been dulled.  This intense process can seem more like we took a giant quantum leap backwards instead of leaping ahead.  At least that is how it has felt for me.

For the last several years, being able to “read” was as easy as breathing in the air.  Mostly humans, since that is where I set up my skill set, but inanimate objects as well.  These last few months, that seemed to be slipping away… at least for the casual encounter.

I only really noticed my own (perceived) digression this last week or so as I have had out-of-state company in, went to a BBQ where I am getting to know people and I just couldn’t pick up their subtle vibrations, not to the extent I have been able to do for years without trying.

So I pondered this for the last several days, wondering if maybe I broke something within my field.

I woke up yesterday with a clarity of, well, just everything.  A clarity I have not felt in a long while.  With this clarity I could read everything… not so much like in a reading, but picking up the subtle communication that is always there, like when exchanging on facebook or my blog, or even when a wrong number calls my phone.  I actually felt fully alive again!!

This morning, I awoke with that hazy film over my senses… again…dammit.  As I sit here with my cup of coffee and wonder… I finally and gratefully “get it.”

As we are bringing in newer skill sets our old ones are put, more or less, on the back burner.   This way it allows up to grow the new connections for ease of use as the ones we have already developed within us over the years.  For me, my connection with the rooted landscape and animal/bird kingdom is going to places I never expected.  Nor did I fully realize this until this morning.

I share this because no doubt many of you are going thru the same thing and with these crazy energies that are constant, even as they shift directions, it is easy to think you broke a part of yourself along the way.  Let me assure you, you have not… you are growing a new part of your self, even if you don’t realize that (smile)!!

Let me tell you, I have never been so grateful for an understanding!!!

Which gives way to what I had seen in 3 out of 4 readings yesterday.  I had a feeling that our job was to align ourselves directly into the center of our “energy silo” so that we are in constant use of what is available to us.  3 out of 4 people who I read for yesterday made that transition.  So many new aspects are coming into us.

The first lady showed up within her energy silo and I could see a silhouette of a person standing on the top of the mesa cliff throwing rock or dirt or both into the center of her energy silo.  My client was standing right in the middle of her silo catching the incoming dirt and placing it in her field.

I clearly understand now that the mesa cliff is the landscape that holds the ascended ground in which your/our fully ascended light field can start to live out loud with its abilities.

She was already in the process of moving from one place to another.  As she settles into her new landscape, her Light Field, her abilities will be off the hook.

My 2nd lady, she was such a wonderful puzzle!  Keep in mind, so far, all energy silo’s have the same look and feel, thread like white energy that forms a funnel and is about 15 feet high (going to scale in my field of vision.)

Her energy silo reminded me of a pot of water that was at the rapid boiling point.  All around her white thready energy were these amazing bubble of golden energies.  Tons of various sized bubbles would emerge and then subside and this was constant thru her reading and was happening every area.

All I could think was…. what the hell is that?  The field kept saying she is at the boiling point!  That has to be good, especially with golden bubbles a boiling!!  I looked for her and much to my surprise she was laying flat-out on the field.  Her head in the north, north-west position, her feet opposite that.  Her mid-abdomen was directly in line with the bottom of her energy silo.  I could feel the churning of her energy silo in her abdomen, it was crazy and intense.  I started to understand her new codes, abilities and so much more were being integrated into her abdomen.

This understanding gave me such a huge sense of relief within my own self too, and no doubt, it will give you some relief in understanding.  For about a month now my heart has been palpitating in really eerie ways.  Sometimes it is constant for days, thumping loudly and physically in my solar plexus and/or throat chakra or just right there where it belongs.  When I am in my tired state, my mind goes to heart issues and the worry kicks in.

We are being so absolutely re-coded, truly reborn on every level and our physical body is reacting to it.  Phew…. I have never felt so grateful for an understanding in all my life.

She mentioned that she had colon cancer twice and has been 5 years free, there is no doubt she will be forever free.  She is getting a whole new DNA set!!  Those of us at the forefront of this change are as well.

This wonderful lady did ask a question about letting go, completely letting go of  past people and issues and a wonderful exercise came thru for her.  I am going to share this exercise at the end of this sharing because it is very fitting with my last reading of the day.

My third reading was equally exciting, and challenging of course.  She had a really unique element that took me some time to figure out (actually everyone has this and challenges me to the core to understand what I am seeing… gotta love the growth process within all of us!!)

On her south field of her energy silo was this about 3 foot wide stream of water flowing down into her south field.  Keep in mind and again going to the scale in my readings, there is about a 10 breadth of field from the center, where your energy silo is, and from the points I call your south field, west field and so on.  I am not sure what suspended this water flow from her silo to her garden, but it reminded me of being on like a conveyor belt because it never touched the ground except directly in her south point.

I realized her water was flowing both ways… from her energy silo into her south life (life in full bloom) and equally from her south field to her energy silo. The water was a brilliant blue.

I could not understand for the life of me what was happening, so I decided to look inside her silo to see what the water was doing in there.  I was amazed when I was able to see directly into her silo from the top (tried this several times before and had always been blocked.)

The inside of her silo looked like the walls inside of a barn… strange really.  All along the circular wall were what looked like various lengths of wooden spokes.    Her exterior field was awash in brilliant light, inside her silo, not so much.  But, this too is purposeful. I kept feeling like I was viewing her version of the game “Kerplunk.”

The water element in her reading felt very much like a hydro-conveyor belt, I am not really sure what it is doing beyond the visual because in her reading it was as if the top of her energy silo was where the water removed itself from my nosey eyes!!  It was not cascading down over her wooden spokes… yet.

So we talked about what she is doing in her life.  Then I completely understood everything about this crazy series of visuals (smile.)  She is a horse intuitive and started working on a website to create her next full expression of herself:  A horse communicator and healer.  Currently she does office work.  What a wonderful and amazing transition!!

I could see horses lined up as far as my field of vision could see (thru the end of this year.)  The hydro thingie is working, watering, energizing her next expression.

The one thing I felt with each of these readings, the fullness of everyone’s energy silo’s will really speed up as we cross the timeline of the lunar eclipse/venus transit in June.

Having all this activity and understanding in a row, my last reading left me baffled to the max… at least for a while.  I couldn’t see a thing, at all.  It was as if I was reading her entire field at midnight.  There were teeny tiny pin points of light thru out the field, but nothing I could discern at all.

She was outside her field standing off to the side.  I kept hearing and feeling that she is in a past timeline and needs to pull herself to the center of her field, of her life.  To do this was to make new choices.  I am going to make this direct quote from the field bold, because it is too important not to see:  Not previous choices with a new feel, but choices you never thought of making before.

Thru this wonderful and amazing women I really started to understand something that seemed to be the topic of the day with so many people.

You cannot drag your old passions into the new energy.  By doing this, you remain on an old timeline.  You must feel with what your passion is now within the new energy and Be that.

In order to live fully and freely in the new energy you must also be completely new as well.  How do you do that… by simply being present each and every moment.  A full and complete surrender to Life itself.

When our minds are busy saying: but I want to do this, I want to do that, I want to help here or there… we are missing the NOW.

We are in one of the most interesting times in all of our history.  Every conceivable timeline is available to us and mishmashed together.  It would be easy to miss this important concept because the “dress” does not state we are hooked into a 1700′s thought form.  We are wearing today’s clothes and watching some people take a giant leap back in time in their desires.  Our politics is the most visible window we have.  Womens reproductive rights, Gay rights, freedom of speech… you can clearly see who is tapped into an old timeline, a consciousness that was very present in that time and those who have seen our future and are working to bring us there, in love and true freedom.

Awareness is key.  We are true and experienced quantum leapers.  Change your mind, change your timeline!!

My 2nd lady has a father who is getting ready to leave this earth plane.  They have not had a loving relationship in all her life.  Her hearts desire has been to reach out and really be present with him, talk, heal, forgive.  Even on his deathbed, he is as dark as ever.  Her concern was about letting go completely even now before he passes.

This most wonderful exercise came thru that everyone can use, to totally strip their past (all those things that does not serve who you are now) from their present.

Actually there is only one part of this exercise we need to do.  Imagine you take your double Helix DNA and start to strip it of your old codes, relationships, genetics, stuck energy, hurt feelings, identities and so on.  Imagine you are stripping them (very much like milking a cow) over an open grave.  Let all that no longer serve you fall into the open grave in the ground (our earth is an expert and transmuting that energy into a positive energy for all.)  Continue to do this ever day, several times a  day until not only do you feel different within you, you ARE different in Life.

I want to close this sharing with a thought for everyone.  There are soooo many “readers” out there, whether it be psychics or astrology or whatever… all within their own version of time.  A friend had mentioned yesterday that she had an in-depth reading by an astrologer in February that told her it will be years before she will make money from her passions and for now to do the office work that she has been doing.  That may have been true for her old passions and an older timeline… but in my burst of clarity yesterday, I knew that was simply not a truth for her now.

There indeed was a time that is how our time lines played out.  Todays new energy thrives in passion, which means the more passion you live in your life, the more passion arrives in your life to live.  Unless you think you have to wait years to live and earn a living thru that passion, then you will make it so.

Like the lady who is building her website for horses… just start doing something new, the rest will fill itself in day by day!  You are sooooo supported by the passionate universe we live within!!

We are ALL quantum leapers… each and every one.  Jump into the middle of your Light Field and allow your soul to live passionately thru your life expression.  Each day of trust and action will have you exploding in passion… and income to sustain your daily needs!!

Hand in hand with all my quantum leaping friends jumping into the middle of Heaven… together!!  I love y’all soooooo much.  Thank you for allow us all to see and understand life thru You!!


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