Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Come To The Greatness Within You – 2 June 2012

God said:

To let go of the past means to let go of regret, remorse, self-recrimination, disappointment, distress, judgment and attachment to any of them.

To let go of the future means to let go of demands, insistence, attachment, requirements, having to have, control. It means tipping your hat to life. It means blessing it. It means having happiness in mind and not requiring how it is to be funneled.

To live in the present is not holding on to it. To live in the present is to witness it. To live in the present is a perfect state of non-attachment.

Past, present, future, there is no holding onto. There is freedom. Free yourself from attachment. Attachment is like getting caught in a glue jar. Attachment is digging yourself in deeper.

Attachment is clutching.

If life is climbing a mountain, climb the mountain without nailing yourself to it. How can you climb when you are nailed to the ground?

There is no point to all the holding on you do. You have been holding on to people, even those who have departed from the Earth a long time ago. You have to let go, and yet you can’t seem to let go. You have been on a holding-on frenzy.

Beloveds, you have strived to become a miser of life. A miser hoards and has the idea he needs to hoard. He believes hoarding is his happiness. But as the story develops, hoarding is his downfall.

You can’t hold on to the past and move forward. Well, life will move you forward in any case. Holding on to the past is an illusion on top of an illusion. You can hold on all you want, and yet you can’t hold on one bit. You are holding onto nothing. Holding on does not keep you safe. Letting go keeps you safe.

Besides, safety is not the purpose of life. Living is your purpose. I mean living, not just making it through. Stop holding your breath.

You are not a china doll who can be put on a shelf. There is no end to you. There is no shelving you.

Life is about life, not avoidance.

You tilt at windmills. You run to hide in the forest, and the forest consumes you.

Live life rather than fearing it. Live life, not hide from it. Live life as an equal. Find the Greatness within you.

It takes courage to live as a human being on Earth. It takes courage because you fear it. Overcome your fears. Make peace with them and let them go. Fears will go their way, and you can go yours.

This is not recklessness I speak of. This is the course of life.

Life is not a gauntlet. It is a vibrant journey. It is the chance of a lifetime. You have to take it. You cannot shun it. Shunning is not mastery. Shunning is simply continuing to knit the sweater you have already started.

You were never meant to be a procrastinator in life. You were not meant to shy away from riding the horse of life. You were meant to leap on the horse and keep riding, riding. Roam the range of life. Live life. Make your life opportune. Even make life holy. Grab life by the horns and ride with it.

You can be thrown off Earth but never the horse of life. You are committed to Eternity. Bear that in mind, and perhaps, if your mind is racing, it will settle down.

Life and peace and love arrive at the same moment of Eternity. link to original article


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