Visionkeeper – Beauty Abounds – 31 May 2012

Why is it when we view a picture such as this one we see incredible beauty yet some don’t seem to see it the same way in our everyday travels along our journey through life? Why does it take a breath-taking picture to make them stop and stare and admire the beauty? It abounds all around us yet for some reason they fail to see it. They breeze by never noticing the day-to-day wonders everywhere. Perhaps if their hearts were fully open that would help. The more we love the more connected to all we become, more full of appreciation, more aware of what moves us.

Perhaps if they are not viewing beauty more often, they are not residing in their hearts as much as they should be. Many of us, after years of manipulation, have closed ourselves off to feeling. We were busily being trained to become self-centered, greedy consumers, and you can’t be that and be a caring, feeling person at the same time. Now is the time for us all to decide which camp we choose to reside in. As always the choice is ours, hopefully we are awakening enough to choose to reside in our hearts and be love!

There is so much beauty in the world to bring us joy, it is sad to think so many go through life not really seeing it except for those few photographs or rare sunsets that grab us. That old saying ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is so true. As with all choices we have the freedom to make in our world, how we see things is one of them. There is always good to be found in all bad, start looking for it rather than wallowing in the bad stuff. It’s there, you just have to take time to look. Make an effort to switch your life around to where you are viewing it through positive eyes, not negative ones. It is just a matter of doing so. The more you insist upon perfection the more you will see only the flaws. Like weeds that appear in the flower garden, do your eyes go right to the weeds or do you see the flowers?

Why must life change so as we grow older? We start off so fresh and alive and through out life’s journey we manage to be beaten down, we close ourselves off and withdraw from each other. We stop offering our hearts to others out of fear of being hurt. Life is not meant to be a painful journey we need to brace against. Our lives of joy and loving and giving have been poisoned and tainted and we are left with the scraps. There is no need for this to be so. We know what is happening now, it is time to fight back to restore what has been tampered with. Open your hearts and reach out to the world without fear. It belongs to you.

If we remain as open as when we were children, yes we do risk more, but we are authentic, we are truly allowing life to flow through us not around us, we are an active part of life, we are life and life is within us. This way of being highlights the beauty in life, we are open to it and we live it. Once our hearts have been opened it is then time to open our eyes. So many see only what they wish to see and often times judge that which they see. We must open our eyes to everything, without judgment, with an open heart and then we will begin to see more beauty. We are beautiful beings who have been led astray into very dark waters and it is now time to begin swimming furiously towards the light and save ourselves and return to our hearts and once again be those beautiful beings. We need to glow from the inside out and be love! Now let’s get on with this and be the change we wish to see.

Blessings to you all,

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