Wes Annac – The Last Great Day Of May – 31 May 2012

And so, the peeling and integrating continues. We face now the last day in this crazy energetic month that has been May, and I personally could feel as soon as we entered this month, that it would be a crazy rollercoaster ride of energy and emotion and in my own experiences this month, I have to say that boy, I was pretty correct! The months leading up to May, very much like the year 2011, were for the purposes of building a foundation to lead up to the ultimate exposure and transmutation of our ego selves, of our proverbial ‘dark night of the soul’, and this month has certainly been a testament to the beginnings of this transmutation in the most intense forms that it has to offer. This is only the beginning!

I remember the years of 2009 and 2010, and for me these were years in which my awakening and expanding self was only barely beginning to make itself known as I was climbing up the ladder of my own ascension and awareness. I participated in group spiritual discussions and posted on spiritual forums, and taking refuge at the wonderful website known as Galactic Messages, I familiarized myself with a wonderful and Loving and most of all, open, group of friends who helped support me into blooming into my SELF that you see now before you.

I went through many lessons of ego and pride on this website and with the community on this website which has to an extent, spread out to other spiritual websites and forums as well. I learned many things about myself and about the parts of my former ego self which have since long been transmuted, and I learned alike about the importance of working through and forgiving such parts of myself, with the help again of the community of Loving friends around me.

Our channeled sources have been speaking to the end of this month and the beginning of the half-way month, June, as a time to take a collective breath and review all of our choices and decisions that have led us to this point we now all find ourselves in.

Have we achieved thus far what we have set out to? Is the goal of many Lightworkers and Lightholders, that is, to awaken the slumbering public in any way we can, being achieved on a mass, collective level?

I think that for the past few years, if one simply looks around one will see that those of us who are awakening are very quickly becoming the majority, while those who still perceive or believe little about the truths around us are becoming the minority, as many are continuing to awaken every single day in quite substantial leaps and bounds.

I have seen potential capable and competent channels for our ascended brethren, bloom beautifully into serious [yet still happy!], real and extremely helpful and truthful sources for information. I myself have experienced what to me is quite a rapid increase in the purity of information that I have been able to bring through myself as well.

While I will always and forever stand by every last message that has ever been brought through me, it is easy to look back on past work and notice predictions, introductions and in some messages, ‘vanilla coating’ if one can understand the reference. I feel that myself and the majority of channels who were just beginning in the summer of 2011 have now blossomed right before the eyes of the public, who is absorbing such communications.

Again, I can feel and notice the former parts of myself that have come up for review and transmutation in this time, that I expressed quite freely and publicly in the past not knowing or realizing the distorted nature in which I may have been acting in certain scenarios, because I was still wearing the veil of ego that sought some type of validation, some type of ‘mission’ to seek rather than simply being, assisting Earth in any way I can and making my only ‘mission’ the continual transmutation of my former Earthly self.

My own awakening has been one small facet of the collective awakening taking place, and as our ascended sources have been saying will happen, it seems that our collective awakening is indeed beginning to be reflected on our world.

One does not need to look to arrests or disclosure announcements for the ‘proof’ and validation of the surface reflection of the collective awakening; simply browse any spiritual website or forum and you will see that there are not thousands, not hundreds of thousands, but millions of us now awakened and awakening all across this beautiful Lighted planet, and as we are making our spiritual marks so to speak, the collective balance is shifting in favor of the converging timelines leading to ascension, even if there are still many who are unaware of the truths of ascension.

Sources for information from our ascended brethren are now fruitful and expanding, which is a truth that has been pointed out by others.

Whereas many have told me that even a few years ago, sources for information were thin and one would have to wait quite a while for an update, the internet is now springing forth with conscious and capable channelers who are opening themselves up and receiving our ascended brethren as has been intended with their attempting to reach us in our channels.

Some channels are just beginning to open themselves up, and many channels that we are seeing just begin at this moment; many channels who deliver short introductory messages at this time will in the very near future be scribing messages every bit as pure and informative as the messages of dear SaLuSa.

I was one of these ‘beginners’ so to speak just a couple years ago, and as mentioned above it was the support of those around me that found me able to act with the ascended energies I was beginning to receive, to accelerate and expand my ability to bring our ascended brethren through.

We’ve heard in the immediate period ahead before our ascended brethren are with us directly on the ground but after and during the initial disclosure announcements, that channels are going to be widely looked upon by the majority of people on Earth as the initial disclosure announcements are going to go to great lengths to explain how our extraterrestrial and ascended brethren have been communicating with humanity for quite some time.

Those beginners now who are just starting to find the abilities in themselves to bring our ascended brethren through, are going to be among those who are looked upon and trusted the most by the majority of humanity upon the realization of the importance of channels in relation to communicating with beings more evolved than us who wish to share their truths, sciences and philosophies with us.

So, upon review of all that has led us to this current moment we find ourselves in, what should we make our collective ‘prerogative?’ What should we attempt to do in ourselves and in relation to how we see those around us, to anchor more fully and purely these energies of Love, Peace and Harmony that are laying the foundation and providing the ‘backbone’ for our own collective and individual ascension?

As with many issues, I believe the answer is within the question. Love, Peace and Harmony are what make up the foundation for our ascension, and all that is based within the lower vibrations of fear, worry, struggle and frustration will only hold us back in our process and make it much more difficult for us to move through it.

In this New Age ahead starting with this halfway-point of June, it is crucial for us to begin learning to respect and Love each other, in real, pure and clear ways.

The many discussions taking place on the internet will be a good start for our collective practicing of treating each other with respect, dignity and Love. I notice some who, no matter what the issue is, seem most of the time to feel the need to express angry or frustrated emotions, toward themselves or toward others, and this type of behavior is exactly what we are attempting to grow away from.

There are those of us out there who are going to be very crucial and needed in the immediate period ahead, and the majority of these souls do not yet even realize the crucial role they will be playing in the period ahead, and are simply finding themselves at this point as awakening souls who are beginning to become open to the truths of the higher realms.

I certainly did not think I would be publicly channeling and devoting myself entirely to this overall event, rather the happenings fell in place and the energy was right for me to realize my true and pure self, my walk-in self, a bit ahead of schedule. Who knows, perhaps without the support of the community of Galactic Messages, I would not have grown into my own role so quickly.

A small portion of those on the internet mentioned above who find themselves expressing negativity almost all of the time, have an agenda in doing so and this is to discourage and demotivate potential awakening souls, who have the potential to become very strong and pure instruments for the Light to come through.

This is only a small portion but they make their presence very known, and many have attempted to attach themselves to me and many others for the very purposes of putting us down and making us feel anything less than what we all are; beautiful, strong and pure Gods of Creation.

I was lucky to have the overwhelming support of almost every dear fellow awakening soul that I have come across who has been exposed to my work, so for me to see the perceived ‘other side’ of the ‘debate’ did not hurt all that much and much of the time, served to help me learn very much about myself and about this world we Live in, as well as about the true and full energetic and emotional effects of interacting with those around us.

Such effects are very, very real.

The collective Love, Harmony and most of all, Peace, that is beginning to be expressed is showing that those who still choose to express darkness and negativity are in that same minority category [if one wishes to bind oneself to labels] as those who are unawakened and many of these souls will themselves choose the overwhelming energies of Love that are coming to us in increased purity.

It will be a wonderful and Joyous reunion with all of those around us who have awakened and who are awakening, and in this upcoming month it is important that we continue to build upon the collective Unity that will see us all United in the beautiful and pure lands of our Mother and Father.

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC

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