Steve Beckow – Angel Of Peace, Can You Hear Me? – 2 June 2012

Sow peace
Reap peace
Share peace
Keep peace

Angel of peace, can you hear me?

How can I describe how I feel right now? I’m enveloped in peace.  And there is so much to say about it and yet nothing spoken seems to matter very much.

As I sit here in a deep sense of calm and bliss, I notice that I’m situated at the very center and bottom-most place of my being. Peace has the sense of being a calming cloud of joy.  In the face of it, all desire to do, be or have has dissipated. There is nothing that I can conceive of that could be added to this space (except of course enlightenment) and nothing that could be taken away.

While I was complete a week or two ago, in this space I feel sufficient in every respect. Not a thought stirs in my mind. Not a thing do I seek from anyone or even from life itself.

And yet one desire does arise in my mind and that is the desire to know God, to merge with God, to have and hold God.

I am in my center. I lean neither this way nor that.

I am equanimous. I have no preference for anything. I experience no lack.

No wind blows in this windless place.  Not a thought arises, not a feeling stirs.

I’m pretty sure that this is a workshop high. I have after all received the blessing of an avatar (Ammachi).  How much better can it get?

I don’t expect it to last but I’m also open to it lasting. At some point this year, this and more, I’m quite sure, will be our natural portion.  But viewed from this place, I feel no need to drag my feet or hurry the matter.

Take peace
Give peace
Hold peace
Share peace

Angel of peace, can you hear me?
Angel of peace are you near me?
Angel of peace, are you with me?
How about now, angel of peace? (1)


(1) Getting Higher Choir, Angel of Peace (put to Pacheblel’s Canon).  link to original article


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