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Steve Beckow – Dale Ridenour : My Experience As A Walk-In – 2 June 2012

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My Experience as a Walk-In
Dale Ridenour, June 2, 2012, The Way of Love Blog
As a child growing up and looking to the future, I wondered what it might hold or what it might be like, like most kids did, I think. Continue reading

“The Elder Brothers Speak – A Message From The Heart Of The World” – The Kogi Tribe – 2 June 2012

Anticipating the arrival of the Kogi and Arhuaco Mamos we were reminded of the documentary, ‘The Elder Brothers Speak”. Filmed by Alan Ereira for the BBC in 1991, to date this video is one of the only points of access for anyone seeking information about the Kogi and their way of life. If you are hearing about the Mamos for the first time, ‘The Elder Brothers Speak’ will give you a sense of where these amazing beings are coming from and it will open your eyes to things that will beg you to rethink everything you’ve been taught about what it means to be human. We invite you to tune in and explore a world that has survived every attempt to destroy it, and to open your hearts the wisdom of the Elder Brothers, the ones who before the month is out, will be coming up from the ‘Heart of the World’ to remind their ‘Younger Brothers’ how to live. Continue reading

American Holocaust Of Native American Indians – 2 June 2012

Uploade by on 5 November 2011. Continue reading

The Spirit Of Ma’at – June – Manon Tromp – Getting Out Of The Rat Race – 2 June 2012

Ever since I made the decision to move from Amsterdam to Glastonbury in England, things have been developing that could easily persuade me to give up on this dream. Glastonbury is also known as Avalon and they say that Avalon is like a mirror which reflects the deepest layers of our being. Well, that mirror is working already and I have not even moved yet. But I am determined to go and leave behind my old life and embrace a new and more natural way of living. Continue reading

Ann Albers – Message From Ann And The Angels – 2 June 2012

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

You can never, ever in our eyes make a “mistake.” You can never do anything that separates you from God’s love or ours as well. You can never do anything that is irrevocable, irreversible, or indelible because your soul is eternal. Your bodies, your material goods, indeed your lives are temporary, but your souls are eternal, constant, and always in a stream of God’s love. Your “Mistakes” may affect the quality of your human life but they do not affect the quality of your soul, nor can they ever separate you from love. The more you realize this, the more your mistakes become opportunities for even greater love to enter into your hearts and flow through them. Continue reading

Transit Of Venus On June 5 Is Last For 105 Years: How To Watch – 2 June 2012

(Space.com) On Tuesday, June 5, skywatchers in North America will have their last chance to see Venus pass in front of the sun for over a century. Because of the International Date Line, this event will occur on Wednesday June 6 in Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe. Continue reading

RT – Max Keiser Report – Selling The Cow To Buy Milk – 2 June 2012

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