Mahala – Planet Alert June 2012 – 1 June 2012

Greetings to everyone-hope all is well in your world. With everything that is going on in the world it is definitely time to find peace within. It’s time to stop looking outside yourself for answers and find your Christ within. Christ consciousness was activated with this past solar eclipse, along with our heart chakras. We can now think with our hearts and create peace within us. Have any of you had heart problems in the past month because of this energy?

In my last couple of articles I talked about how the Vatican bank is the top controlling bank in the world. The fact that the president of this bank was fired last week is very big news. The Pope is also in big trouble and will soon resign. The resignation of this Pope is one of the last prophecies to be fulfilled and it is in the process of working out right now. The Catholic Church has controlled people longer than any organization in history. The black pope, the one connected with the Vatican bank, controls everything in the world. He is the one in charge of the Jesuits. There have been more people killed in the name of religion than for any other reason. Isn’t it time for all that violence to stop? For more information check out

We have been in a 25,920 year cycle of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn the controller. It was a cycle of materialism and working for the almighty dollar. Look what we did to Christmas, which is celebrated in the sign of Capricorn. We took the spiritual meaning out of it and it became material. This cycle has now come to an end and we will soon have the freedom of being in the sign of Aquarius. There are cycles within cycles occurring all at once. I have heard there are three cycles coming to an end all around the same time. The largest one being a cycle that started when this Universe was created. On May 20, 2012 this cycle ended and a new one started.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn was known as Satan, the devil, to some people. This was something we created to experience so we could see what it was like to be controlled. There is no evil-all is Good (God). There is no good or bad there are just experiences. We have been in a cycle of experiencing the negative side of life. This is the reason all the scandals and corruption had to come out into the open so we could see what has been going on in the world so we can say no more, enough is enough.

Many people had to wake up so all of us together could work for change. Saturn turns direct on June 25, 2012 and will then become the planet that brings rewards. We are now in the cycle of Unity (Aquarius) and that is what will soon manifest as more of us move into higher consciousness.

The full moon will be on June 4, 2012 at 4:12 AM PDT. The Sun will be on 14 degrees Gemini. This degree means ‘The capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence’. The moon will be on 14 degrees Sagittarius which is the degree of the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Will there be some kind of activations in Egypt?

The Mayan glyph for the full moon is the Blue Hand and is ruled by Mercury. The energy from this glyph loves freedom to roam and to be itself but it also has a strong desire towards community and family. This energy has the ability to see the beauty within and in all things. This glyph will require us to bring in our full power and to speak up for what we feel is right. On June 4, 2012 Neptune the Galactic Goddess turns retrograde. A planet is very powerful when it is retrograde; especially when it is stationary retrograde.

The Venus eclipse coming up on June 5, 2012 at 6:05 PM PDT will bring lots of changes to Earth. The last Venus eclipse was on June 8, 2004. This ushered in an eight year time period of going within to release our fears and to find the love that lives in our hearts. Do you feel like you were battered and bruised during that eight year cycle? It was very hard to release all the painful memories and suffering we experienced in the past. We do not want to carry this painful energy into the new cycle. Our pain and suffering had to be released so we can now experience happiness. We are great creator Gods who are creating the new Earth that we will soon be living on all the time.

Venus creates a heart and a pentagram as it moves around our solar system. The five pointed star represents the Goddess, and the eight year cycle from 2004 to 2012 represents the number of God (8). The soul number of God (o) is 15 which is the tone of love or 528 hertz. The number five and eight equals thirteen which is the number of Christ. It is also the most dominant number of the Mayan Calendar. On June 5, 2012 the Dreamspell glyph is the Star, which is ruled by Venus and is also the glyph of the Goddess. It rules our solar plexus which is our seat of power. This means it is time to start manifesting our power which is love based energy. Love is soft and gentle.

The Sun and Venus will be conjunct on 15 degrees Gemini. This degree means ‘A Woman Activist in an Emotional Speech dramatizes her Cause’. This just happened a few days ago when Maria Shriver gave a commencement speech at the University of Southern California about a new look at success and what success really means. No more working for the reason of simply attaining money and the material things it brings. It’s time for a new way of life.

I know there is chaos occurring on the lower dimension earth. Don’t you think it’s about time to move through that chaos and find out who you really are? Isn’t it time to stop trying to get back at people who have harmed you in any way? Isn’t it time to get out of the conspiracy theories? They served their purpose and woke us up to reality but it’s time to move on unless you want to stay in that lower reality. What we focus on is what we create.

Do you choose to hide from the changes and store your money in case of a financial meltdown? Haven’t we been in a depression since 2008 when the first major event happened? I have never believed there will be a total collapse of the financial system. I believe there will be a transformation of it and I think the new system is about to become a reality. The head of the Vatican bank was just fired. Doesn’t that mean we are headed for a new financial system?

The Sun has completed her pole shift and now has four poles instead of two. As above, so below. There was a 6.2 quake on the Norwegian Sea floor on May 24 that caused an unexpected and rapid shifting of the magnetic north pole. The pole moved 621 miles. The last major pole movement was on December 21, 2010 when the poles shifted to Surgut, Siberia. A plane crashed that day in Surgut because the magnetic anomaly caused the planes mechanical parts to fail. How far does the North Pole have to move to complete its pole shift? Maybe we are at the end of the shift and don’t even know it. The North Pole has been moving since 1998 when the Earth first went to zero magnetics.

Planet X is also here and visible in our heavens. The magnetic Photon Belt (interstellar cloud) is also in our solar system. This is quite a combination of events. This energy has, and will continue to cause more quakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, storms, floods, political changes, and financial changes. If you have love in your heart you will be fine as we continue to go through these changes. You will be in the right place at the right time for whatever you choose to experience. Don’t worry, express love and think with your heart.  So Be It!

Written in love and light from my heart to your heart.

Mahala Gayle

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