Lisa Gawlas – The Balancing Act Of June – Walking The Right Rope – 2 June 2012

Welcome to June… I think!  If yesterday was any indication of what we are in for this month, well,  just Holy Cow Batman!!

I don’t think there is a one of us not consistently hoping the “next month” is going to be easier, gentler on our energy systems and lives.  I know I have been saying/hoping this since we headed into the 11/11/11 last year.  If what I had seen yesterday in the field is any indication of what June offers us, June is not going to be that easy month!!

My first reading wasn’t until 10am yesterday, which left me chomping at the bit to “see” what June was going to present to us.  Let me tell you, by 8am my antenna is up and looking for someone to read!  So I checked out myself.  Again, this amazing, wonderful, synchronicitic world we live within leaves me in awe every single day!

My intention with myself was to understand the energies of June and how it is affecting me.  The first thing I had seen was a golden cork screw energy coming down into my crown.  This visual gave me comfort as an hour later I was so suddenly and severely dizzy I actually had to grab onto my desk so I didn’t fall out of my chair.  This dizzy happened repeatedly for several hours.

I had also seen my own magnetic grid being changed out… again!  This visual I did get an amazing and wonderful understanding with and is happening to every single person on this planet as we breathe!

Frequencies grids, both personal and planetary are being linked together like never before.  A complete oneness in interconnections.  To try to put this into context, it is as if you have a thought and someone else within your grid is already acting on your thought and creating the expression for you.  Definitely the start, or maybe really, the continuation and super enhancement of an amazingly wonderful telepathic network.

Thru this grid rewiring you are going to find, once again, a change in relationships.  Some get closer to you than you ever thought possible, others seem a million miles away.  Be OK with however this plays out for you and take absolutely nothing personally.

Remember, there are so many timelines, energy frequencies, consciousnesses playing out right now and we will start to telepathically, energetically bind together according to our resonance, for the experience(s) at hand.

In getting this understanding, I had to wonder about those folks who still cling to anger, blame, any aspect of the fear agenda.  Well, they too are being interconnected with each other and will be the catalyst to bring each other to Light.

Stay out of the drama!!!  Unless of course, you need it for your experience.

I decided to call on Archangel Michael to give us a quick message for the over view of June.  His message was: “Hang on to you seats, it’s going to get intense. Daily shifts underway.” 

Getting all this understanding before my readings really helped me to understand the crazy and new visuals for my days readings and how to make the most of our “new” connections.

When I connected to my first lady of the day, the field was so different… again.  Still very much in the midst of utter change.  For the most part the field itself was a blur of soft white energy except where the top of the individual energy silo’s were, there was this thick ring of soft and blurry golden energy.  Like a donut placed on top.  I couldn’t read a thing from that view and already having the insight that our grid work is being changed I decided to pull my lady into my kitchen and read her body.  Well….

She was bulging from head to toe with various energies.  From the front of her hairline all the way to the back, over her shoulders and starting to run down her upper back was various shades of rainbow energy.  It looked like her body had reached the boiling point!!  She had packets of bubbling white energy, gold energy, silver energy and color schemes I have no way to describe all over her!  From my view, there didn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to the strangeness of how I had seen her, tho I know better.  Once I got beyond my holy shit moment, I had to wonder what to do with her.  Reading boiling energy is not in my play book!!

I decided to walk her forward in time, day by day.  I am sooo glad I did this because I really started to understand the profound message of Archangel Michael!

I walked her into June 2nd, she was still bubbling.  I walked her into June 3rd and became stunned by the suddenness of what I had seen and felt.

Imagine a reverse bungee chord.  Instead of falling from a place above, imagine this bungee chord is already connected to a high wire and equally connected to you on the ground, pulling the chord taught.  Really, really taught.

I have no clue what caused this release on June 3rd for her but suddenly she was catapulted up in the sky to an area I am just going to refer to as the middle atmosphere (below the clouds, but nowhere near the ground.)   This happened so flipping fast it pret near knocked me off my chair!!

She never returned to earth!  Instead, she was up on what looked like a tight rope up in this middle atmosphere.  All I could think of was… what the hell is that?  God forbid we get too much information!!

Once I seen her steady on this tight rope in the air, (no hand held balancing stick for anyone) I moved her into June 4th, suddenly I could see her feet, they were aglow.  Barefoot and radiant and she started walking this tightrope doing all she could to keep her balance moving forward.  I really didn’t see the rest of her body, the focus was on her feet (stepping forward.)

So I took her into June 5th, that Venus transit day.  I swear to god the universe blew the biggest paintball at her face!!  She was slammed right in the entire face with this blue and violet energy.  There was not a spec of her face (identity) that I could see.  She was dripping blue and violet down her neck.

All I could think was…. poor thing!!  The suddenness and intensity of her reverse bungee jump and now being whacked with a massive energy paintball thingy…

Once I caught my composure from this visual/energy rush I was able to see something down her road… I think a couple of weeks maybe a month down her road.  Hard to get a timeline when you are reading from a tightrope suspended wayyyyyy above earth.  But three choice points appeared.  They looked like three golden spiral eggs.  One in the center, right over her tight rope, one on either side at about a 45 degree angle right and left.  I traced the energy back to her and they were emitted from her heart center.  There was not a “bad” feel to any of these spiral golden eggs and maybe even choosing them all.  What they were no one told us… but I really feel she already knows deep inside of her.

We talked about what is happening in her life.  She is in a 40 year marriage that pretty much expired about 25 years ago.  No passion, no incredible sex.  More of a casual but cordial living arrangement.

I loved when she said, not quite happily either (smile) that her relationship is going to blow up in her face!!  Now I get that whole paintball image with the intensity of the Loving Venus transit moving across the Passionate Sun!!

Keep in mind what we cling to is about to be released… one way or another!!

My 2nd reading was a man.  I love being able to see the masculine and feminine energies especially in a new time on earth.  He showed up very much like my lady.  Blurry field, golden donut at the top… so I took him inside as well.

His heart was beating in cartoon style.  Stretching way out of his chest, retreating back into his chest, then back out (heart-shaped of course) and I thought wow that is kewl.  A super massive heart opening/extension is underway.  No doubt everything to do with the new grid work.

He had various points of bubbly and/or fizzy energy on his body but by no means like my lady just prior.  The one area on him that made me giggle was at his lower back going down about mid-buttocks.  It was as if someone put hydrogen peroxide on his and it was all bubbly and fizzy and a soft white/golden color.  Of course this is the area of mens sexual and reproductive area and the only thing I heard from the field was something new coming in the rear (I didn’t have the kahunas to ask if that was literal or figurative lol.)

I did the same thing with him, walked him day by day forward.  His walk forward was nowhere near intense.  Once I got him to June 4th a thready golden zip line appeared to take him to this high wire thing.  I watched as he hooked up and went up to the high wire.  There was even a platform up there for him to land on (my first lady, nope) and then I watched as the lunar eclipse crossed his face.  It radiated this golden energy to his face and sort of split it open and the soft golden energy was as much shining on his face as it was now being emitted from his face.  As I moved him to the next day June 5th, blue and violet energy started oozing out of his face.  For him it felt like such a natural and easy transition.

Now, before I move on I want to share an overview of these two readings to this point, especially since they were the same but experienced very differently.

The one thing I felt for sure, our goal is to get on that high wire.  Especially with my first reading, there was a feeling out in the timeline of weeks or a month where the blue and violet energy seemed to created… not sure how to put it, a living space, a support structure or something.  It was very much a feeling of removing ourselves from the “world” (celebrate the days you are feeling very ungrounded) and allow ourselves to be suspended above the earth, but not with our heads in the clouds either.

Obviously this is going to take some serious balancing.

Those who have prepared their energy field for this tight rope experience and are still afraid to let go of what is needed and walk into your bliss… the transition just may be very jolting… but you will NOT be left behind unless you are really really stubborn.  (smile)

My guy asked me a question about his birthday… a year he has waited for all his life.  He will be turning 36 on the 15th of June.  Somewhere deep in his DNA he always knew this was going to be a special year.  I seen him in the most amazing way… if you can image the flower head of a lily, still closed up in its green leaves planted in an earth that is not this one really, but yet, it is.  I watched as he opened up the green leaves and he emerged as the flower itself, radiant, soft sparkles of white and gold energy radiating off of him as he opened more and more, arms up over his head reaching upward.

What I had seen next both confused and excited me.  The big black ball / wave of energy that I have been seeing in the middle of June was right next to him rolling forward… he was absolutely unaffected by this wave of black energy (it reminds me of the dirt field around pig pen from the cartoon peanuts/charlie brown) only much bigger and thicker!!

I could not get any more information about that visual!!

My last lady of the day was very different.  I could actually see her energy silo clear as a bell.  It was oozing frothy/foamy soft rainbow energy out of the right side of her silo, where the north field (rejuvenation) is.

I watched as it got near the ground and spiral over to her East Field in the beginning stages of fertilizer her East, her life of new beginnings, new growth, new potentials.  I was actually able to look under her soft cloud of rainbow energy in her just emerging right field and I could see all these good karma coins starting to take root.

With it, I knew a new job was in her near future which includes an increase in pay and felt very much like a relocation came with it.

What I didn’t understand about her yesterday, but do today… she will be at the forefront of helping others in this next transition.  That is why I had seen her energy silo where the first two were up on a high wire.

Please know, there is not one position better than the other.  Every single aspect is needed for what is about to happen.  We must have those who create the new ground with the new energy and those who will help the others still getting ready to heal and awake….

This is really going to be an interesting month!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. This just added after my first reading this morning.  That “tight rope” is actually a frequency band that has never been available on earth before.  More details tomorrow!


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